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  • Karl Marx and Obama

    by Founder on December 8, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    Welcome to the Communist States of America. We now have a communist President in power. Did you see this guys latest speech?

    In the commie Obama’s latest speech, he clearly lays out the fact that he is AGAINST Capitalism and anything and everything American. This is our President. This man should either be thrown in jail or thrown out of the country – one or the other. His actions are treasonous and he should be held accountable for the destruction of America’s economy.

    Obama is following exactly in the words and actions of Karl Marx – the creator of Communism.

    In Obama’s last speech he said that Capitalism isn’t working and it never has worked! This from our “American” President? Where is the media to report this? Where is the dumb ass, up Obama’s butt media to report this? Where are the other political “leaders” to decry what Obama said in this speech? Where is the out cry? Is it just being suppressed by the media?

    Lately all Obama is doing is exactly what Karl Marx did – he is pitting the poor against the rich and vilifying the wealthy. He is not holding the rich up as an example of how to better yourself – by being entrepreneurs – no – he is saying that the rich are bad people – and these bad people must share their money with everyone else.

    They should only have so much money, right Obama? This is insanity!  “We the People” should march on Washington and throw these bums in jail! You are destroying “the people’s” country! Who is there to protect the people?

    Obama is gladly taking money (millions) from the rich while at the same time saying how bad they are. He wants to tax the entrepreneurs more – so he can give THIS money to those that don’t have any money. This is the sickness that is Obama.

    This is Obama’s REDISTRIBUTION of wealth plan. He has been saying he was going to do this since he was campaigning in 2008 – and he has done it. Obama is draining the middle class of their wealth – giving it to the very rich, foreign banks and the poor – this is sick and should – in a just society – land Obama in a dirty, dark and dingy jail cell – just like the dirty, dark and dingy America he is trying to create.

    Obama is acting like a dictator. He is trying to go around the Congress as much as he can. He has well over 100 “Executive Orders” – far more than past Presidents. He obviously despises America and the American process. Both he and his wife hate America – it is so clear.

    Unless America is filled with the stupidest people on the planet, the only way Obama can get elected again is through outright voter fraud – no other way – this is why “We the People” – the tax payers – MUST rise up and retake our Washington once again! A revolution MUST occur! Change must occur! Obama must be thrown out of the White House and replaced with someone who actually loves America and American traditions.

    So who are Obama’s heroes? Perhaps Fidel Castro or Mao Tse-tung or Lenin or Stalin or Hugo Chavez? These are the dictators he is acting like. These people embody his thoughts. These are the Communist pigs that Obama is trying to be. Yet, all of these individuals have ended up killing millions in the name of Communism! Is this what Obama wants as well? Is THIS the person you want to vote for?

    Obama took his mask off the other day with his America hating speech – what do you think of this? To an intelligent person it is obvious Obama hates America and the middle class. Well, guess what Obama? We despise you as well! And we despise what you are doing to our country. Who are you to do this to hundreds of millions of people?

    In the speech Obama said American idea “never worked” – oh really Obummer? This is what this joker is saying? Well, it worked pretty well for 250 years before you came along and tried to jam Communism down our throats!

    How about all your fancy clothes for you, your wife and your kids? Where do you think those came from? Or your plane and your vacations? Or all the other lavish “stuff” you have and desire to have – where do you think all this stuff comes from? Obama, are you this stupid or are you just a Communist? We here say you are just a flat out Commie trying to push your junk on the American people.

    “We the People” will only take this crap fro so long. There will come a point that the American people will rise up and push back. You, Obama, are in the minority – big time! Liberals, the media and all the Commie leaders in Washington are in the minority – there are only a few thousand of you – yet there are 100 MILLION+ of “We the People” – our time will come – I guarantee it!

    Capitalism has driven this country’s engine for 200+ years – leading to innovations and developments that have shaped the world for decades and centuries to come. Capitalism is what America is all about – entrepreneurial ism is what America is all about! Building businesses is what America is all about! Not the Obama crap!

    Obama’s Communism has failed each and every time it has been tried throughout time. Obama is a failure – his policies are a failure and his Presidency has been a colossal failure. Obama will clearly go down as the most anti-American President in history – by far!

