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  • Obama’s $4 Million Vacation

    by Founder on December 22, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    This is what happens in a Marxist society. This is what happens in a dictatorship. The supposed “elite” lavish themselves.

    While millions are out of work and millions more are in jeopardy of losing their homes – the arrogant Socialist/Marxist Obama takes his family and friends on a Hawaii vacation – for 17 – yes, seventeen days!

    The country is in the midst of a current financial disaster, the Congress is dead locked on a bill to reduce contributions to Social Security (it’s NOT a tax cut) – and this moron is in Hawaii with his family having ice cream cones and joking with the media! Obama has the arrogance and the balls to stick this vacation right in your face – all $4 million of it. He could care less about you, the middle class and whether or not the US economy just flat out collapses.

    While America has a staggering debt of over $15 Trillion – the Obama’s put it right in your face by spending $4 million of tax payer money, your money, my money – hard working America’s money. He is not using any of his own money – no way – this entire trip is on YOU, the hard working American tax payer – if, it even gets paid for at all. Sickening.

    Look at what is involved in his family vacation:

    • If you recall, in 2010 he and his family went to Hawaii at a cost of “only” $1.5 million. He’s probably calling the difference that year a “savings”.
    • The current $4 million cost is ten times the average salary of a hard working American tax payer! How do you feel about that? Do you work hard for your money?
    • Arrogant and angry Michelle Obama went ahead of Barack by two days – I guess she just had to get there! Of course, at a huge additional cost. She could care less.
    • Obama flies over on Air Force One at huge expense.
    • US Air Force C-17 cargo plane was used to transport the “limos, helicopters and other support equipment”.
    • Housing for his security amounts to $150,000 of the tab.
    • Don’t forget he takes his mother in law as well – on your dime of course. Momma in law Obama on vacation on the tax payer dime – has such a sweet sound to it, doesn’t it?
    • Of course, luxurious hotel rooms for Obama’s special staff of 24 that kiss his ass all day – this at an additional cost of $75,000.
    • This total also includes local tax payer costs in Hawaii for over time for all the police and city ambulances – totaling another $260,000.

    I don’t know about you but this makes me sick.

    How many other Americans are able to do this? I thought Obama hates Capitalism? Yet, how could he possibly do what he likes to do with out the amazing Capitalism? Capitalism has given him everything he has – even though he has been a leech his whole life – it is Capitalism that has brought greatness to this country.

    Notice he doesn’t want Capitalism in the private sector – he only likes it when it helps him and his America hating wife. Obama is despicable and he must be voted out of office for the sake of America’s future..

    Obama is again raiding the Treasury and robbing America of tax dollars. He is using the Treasury as his own piggy bank again and again yet no one says a thing. Who are all these people who are going along with this crap? Where are the representatives of “We the People” who will stand up against these blatant abuses? I see trouble brewing.

    Where is the media to report this atrocity? This is another example of the media completely ignoring Obama’s abuses. The media is once again sticking their head in the sand. Yet little do they know, they are screwing them selves. The type of government they are protecting with Obama is the same type of government that has killed millions before.

    Communism/Marxism/Socialism – they don’t work! And they have always ended up in violence – know your history! Wake up people!

    Let’s make this one of Obama’s LAST vacations on the tax payer dime. Rise up with us as we vote Obama out of office in 2012.

    Do you think America can take four more years of this tyrant? What do you think America will look like after another Obama term? This is why, my friends, that the 2012 election is the most important in American history.

    Is any more proof needed to show that Obama is completely out of touch with the American tax payer? He views the tax payer as a printing machine – there only to provide him money to divvy out as he chooses, when he chooses and for what purposes. Obama is so out of touch that while people are struggling to pay their mortgages this winter and poverty in America is on the rise – he is basking in the sun – all at tax payer expense.

    The government goes first class all the way – the best of everything. These people have never had a private sector job – they do NOT understand the value of a dollar – THIS must change. These people that the voters send to Washington should NEVER go first class! They are NOT elite! They are public servants! This is an outrage!

    Please America wake up and tell your friends to get out and vote AGAINST this tyrant Obama – he is destroying our country – he is destroying your friend’s economic future – he is destroying your children’s economic future – he is a Socialist completely out of control.

    Obama MUST go and he must go in November 2012.

    This is why who ever gets the Republican nomination – THIS is the person we must all rally behind. IF there are splinter off “independent” candidates – even as much as I like Ron Paul – this will splinter off the anti-Obama votes – diluting our votes and possibly hand the election right to Obama – again. This would be a disaster as massive new tax hikes will kick in in 2013 with his ObamaCare – IF he is voted in again. Any questions? Pretty obvious what needs to be done, right?

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join us in our outrage at Obama and all of his policies.

    Join us in the out rage against this unnecessary, wasteful and arrogant vacation. You want a vacation Obama? Go to Camp David – that’s what it’s for. Why did he have to travel 4000 miles to Hawaii and spend $4 million of tax payer dollars?

    Join us if you support Capitalism, small government, lower taxes and far less entitlements.

    Join us if you support the Constitution and help us hold our politicians to the oath they took when they were sworn into office – the oath to “uphold and protect the Constitution”. This MUST be restored for our very survival as a great country!

    Please join us and make your voice heard today!

    God bless America.

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