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  • Veterans Day 2011

    by Founder on November 11, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    We here at AFTC say “thank you” to our thousands and thousands of veterans both alive and who have passed away – we say a heart felt “thank you” for your  service to our country.

    On September 14, 1814 Francis Scott Key peered through all the smoke to see a huge American flag flying proudly over Baltimore’s Fort McHenry after a 25 hour British bombardment during the War of 1812. This sight inspired Key to write a poem which has since become our National Anthem.

    “Oh say can you see, by the dawns early light, what so proudly we hail at the twilight last gleaming”?

    “Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight”.

    “O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming”.

    “And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there”.

    “Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave”?

    “O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave”.

    What beautiful words from our Star Spangled Banner, dedicated to the brave men and women who have fought for our freedom. This part of American history MUST be taught to all Americans. This is the type of stuff our children should be learning. The sacrifice and plight of our fallen, wounded and living soldiers needs to be understood by all our nation’s children, citizens, politicians and business leaders of tomorrow.

    Freedom is not free. Freedom is fought for in this world. Freedom is won with blood and sacrifice. And we, as Americans, are indebted forever to the brave men and women who have fought in the wars that have provided all of us with our freedom.

    Don’t take your freedom for granted. It can be and is being taken away from you every day.

    Today’s Federal government has gotten so out of control that it makes one wonder “what was it all for”? Why did all our veterans fight, get wounded or die? If Obama is transforming our great country into a drab Socialist, nanny state type of Communist country – then why did all these people fight? What was it for, if Obama is trying to throw it all out?

    Imagine the weak Obama as a soldier? Would you like that traitor watching your back in the trenches? I have a feeling Obama would curl up in the fetal position, start sucking his thumb and cry for his mommy if he were ever at war or had to face what our brave men and women have gone through to fight for our freedom – for HIS freedom! He is sickening.

    You see, Obama could care less about our fallen heroes. Obama could care less about America – he despise America – he despise Capitalism – he despises all that America stands for and we as American tax payers MUST fight back against this dictator and remove his poison from office.

    Today is a day that reminds all the true Americans just how corrupt and out of control our government has become and it is our OBLIGATION to continue the fight for our fallen heroes and let the government know that we will NOT lose our freedoms to your corrupt hands. We will rid all Communist favoring officials from the White House and Congress. The Tea Party is bigger than anyone thinks, the Tea Party represents the true American.

    My only concern with that is, just how many true Americans are really left? Our illegal immigration problem and open Mexican border has spiraled out of hand and has severely diluted the population with millions of people who just don’t give a damn. These people are content with sitting on the sidelines, paying no taxes, collecting money from the Federal government and abusing the ridiculous “entitlement programs” the liberals have put into place. These people have damaged America by their lack of interest in becoming “Americans”.

    Do these illegal immigrants know of the sacrifices of our brave soldiers? Of course not, and they don’t care. They come to America for the “free stuff” – the money and housing and health care and lawyers – they come to America because our government is stupid. Our Federal government just prints up money and gives it away to these people without even thinking or caring about the ugly ramifications that this money printing will bring.

    America has too many people that simply don’t care about America. Our great country has no culture. Like other countries that clearly have their own culture (those who protect their borders) – America now has no culture – no definition. It is a mixture of about half  true Americans – those that love America and all she stands for – and the other half is filled with illegal and legal immigrants who couldn’t care less about anything American EXCEPT if their free money stops coming in – then they will care big time!

    This other half pays no taxes! That is how sick our politicians are. This other half is stuck in the rut of collecting their government checks each month – they have no ambition and no desire to better themselves – nor does the government want them to. They have no interest in learning the English language because the pathetic politicians don’t require them to.

    This other half doesn’t know anything about our revered “Veterans Day”. They view it as just another American holiday, just another day off if they have a job. These people don’t know anything about American history – nor do they want to – because the sad politicians don’t require it. It is because of this other half that America is slipping away.

    Did our brave soldiers fight and lose their lives for this other half that leeches off the government and pays no taxes? No they did not. Did they fight for the politicians who spit on our flag everyday and disrespect American traditions? No they did not. Did they fight for the Occupy Wall Street protestors who are causing havoc and violence in the streets? Well, they did fight for the First Amendment – but they did NOT fight for the violent Marxist rebels who are now left over in the OWS protests.

    Our brave soldiers fought for our great Constitution. Our brave soldiers fought for the American flag and all she represents. They fought for peace, kindness, security, the ability to pursue happiness and opportunity in America and the ability for all of us to live our lives with out the worry – that a foreign enemy can come to our land and take it over or cause us great harm and death – THIS is the freedom we have and the freedom that was fought for be brave American men and women!

    Yet this is the exact type of freedom Obama is trying to do away with. We must stop our government from spitting on the memories of our hard fought and bloody wars. We need to change the leadership and boot Obama from office forever! But everyone must band together for it to work.

    Please join us here in thanking and honoring the thousands of men and women who have fought for our great country. Join us as we say “thank you” to the men and women who have lost their lives or been injured at war – all protecting our freedoms – mine, yours, your neighbor and that of all future generations.

    Help us honor these fallen by taking up their fight against the Obama government. “We the People” must fight for our Constitution and our freedoms just like they did. We must not let them down! We must not let this one man in the White House wipe out all their efforts and sacrifices! We must stand together for our military and honor our brave veterans.

    This day is for you the veteran. This day is for the thousands of veterans who have passed away at war. This day is to say “thank you”.

    God bless America.



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