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  • Obama Must Lose in 2012

    by Founder on November 16, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    What kind of America did you grow up in? Was it one filled with opportunity, growth, hard work, happiness, American traditions, your family and the feeling that America was the place to be?

    Isn’t this the type of America you want to pass on to your children? Ask yourself that serious question – “what kind of America do I want to leave for my children”?

    The presidential election of 2012 is the most important election in the history of our great country. Never did “We the People” think that an anti-American terrorist could have weaseled his way into the White House and methodically dismantled our great country – right in front of our eyes – from the oval office. Plus the media is cheering him on the whole way!

    Do you want to leave a country that is all about opportunity, freedom, Capitalism and prosperity? Or do you want to leave a country that is controlled by a massive, power hungry government? It will be up to the people in November or 2012.

    Obama wants a government that offers no opportunity for America’s entrepreneurs. His idea of government is one that simply exists as a money printing machine (all at his disposal) – to pay out entitlements of cash, rent, housing, food and health care to almost 100 million people a month – in the sick hope of consistently getting their votes.  Is THIS the America you want to live in? Is this the America you want to pass on? This is the America Obama wants. Our current leader is a sick, pathological liar who should be in jail.

    Obama must lose in 2012 or his Socialism will engulf our country and America will never be the same again. His health care plan will take over and his strong hold on the American people will tighten even further.

    However, IF “We the People” can defeat this man and his supporters then “We the People” will once again take the helm of our government and save America from going over the proverbial cliff. Obama is a poison to America – he must go and we must vote in an American with true America conservative values and principles.

    The toxic Obama, since being elected, has attempted to REDISTRIBUTE the wealth of this great nation – AWAY from the middle class and right into the hands of the poor and the ultra wealthy. He has succeeded at this which is why the economy is hurting right now. If it were a wrestling match, Obama is desperately trying to pin America to the mat – yet America is fighting her darnedest to keep that from happening – all we need is the right leader and we can boot Obama right out of the picture and get America back on the right path towards prosperity for all.

    Obama doesn’t care about you, your retirement, your family, your job, your health or anything else about us taxpayers. He just wants to get re-elected so he can again treat the US Treasury as his personal piggy bank. America needs to wake up!

    If you are a true American you are NOT voting for Obama. He is a divider of races and classes. He is clearly racist. He is as corrupt as they come and has no problem telling lies to the American people – he does it every day. Obama has gone around the world and apologized for all America has ever done – all the while pushing away our traditional allies and being friendly with our historical enemies. Everything he does is against America. If you vote for Obama you hate America and all she has ever stood for.

    No one knows anything about Obama. Who is this guy? Is he a citizen? What were his college records? Where are his college friends? Why doesn’t the media question this guy about anything? The way the pathetic media is grilling all the GOP candidates is unprecedented! Yet they never asked Obama any of these questions – and never will!  Where are the questions about Solyndra or Fast and Furious? This madness has to stop! Don’t you think? What are “We the People” waiting for?

    Obama must lose in 2012.

    It almost doesn’t matter to me who the GOP candidate is – whether is it Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachmann or Rick Perry -  all of these people are TRUE Americans – they at least love America – they are not surrounded by Marxist loving, America hating supporters like Obama is. All of these individuals can right the American ship once again – who ever is nominated, “We the People” must band together – we must all vote together – ALL Republican and conservative voters MUST act as one and vote for who ever is nominated – it is our duty.

    “We the People” need to all band together and vote for the one Republican candidate – this is how we oust Obama. If there are other “conservative” parties – a third party and even more – then this will dilute the conservative vote and it will NOT effect who is going to vote for Obama – he already has this certain amount who will vote for him – if we spread out our votes over two or three candidates – we are done! THIS is what the Democrats want us to do – they have their guy – we must have OUR guy or gal – and who ever it is we must ALL vote for that person – it is the only way to get Obama out of the White House.

    Ask your self – do you want to pass on Socialized health care run by the hapless government? Do you want to pass on a deficit of $175,000 per citizen? This type of deficit will forever shackle the youth of America. Do you want to pass on a nanny state type of government? Do you want the government to have a say in every aspect of your life? THIS is the America Obama wants! Who in their right mind could vote for this man? Wake up America!

    Or do you want to pass on an America where Capitalism is the form of economy? Where American traditions like these – Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, July 4th – are all passed on. Do you want to pass on the world’s greatest health care system? Do you want to pass on our hard fought freedom and liberty? Do you want to pass on the feeling that anyone can better their lives here in America? Do you want America to survive? Then you MUST vote against Obama – it is the life or death of America as we once knew it.

    A vote for Obama is a vote AGAINST America. If you vote for the GOP candidate then you, me, the hard working tax payers and all future generations  can once again have hope that the real America can once again be realized. A vote for the GOP is a vote FOR America. FOR Capitalism. FOR the family. FOR private health care. FOR our great Constitution. FOR you children and FOR what is “right”.

    God bless America and our brave troops at war.



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    Questionman November 22, 2011

    It is absolutely clear, especially with those that do not watch Fox News or are clouded with predetermined (hateful) positions, that the Republicans are destroying this country.

    They continue to push back on ANY proposed solutions by the administration in order to ensure Obama’s failure. It is a political tactic that will backfire on them as voters will know who really is responsible for the current state of this country.

    I’m sick and tired of these racist, bigoted scumbags calling the President a divider! What the Hell have YOU scumbags done to unite this country? NOTHING! You’ve done nothing but name-call, distort, lie, and smear this president and this THAT will bring this country together! Anyone who isn’t a racist knows the head racist who said “I hope he fails” caused this divide and his racist followers here are furthering it!


    liberty June 12, 2012

    shut up you loser ,scumbag, get a life or just bury yourself in the ground,we dont need people like you in this great country, if you want handout go back to africa


    Wow January 18, 2012

    Wow the comments above clearly show what the left is all about. Blame !

    Anyone who does not agree with Obama is a racist a bigot a scumbag, well that opinion will really unite people questionman.


    Henry Engelhardt April 2, 2012

    I don’t care about the color of Obama’s skin. That doesn’t matter. I just don’t like his politics. Leave social security and medicare alone. Let people retire if they want to,not die on the job!. He can take his politics and hide them where even Superman couldn’t find them!


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