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  • Obama is a Coward!

    by Founder on January 6, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Once again Barack Hussein Obama has defied the Constitution and tried to exert his dictatorial method of changing America.

    Remember people, Obama hates the Constitution, the middle class and America as a whole. He is trying to destroy America at every turn and he will do it any way he can get it done. Constitution or not.

    Recently while most of America was watching “Dancing with the Stars” and while most of Obama’s supporters were figuring out how to scam the system to get as many “entitlements as they can – Obama appointed three new “Czars” to head up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    In Washington, if the name of the “committee” or “department” sounds like it is GREAT for the American people – like a “Financial Protection Bureau”, then guaranteed – it is designed to SCREW the American people! This is how these scum Progressives, like Obama, work – they are cowards. They do it behind closed doors – out of sight of the people. Just like the rat he is.

    While you were sleeping and while Obama was having fun in the sun in Hawaii – he made these appointments.

    Obama said he had to do this – because those darn Republicans had blocked him at every angle – he just couldn’t get anything thing through with this dumb ‘ole “Congress” thing, right Obama? So he just went around Congress and around the Constitution and appointed them anyway. He doesn’t care how he gets it done – he just wants it done. Obama has an agenda.

    Well, I say “Screw you Obummer”! This is America – there is a process here and you are either going to follow it or you are gone – right American people?

    Obama says “I refuse to take no for an answer” – well, my question is – who the hell are you? Screw you! We are the American people and YOU work for us – sorry buddy! Follow the Constitution or be gone – “We the People” are stronger than you Obama.

    You are NOT special in any way – there were many Presidents before you and there will be many after you. It is time for you to get out of the way.

    Where are the politicians who are standing up for the American people? Where are the politicians who are calling this freak for what he is? A control freak Marxist loser – that’s who he is!

    Where are the politicians with a set of balls who are going to stand up against this Marxist and tell him “enough is enough”? Where is this person or this group? Will there simply be a revolution of the American people when Obama has pushed us too far? Time will tell.

    Obama spits on the Constitution every day he is in office. Remember he never really took the oath to “uphold and defend” the Constitution. Remember he screwed it up publicly? Then they had him do it later in private? Do you remember this people? Obama is a terrorist in the White House – mark my words.

    The Constitution states that no appointment shall be made without the Congress barring certain stipulations – like if there is a recess and even the loser Obama himself stated, when he was in the Senate, that there has to be a recess of at least three days before a President can have the authority to “appoint” without the authority of Congress. But Obama was even lying then.

    Congress was only in recess for one day when Obama made these appointments – Obama is such a low level liar – he is an embarrassment.

    Can this man possibly get elected again? What America loving person would vote for this person?

    The only way Obama gets re-elected is if he cuts a check for $50,000 for each tax payer – an out right bribe (maybe in the form of a mortgage forgiveness) – don’t put this past him.

    In addition, between now and the election Obama will put out false unemployment numbers – guaranteed! They are already starting. Obama thinks the people are so stupid. There can still be 20 million unemployed and Obama will come out with great unemployment figures – he will lie right to your face over and over again – simply to get re-elected.

    How out of touch are these people? They are acting like a King and Queen – even the America hating Michelle Obummer said she likes being referred to as “her excellency”!

    Are you kidding me? You work for us lady – not the other way around. You are on the outs – you are done – you have robbed the American Treasury enough already. You will soon be tossed out on your America hating butt and can then live a life off – in private – off of all your stolen riches – have fun.

    In the mean time, the tax payers are going to elect someone to office who actually loves this country. Someone who doesn’t just want to rob from the Treasury and use it as their own piggy bank. Yes, after you are both gone – America will live on and live on in prosperity – not the crap you tried to dish on us – the day you are both gone will be one of the happiest days in America’s history! Believe it!

    I am NOT the only one who thinks this way – I guarantee. I represent MILLIONS of hard working Americans who are sick and tired of Obama and the over reach of the Federal government. Get the hell out of our lives!

    I ask all of America to band together and help vote this coward out of office!

    Who will vote for Obama? The only ones who can vote for him are the ones who benefit from him financially ie. entitlements. And if blacks vote for Obama only because he is black – there  are fools. Obama is enslaving them into poverty for their lives – he only wants their vote – he does NOT want them to be prosperous.

