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  • Obama the Do Nothing President

    by Founder on November 30, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    Obama, our current President, is a complete disaster. America now has a do nothing President – one who is simply trying to get re-elected for another term. He has no interest in helping America right now – he could care less.

    Ever since Obama has been in office he has done everything he can to destroy America and the American dream. All of his actions in the first three years have been AGAINST America – and FOR other countries. He is a terrorist within the White House who should be impeached for treason. Unfortunately, our current politicians and media don’t have the balls to do the right thing and get of this guy.

    In the world, America should stand on her own – we do NOT need to be so tied  in to other countries – screw the “New World Order” – America should just take care of herself – NOT the other countries of the world. Stop giving our money to other countries! Wake up politicians!

    Remember, America is strong. We are a positive, ambitious and hard working people. We are the greatest country on earth – please do NOT listen to the media, the White House or Obama – they have no clue. They hate America while “We the People” love America.

    The loser Obama has surrounded himself with anti-American “czars” – who are set on destroying our great Republic. Eric Holder is a great example of a racist loser who should be tossed in jail, along with Obama, to rot for the rest of his days – look at the destruction they have done to our great country. Holder ignores the law and chooses who he wants to investigate and who is ignored. Eric Holder is a racist, corrupt politician who should be no where near the White House.

    Obama is the do nothing President. Where is he? What is he doing? Why are we paying him? How is it that he is getting away with the obvious destruction of our economy? Who is doing anything to prevent this?

    Between Obama and Ben Bernanke, they are both doing their best to destroy our economy. It has recently been revealed that the Federal Reserve “secretly” gave away $7 Trillion of tax payer dollars to banks both domestic and foreign. Who voted for this? You? Me? The answer is “no one” – they just did it on their own – in an effort to destroy our dollar, the middle class and our economy.

    Where was Obama for the recent “Super Committee”? Why didn’t he get involved? The answer is because he is a traitorous loser who has no desire to be President. He simply wants to loot the Treasury and destroy the America that he hates.

    Obama is having a great time robbing the country. He and his America hating wife get to travel all over the world without spending a penny of their own money. They have robbed the Treasury blind as they spend millions on their pathetic vacations and trips around the world.

    Obama is the do nothing President. He simply wants to get re-elected. He doesn’t want to make any decisions or expose his Marxist views any further – he just wants to win re-election and then he will kick it into high gear as he furthers his efforts to destroy America. Obama will now do and say anything he has to – to win that re-election.

    Obama’s approval ratings are in the dumper. He has the lowest approval ratings of any President in history – and rightly so. If Obama some how gets re-elected to the Presidency it will only be through voter fraud – which he is very capable of doing. No one who believes in the greatness of America would vote for this man. The only ones voting for Obama will be government workers and those who leech off the government – which includes most union workers.

    What has Obama done to help America? What has this idiot been doing? The answer is nothing! He has blatantly robbed the Treasury to bail out the unions, the banks and Wall Street – all those who helped him get elected. Obama is clearly the most corrupt President in history and in a just world – he would be thrown in jail to rot.

    Where is our leader? America needs a leader. How did this terrorist get into the White House? How was this allowed? Look at what Obama has done to our great country in just three short years. The American people need to wake up, mobilize and FORCE Obama out of Washington and OUT of the White House – NEVER to be allowed in again!

    He has drained America of her wealth. Who has money anymore? Where did the values of our homes go to? Who the heck is running this show? “We the People” need to revolt against this oppressive tyranny and utter stupidity!

    Here is the list. Obama, George Soros, Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel, Bill Daley, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, John Boehner, John McCain, John Kerry – and literally hundreds more of politicians who have over stayed their welcome, have Socialist/Marxist views and who must now go. A revolution must occur for “We the People” to throw these bums out.

    America is not about these corrupt loser politicians – America is about “We the People” – the tax payers. America is NOT about the illegal immigrants – America is about “We the People” – the tax payers – yet we are the group Obama hates and is trying to destroy. We must show him who the tax payers really are in 2012.

    In my dreams “We the People” are able to march to Washington and physically drag these bums out of their office, try them in a court of law and convict them all of treason, theft and corruption. These selfish, anti-American politicians need to feel the pain. They have destroyed the future of your children by saddling them all with a tremendous debt burden. These losers need to lay on the dirt floor of a jail and rot like the corrupt low lifes that they are. These people are destroying America and America’s future – are you OK with this? Are you mad? Well, what are you going to do about it?

    “We the People” must get together and force the “do nothing” Obama OUT of office. No matter who is the Republican nominee is – “We the People” MUST band together and all vote for this one person. If the Republicans splinter off into different parties – like Republican and independent – then this will divide the power of our vote – we must all group together and vote as one – to OUST the corrupt Obama and his band of losers. This is our only chance.

    You see, right now Obama is the “do nothing” President – but for the past three years Obama was quite busy – with his world apology tour, with his TARP bailouts, with his Health Care program, with his picking and choosing who to prosecute and who to ignore – yes Obama was busy for a while – but now he is in campaign mode and for the next year he will do nothing! Guaranteed! He only wants to get re-elected again.

    Hey Obama, my promise to you – is that I will do all I can to see that you are NOT re-elected. I will do all I can to see that you, your wife and all your “czars” are thrown out of the White House, never to return again. I will do all I can to have as many people join me as possible – all of which will vote AGAINST YOU Obama and vote FOR America.

    Please join me in this fight. Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and stand tall for Capitalism and the American dream. Stand tall for our Constitution and our Founding Fathers.

    Join the 15,000+ others who have signed in and help us right America again. Please make your voice heard today!

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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    TF January 25, 2015

    The DOD estiamtes that 3,067 to 3,838 of 7,860 MIAS Are still in NORTH KOREA
    On March 21, 2012 the Obuma admistration suspended talks with North korea over MIAS reparation
    In October 2014 the North koreans announced they would move the remains of 5,000 MIAS En masse
    Missing in ACtion {Korea} Wikipedia
    So what can be done?
    Congress is the voice of the people
    Let your Congressman know of the Obuma Legacy
    Prehaps Congress can get talks going again-and bring our sons home to the USA


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