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  • Obama in Campaign Mode

    by Founder on January 14, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    America has not had a leader for quite some time now – at least three years. And now, even worse, America is leaderless as Obama is in 100% campaign mode and NOTHING will get done over the next year to fix this great country.

    Obama is asleep at the wheel. He has no interest in America at this point – he is only concerned with getting re-elected and retaining his power.

    Obama’s first three years were all about ramming through his Socialist policies and most importantly his Health Care program that he so desperately wanted.

    ObamaCare is more of a power grab than a Health Care system. It is Obama’s way of stripping the American people of their freedoms while giving the Federal government even more power and control over your life.

    Obama and his angry, America hating wife think of themselves as royalty. They believe the US Treasury is their own piggy bank as they travel and cavort through out the world spending millions of dollars on their lavish vacations.

    America is in limbo right now. We have no leadership and we have a terrorist in the White House who is intent on destroying the middle class and sending our wealth throughout the world.

    Obama is now in full campaign mode. Who are his supporters? Who would support this person IF they love America?

    The answer is that – IF you love our great country and all that she stands for – then you will NOT vote for this tyrant Obama. A vote for Obama is a vote AGAINST America and your children’s future.

    Obama is now traveling around the country at the tax payer expense trying to rally up votes for his re-election – he is NOT fixing our economic woes – to the contrary he is making them worse everyday.

    Now, Obama has just asked for an additional $1.2 TRILLION to be added to the debt!

    Our debt is already over $15 Trillion! Yet he wants to INCREASE this debt limit! This is insanity! He is trying to push this economy over a cliff along with our dollar – we MUST say “NO” to this proposed debt increase – when will it stop? When will it ever be enough?

    This is why the only real candidate right now who actually wants to fix our situation is Ron Paul – he is pledging to cut $1 Trillion from the budget in his first year! THIS is what America needs.

    America cannot take another four years of Obama’s bull shit – and we cannot take another four years of anyone who will increase our debt further. We need someone who is serious about reducing the size of the government – not someone who just talks about it on the campaign trail.

    When Obama is in campaign mode that means he is in full “lying” mode. He will say ANYTHING that he thinks the American people WANT to hear – without any intention of actually doing any of it.

    Obama will look you in the eyes and lie directly to you – ONLY for the purpose of getting re-elected. Do NOT believe a thing Obama says between now and election time – he is a pathological liar and should not be trusted.

    It is very important that the American tax payers band together and vote Obama out of office in November 2012.

    The tax payers must trudge through all the biased crap the main stream media is told to broadcast – who tells them what to say? How about the Obama White House. This is proven to occur – and this is how sick Obama is with his hunger for power.

    Obama has a very weak and fragile ego. He doesn’t like criticism. This is why he needs to have his way in all that he does. This is why he cannot and will not work within the confines of the Constitution. He is a weak fool – who will soon be gone and be just a fading memory for the American public.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and help us remove Obama from office.

    Sign in if you are sick and tired of the Federal government and specifically Obama.

    Sign in if you are disgusted with Obama’s arrogance and out right corruption right in the faces of the American people.

    Join us now and make your voice heard today!

    God bless America and our brave soldiers.

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