    It is now time. The American people need to rise up together and vote COLLECTIVELY to trounce Obama in the election and get this country back on track!

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

    Sign in as someone who is AGAINST Obama and all of his Marxist policies.

    Sign in as someone who believes in the Constitution, small government, lower taxes and desperately needed term limits for Congress.

    Sign in if you believe and support electing someone who will create the appropriate business atmosphere that will encourage entrepreneurship, hiring, innovation and the starting of new businesses.

    Sign in to help us remove Obama from office. Please join us today!

    God bless America and our great flag.

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    Questionman January 15, 2012

    Questionman says:

    January 14, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    I was right as usual. The spirit ofthe KKK resides in the racist right and this despicable displace of false Patriotism is proof in the pudding.

    The Republicans pretend that it isn’t important to raise the debt ceiling to pay the debts they incurred by unfunded tax cuts, unfunded Medicare D and two unnecessary unfunded wars. Now they pretend that Obama tries to make government bigger when, in fact, he tries to make it smaller but at the same time increase revenue to pay for the Republican debts!

    Reaganomics never worked. George H.W. Bush called it voodoo economics until Reagan won the primary and made Poppy Bush VP. so he’d be quiet about it. But voodoo economics it is. Trickle down has never worked except to scam the poor and middle class.

    Before you accuse Obama and the Democrats of being Marxist/Communist/Socialists, can you tell me if you also consider Nixon a Marxist/communist/socialist? He imposed wage and price controls on the entire economy. How about Harry Truman – was he a Marxist/communist/scoailist? He nationalized the steel industry – stripped private ownership away and said that the government owned them. Are they communists? How many other American Presidents do you consider to be communists? And if so, what exactly do you mean when you call someone a Marxist/communist/socialist? I suspect that you are so brain-washed by childish Republican propaganda that you will be incapable of responding to these questions.

    Obama does not have radical leftist beliefs, nor is he dedicated to the destruction of our Constitutionalist Republic. He is nota fraud and anyone who saids he is is a racist. I understand that as a conservative you are ashamed of the Bush Administration and the actual illegality and anti-Constitutionality practiced by the Republican Party 2000-2008. But it is a pathetic tactic to accuse Obama of imaginary and overblown crimes in order to dodge responsibility for the harm to our Republic actually caused by you and your votes. It is all about your cowardice, and your inability to take responsibility for your own actions through your votes for the worst President in a century, and the damage that has caused to our great country.

    All the racist white people who hate the idea of black people in their “Whitehouse” are leeching right here. Racists one and all! You haters will seize on anything minor to rip on a Black Man, he was obviously tired from trying to whack his balls out of the giant sand trap the official told him he? was in, then he got a little pissy when he was told he was actually in Iraq, what’s the big deal?

    He hates soldiers so thats why he ended the illegal war in Iraq and welcomed them home. He hates soldiers so he increased VA services to include TBI and Stress Disorders. He pushed for a jobs program and the First and Second Ladies have worked to help wounded Vets. Oh by the way he’s eventually bringing the troops home from Afghan. But hell hes a Commie a Socialist wasn’t even born in the USA Right?

    Obama’s website states he is a committed Christian. He was sworn into the Senate on his family Bible. He has regularly…..forget it. You racists don’t rely on facts no matter how many timeswho falsey claimit. You rely on Racist rants, Character Assassination and Conspiracy theories to take this President down and that shows how sick in the head you people are!

    These racists try to ugre and others to vote the Republicans get back into power so they can finish destroying the country Obama is trying to fix.

    Anyone who says Obama is destroying this country is, without a doubt, a racist hypocrite!

    Stop calling yourselves “Patriots” You are desicrating that word. You are not Patriots, you were never Patriots, and youwill never be Patriots. What you scumbags really are, and will always be are Racists, bigots, Un-American White supremist following haters. That’s what you REALLY are!


    tdon July 18, 2012

    @questionman :You can not be a christian and support gay marriage and be pro choice. You sir are the reason why America is failing. You are one of the blind ones.


    Joya Ganguly October 29, 2014

    This man is no President. Obama is a coward, a throw back to fascist Germany, Spain, and any other country that believe(d,s) in a dictatorial supremacist morality. When you cannot govern, yes that is you Mr. President, the just thing is to resign and let other people, actually anyone other than you and worshippers of Baal take office.


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