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  • America the Police State

    by Founder on December 15, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    In case anyone has been watching – Obama is about to sign into law a bill, giving him the power and authority to detain AMERICAN CITIZENS indefinitely and without cause! Do you read this? Hello! Wake up people! Our Constitution is being trashed once again by our terrorist President.

    Obama, to appease the people,  did the original head fake saying he would “veto” any bill like this – but now when it comes to his desk – in the quiet of the night, he will gladly sign it. He only said he would veto it to appease the little tax payers of America – then when they are busy again watching American Idol or X Factor – he can actually sign and put the bill into law.

    Obama knows how the American people are – that for the most part, people are glued to their TV screens wasting their lives on “Dancing With the Stars” or “American Idol” while Obama, himself, is engineering another huge power grab – and the American people don’t even know it is happening to them. Nor do the morons in the media.

    Our loser politicians don’t seem to care what kind of law they put into place because they feel that they will be protected by these laws and that these laws will not apply to them. This is why TERM LIMITS is an absolute necessity! We must institute term limits or these politicians will continue to make power grabs and ridiculous laws that they feel will never apply to them. Term limits were even mentioned in the Constitution – there MUST be a constant change over of the Representatives in Washington, both in the House and the Senate – otherwise INCREDIBLE corruption will ensue! Hello!

    In this bill, the American “terrorists” that Obama would detain – ON American soil – would then be sent to Gitmo – to stay with the other terrorists – INDEFINITELY! Ask for a lawyer? They will say you do NOT get one. Hello!

    IN America – you do NOT get a lawyer – even though you are an American citizen! THIS is the police state we are now living under! THIS is what Obama wants! Obama must go! We need a new leader in the White House to throw this anti-American bum, Obama, OUT!

    Plus, Obama is trying to use our own military AGAINST the American people! Huh? Do you actually think that our military will act AGAINST the American people? Think about it. Most, if not all the personnel in the military, are from America loving families – yes, gun toting, bible thumping good ole’ American families. Are these people going to put a gun in the face of the tax payers at Obama’s request? I don’t think so.

    The personnel in the military is AGAINST Obama and Obama’s policies. He is wrong if he thinks he can order the military to act against the American people – to put a gun in the face of the American people – it won’t happen! Done deal!

    The intent of this new law extends the terror battlefield right into and on American soil! Their guise is to say it is for “terrorists only”, but – hear this – at Obama’s INSISTENCE – he DEMANDED that this law be applied to AMERICAN CITIZENS!

    Hard to believe but the bill includes the capture and detainment of AMERICAN CITIZENS! That’s right – THIS is Obama’s insistence – he says “American citizens MUST be included” – that’s right – no lawyer for you! No due process for you! No probable cause for you! I have a better idea – how about JAIL for Obama?

    Obama and his supporters are simply using the war on terror to strip the American citizens of their liberties and rights ( just as George Bush began to do). From the airports to the streets to ObamaCare – Obama is turning America into as police state – a government controlled and manipulated society – and I have a feeling that before the election in 2012 – Obama will utilize this new power/force and there will be a show down – a show down of good vs. evil – a show down of Capitalism vs. Communism – a show down of Socialized health care vs. free market health care – a show down of the tax payers vs. the terrorist Obama – and the outcome? “We the People” shall prevail. Bring it on Obama – and thank you for waking this country up!

    Imagine, US citizens arrested in their own country? And NOT being given access to a lawyer? This is Obama. This is what he wants. My advice? The new Presidential Republican nominee better use THIS particular act to their greatest benefit and explain to the American people clearly and exactly what Obama is doing, has done and wants to get done! Our nominee needs to be bold and aggressive to rid Obama from office!

    Unfortunately, this is another move by Obama – once again, spitting in the faces and on the graves of our brave soldiers lost at war. How sad and pathetic. This is the exact type of police state that America has gone to war AGAINST. Yet now Obama wants this type of government to be HERE in America – effectively throwing to waste – the lives of all those who have fought and died for America, who were protecting and defending Capitalism, freedom and the American way of life.

    If Obama were dictator and leader of another country and operating in this manner? Then that is the exact type of country that our military would go in against and try to save or over throw in the name of freedom! Think about it! But NOW this is OUR country – so who is to save us? Look at what Obama is trying to do? Obama is trying to use our own military AGAINST us! When instead they should be coming to RESCUE us from this tyrant! But who is to give them this order?

    To top it off – the definition of a “terrorist” under the Obama administration is now so broad it could include EVERY America loving citizen! Every person reading THIS article could be a “terrorist” under the demented Obama regime! What do you think of this?

    The Obama regime is so out of touch with America and our way of life! They are NOT targeting the Muslims as the terrorists – they are targeting the American citizens who are AGAINST their Communist policies!  THESE are the people Obama is against – any one who is against his stupid policies is a “terrorist”? Obama should be thrown in jail!

    Do you remember during his campaign in 2008? Obama even said he wanted to create a “civilian military” force that was just as “powerful as our military”! Does that scare you? DID it scare you when he said this? THIS is exactly what he is trying to lay the plans for. Wake up America! Obama is changing this country into a “police state” right in front of your eyes! This arrogant tyrant MUST be voted OUT of office!

    So who is a terrorist according to Obama and “Big Sis” Napolitano? Are you one?

    1. Someone missing fingers on their hand.
    2. Someone who has guns.
    3. Someone who has ammunition that is weatherproofed.
    4. Someone who has more than seven days of food in their house.

    If you fall into these categories ( I proudly do) then would you like the government throwing you in a jail cell in Guantanamo – indefinitely? Without a lawyer? Without due cause? This is blatantly against our great Constitution and I can only hope that, if passed, that it is Obama himself who falls victim to this law and is thus thrown in a dirty Gitmo cell FOR EVER! Screw you Obama! And why should I not say this? THIS is what YOU are saying to the American tax payer! You and the other scum politicians who support this!

    In the future, if you are detained under this new Obama law, you would luckily have the right to appear before a committee – ONCE a year! Isn’t that nice? And this, government “committee”, of loser bureaucrats, will then decide your fate! I say “Screw them”! “Screw Obama”! And “screw the government”! I my humble opinion, there is no doubt that there is going to be a showdown between this Obama dude and the American people – and knowing true Americans? It will be “WE the People” – the tax payers- that shall prevail!

    American people – always  remember – that it is under Obama – and ONLY Barack Hussein Obama, that a bill was signed into law giving the government the right to detain YOU, an American citizen, without cause and without a trial – radically AGAINST our Constitution. It is under Obama that America is turning into an ugly police state.

    Our Republican President nominee MUST drill this into the America people – we must ALL vote Obama OUT in 2012!

    In addition, the heads of the FBI and the CIA both were against this legislation – yet Obama didn’t care. The American people surely are against this legislation but Obama could care less. You see, Obama has an agenda – and YOU are not involved – except to strip you of your liberties.

    Eventually, this bill will get to the Supreme Court just like the other POS policy Obama passed – his Health Care law – which, by the way, he NEVER talks about. Ever notice this? Strange isn’t it? Obama’s signature policy – his “greatest achievement” – and yet he NEVER talks about it. Hmmmmmmm, wonder why?

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today – AGAINST this intrusive and un-Constitutional law.

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    God bless America and bring ALL our troops home.

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