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  • Welcome to 2012

    by Founder on January 2, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    2012. It is finally here.

    This is the year that the tax payers can take back America. For the past three years Barack Hussein Obama has been systematically destroying our great country and it seemed all we could do was watch it happen. The elected politicians were seemingly doing nothing to stop this man – in fact it appeared that many, if not most, of them even joined Obama in his policies. Well, 2012 will hopefully change all of that.

    American politics has sunk to such a pathetic and embarrassing new low – yet they still strut around in their fancy suits as if they re invincible.  The current Washington filled with blatant corruption, payoffs, bribes, scandals and out right Marxism on the part of our elected officials. And no one does anything about it – it seems they are all in on the great Treasury robbery.

    This Obama Marxism has been brought to light by the desperation for power that our political leaders have displayed – as they enact laws and regulations ONLY for their own benefit – and NOT the benefit of the American people. Term, limits are a must for America to sustain herself and adhere to the Constitution.

    It is the American people who really matter. It is only the tax payers and the true citizens of this great country who really matter. Yet our elected officials – led by the buffoon Obama – have been enacting laws and regulations NOT for us – but for themselves, the illegal immigrants, for those that do NOT want to work and believe it or not – for other countries! A drastic reset is necessary for America to right herself again.

    Yes, our out of control government is NOT acting in the best interest of its people – it is acting in the best interest of everything but!

    They are all acting in their own best interest! Without the constant over sight by the people – this tyranny is perhaps just “human nature” – which takes over after years of being unchecked. We must now check them and right the ship.

    It is now time for – as Obama put it - “hope and change”. But this is the “hope and change” that will benefit the tax payers, our country, our interests, and our future – NOT Obama’s type of “hope and change”.  The current politicians in Washington are for the most part greedy, lying, scum and should mostly be gone – save for about 20% who actually love America and respect our great Constitution.

    2012 shall decide the fate of America.

    Will America once again be captured by Obama and his supporters and thus forever vanquish “our America” forever as we have grown to love her? Or will a true America loving individual win the election and rid Washington of everything that was the Marxist Obama? This is the question.

    Will it be Mitt Romney who wins the Presidential election?

    Will there be an Independent who pops up – such  as Ron Paul or Trump – who, with only good intentions, gets millions of votes yet further splinters the valuable votes need to collectively vote Obama out of office?

    Will Obama’s Health Care disaster rightly be ruled “un-Constitutional” by our Supreme Court?

    Will the Republican party once again control all three branches of government – the Senate, the House and the White House?

    Will America choose Marxism and Socialism over Capitalism?

    Will the people of America actually be able to rid Washington of the slime and corruption that the Obama administration has made an every day occurrence?

    Will America choose Socialized and rationed medicine over the current system of medical care that is the best in the world?

    These are all questions that shall be answered in 2012.

    Please stand up tall for America. Now is the time. This is the year that all hard working Americans, all tax payers and all those who are out of work who actually WANT to work again are able to take back their America. This is the year that we must all band together and VOTE Obama out of office and once again restore  sanity to our great country. THIS is the year.

    IF the people can come together and collectively vote together – then “We the People” shall be victorious and you will witness one of the greatest turn a rounds in history. America will be confident and robust again – but only with the correct leader – the right guy or gal in office – not some college professor loser who is intent on destroying all that America has worked so hard to achieve.

    Yes people, it will all happen this year 2012.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and voice your opinion.

    Make your voice heard today and now!

    Join the 20,000 plus Americans who have signed in and pledge your support for our great country.

    Sign in for free if you believe in our great Constitution, our flag and all she stands for.

    Sign in if you believe in our great military and our number one form of commerce “Capitalism” – which has given everyone all that they could ever dream of and more importantly the opportunity to achieve whatever they dream – something the Obama administration has stripped for America.

    Sign in if you believe in the greatness of America, the family unit, kindness, opportunity and prosperity. Remember, it was the family unit that built this great country on its values and principles – not some splintered off form of a family with just a single parent. THIS has created a disaster for the American economy and it MUST be addressed.

    Join us today and help us fight to keep our great Constitution in tact. Help us fight against those selfish and greedy politicians who only want to benefit themselves and who don’t even know what the Constitution says – even though when they took office they swore to “uphold and protect” our great Constitution. Help us rid Washington of this scum.

    Let 2012 be the year that America shows her might once again as we vanquish Obama and his supporters to the trash heap and elect in TRUE Americans who will enact “American” policies and wipe out all of the Obama Marxist policies that exist today.

    Please join our fight today!

    God bless America and our brave soldiers.


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