    In his speech Obama talks about “fairness” and “leveling the playing field” – all scary Commie terms. He speaks about the “middle class” and the hated “1%’ers” – just like Marx and Lenin used to talk about the rich in their countries. Obama walks and talks like a Commie – this failed President must be banned from our government and ultimately made to pay for his many crimes against the American tax payer.

    In his speech Obama is blaming all of America’s problems on the rich – those mean wealthy people. He has purposely created a class warfare that Karl Marx would be proud of. Obama is doing everything a good Commie would do. He is trying to throw away 200+ years of American greatness. He is once again, spitting on the graves of our brave soldiers who have lost their lives protecting America’s freedoms.

    Barack Obama clearly announced yesterday that he running for re-election as a Socialist/Communist – the mask is off – he clearly is saying Capitalism is dead and Communism is what he believes in! Did you hear this? What do you think? Will you tell everyone you know to vote AGAINST this loser? You must! He hates America. “We the People” love America! Vote AGAINST Obama!

    The Constitution was written and designed to protect “We the People” from TYRANNY. The Constitution was written to protect “We the People” from a dictator like Obama. We must let the Constitution stand tall and use this precious document to wrest back our freedom from this out of control government. Who will stand up to Obama? Who will stand for America? Where is our leader?

    Please join us ans sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

    Join us if you believe in America, the Constitution, Capitalism, entrepreneurs, liberty, freedom and personal accountability. Join the 20,000+ people who have signed in and help us fight against our oppressive government. Help us toss Obama and his America hating wife out in the cold – out of Washington – NEVER to be in politics again.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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    Questionman December 8, 2011

    Desicrating the laws of America to further your racist, bigoted lemming? As excepted that the hate-filled right would follow the lying words of their head racist, Rushie! if you actually listen to the speech, you would see he is fighting for you. none of you idiots are rich. quit acting like you are. I had to actually read a FULL transcrpit and not a statement from the biggest racist in the country! perhaps you should look up the meaning of “delusional?” Saying Obama is a marxist is a joke, he’s center-right wing! Only you most rabid, racist, bigoted, hateful right-wing Conservatives actually dislike Obama personally and think he’s the anti-Christ, the devil, a racist, hates America, has malicious intent, etc.


    Tyler Fleming February 3, 2012

    First off, people like the intelligent guy who wrote this are the reason America has been falling apart..they are too immature to understand that somebody has got to do something to fix a shitty economy and country CAUSED BY THE REPUBLICANS. Obama is 100% right that the capitalism in America right now isn’t working, and if you can’t see that you don’t deserve to live here. The wealth is sucked up by the rich and nobody else. The stat is somewhere like the top .5% have more wealth than the rest of America… DISGUSTING. You’re an idiot like the rest of the Republicans who hate any democrat whose name is spoken.

    And secondly, do your research a little… Karl Marx never said a word about himself supporting cummunism, that is a common misperception. He supported SOCIALISM. NOT COMMUNISM. Dumbass.


    Alma January 22, 2013

    You need to go to and learn that socialism leads to communism before you start calling people idiots. If you are too stupid to realize our country is being lead by a bunch of socialists that will lead to communism if not stopped then we are doomed as a free republic. God help us.


    Red March 28, 2012

    I can’t argue with everything people say about Obama potentially being tied to Marxism/ Communism. Although, how about criticizing the Israeli connection to Communism/ Bolshevism/ Marxism. Obama selected multiple dual citizen Israelis to his cabinet AND Bush was no different. It’s quite obvious when Russian is currently eradicating the wealthy banksters from their country that started the Bolshevik Revolution that Americans were duped into supporting! If you think the Marxist influence began with Obama, then you would be well advised to learn and understand what the Federal Reserve, BIS, WBC, IMF truly are. Rothschilds choice is typically who is elected. It’s not as complicated as it seems. Ironic, maybe, but fairly simple. Ask a Ukrainian.


    Alma January 22, 2013

    Watch the documentary Agenda: Grinding America Down and you will realize and understand what has been going on within our country for many decades. If we can’t stop this movement you can kiss our freedoms and country goodbye forever.


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