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  • The Super Committee Failure

    by Founder on November 22, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    What a stupid idea. No where in the Constitution does it say that a separate committee could be formed to bypass Congress. Completely unConstitutional yet Obama just does it any way and no one seems to care. The people of this country are too busy watching “Dancing with the Stars” to pay any attention.

    Yet, once again our government fails the people. This should be no big surprise to anyone because our government is filled with the biggest morons on the planet! America is failing because our government is a colossal failure and Obama is the King of the failures. It is a disgrace to all future generations IF Obama is allowed to stay in office.

    The “Stuper” Committee has failed to reach an agreement to cut just $1.5 Trillion from the budget over the next ten years. Only $1.5 Trillion over the next ten years! What an utter disaster that they could not succeed at this! There is so much waste and fraud going on right now that anyone could find this amount in cuts without looking too hard – but these idiots couldn’t do it – they don’t want to do it.

    You watch our politicians on TV, walking around in their expensive suits trying to look and feel important – when in reality they are all corrupt bumbling fools who should be thrown in jail! These idiots have no budget! They have had no budget for years! They should all be thrown in jail They are destroying your future and that of your children as well! Wake up and get mad!

    The reason the government has no budget is because they have no idea how much they are spending nor do they even know where the money is going! These people should be held accountable and thrown in jail – with Obama leading the way. They do NOT want the American public to know how they are wasting our tax dollars – imagine that? No budget – what a gigantic failure. “We the People” must NOT allow this travesty to continue.

    How long will the American people take this crap? How long will the American people just sit back and allow these thieves to continue to destroy our country? When will the true Americans rise up and tell these losers that “enough is enough”?  When will we get in their face and tell them they are fired? When?

    The “Stuper” Committee was just a political joke. Obama had no intention of anything happening with this committee. He wanted to simply use the futile results as a way to get re-elected. Obama has no concern about the economy – he just wants to get voted in again – so he can pillage our Treasury for another four years. When will the people wake up and see this terrorist for what he truly is?

    Where is Obama right now? Where is the leadership needed to right this country? What is Obama’s stance on all of the issues of the day? It is clear Obama wants to destroy America and he will do anything he can to achieve this! “We the People” must rise up and vote this person out! If you cannot see this then you need to wake up and do some research.

    The “Stuper” Committee only met together once or twice – the last time being November 1. These  idiots had two months to sit down and hammer out $1.5 Trillion in cuts and they couldn’t even do this. All of the people on this committee are long time politicians who are as corrupt as they come – and this committee had no chance right from the start – all a political ploy by the community organizer himself – our President Obama.

    Obama is now traveling around the country trashing the Republicans and further dividing our country by class and race – he could care less about your future and our economy – he only wants to get re-elected. Sickening. If you vote FOR Obama you are simply his “useful idiot”. If you vote Republican you may have a chance to better your life and achieve prosperity.

    This “Stuper” Committee is the laughing stock of the whole world just as Obama is. These complete losers cannot balance a check book. They could never run a profitable small business and they do not understand what it is to only spend how much you actually have. All these idiots want to do is raise taxes to cover their out of control spending – the Republicans were against any and all tax increases – hence the failure of action.

    Obama is using this Congress as his excuse to get elected again. He will lie and tell you it is all the Republicans fault – it is all the Republicans who are causing the problem – when in reality it is the corrupt scheming of Obama  as he tries to get elected again.  The American government is out of control – and must be drastically changed – 2012 is the time.

    In addition to the recent government failure, it is now necessary for the supposed “automatic cuts” to take place – but these cuts aren’t even going to happen until 2013 and they are riddled with loop holes and gimmicks! A complete joke! These idiots are NOT serious about addressing the deficit problem – they are only concerned that they personally have enough money to survive the coming financial disaster. They should all be in jail!

    Who will get serious about America’s debt? It will NOT be Obama or our current Congress – so who will it be? Will it be the next President? It will only be the next President IF Obama is voted out – because Obama has no intention of reducing our debt. America is headed off the financial cliff and Obama is doing everything he can to speed this process up.

    Obama just recently had a chance to employ about 20,000 Americans and help get us to be less dependent on foreign countries for our energy needs and what did he do? He denied access for the pipe line and thus no jobs created. Obama is the job destroyer NOT the job creator. He will do all he can to destroy the American economy – it is so obvious.

    The “Stuper” Committee failure is a prime example of our governments inability to ever get anything done. Very few in Congress actually want to help the American people – and no one in the White House wants to help the tax payers – so what are the American people to do? The answer is to band together and be sure to vote Obama out of office in 2012.

    The “Stuper” Committee was filled with twelve career politicians who are complete disasters. They act elite and thumb their nose to the tax payers. “We the People” must vote these people out of office in 2012 and let them join Obama on the unemployment line so America can once again right it’s ship. We desperately need politicians who believe in the Constitution, Capitalism and the American way – NOT politicians who believe in Marxism, Socialism and complete government control.

    Obama is a liar – do you want an anti-American liar as your President? Do you want someone as President that we don’t even know if he is an American citizen? Do you want someone for President who hates America, entrepreneurial success and the middle class? THIS is who is President right now and THIS is who we must vote OUT of office in 2012.

    Please sign in here as an America for the Constitution and help us rid the White House of the corrupt terrorist Obama and all of his followers.

    Please join us as we fight to get Obama out of office. Join us as “We the People” band together and vote FOR who ever gets the Republican nomination. Who ever it is we must band together and vote for this person because the most important goal is to get Obama OUT of the White House – any Republican candidate will be far better than the America hating Obama.

    Please join us and make your voice heard today!

    God bless America and all our brave soldiers.

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    Questionman November 22, 2011

    It is absolutely clear, especially with those that do not watch Fox News or are clouded with predetermined (hateful) positions, that the Republicans are destroying this country.

    They continue to push back on ANY proposed solutions by the administration in order to ensure Obama’s failure. It is a political tactic that will backfire on them as voters will know who really is responsible for the current state of this country.

    Obama specifically, no. Though you could make an argument that all Presidents are/have been terrorists, Obama included. Its weary and if you even bring it up people think your “unpatriotic” or something, but it is a legitimate thing to think about. I think the answer would be no just because of intent, Obama or any of the presidents rarely do things mainly to strike fear in people, whereas a traditional terrorist does.


    Financial advisor November 30, 2011

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    joy January 9, 2012

    Obama is the worst in History, he is dangerous and an imbarrassment to our “Country!” He used the Unions and Acorn along with dishonesty to get elected! The people of our State have nothing but dislike for him! He will loose N.C. and many many other states. The only state he will win is Cal., and they deserve him!


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