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  • White House Hates the Constitution

    by Founder on January 22, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    America is now living in an age where the Constitution no longer matters. Our government is NOT being run by this rule book anymore.

    Our current President is making things up as he goes along. Obama is NOT paying any attention to the Constitution, in fact, he hates all that is says.

    Remember, Obama said the Constitution is a document of “negativity” – it tells what the government CANNOT do – rather than what the government CAN and SHOULD do.

    How strange, Obama thinks he knows more and is wiser than our founding fathers. Obama is so arrogant.

    Our great Founding Fathers were the product of decades of studying and reading – being fluent in many languages and with knowledge in many ares. Obama is a mental dwarf compared to these people.   Yet he carries himself as if he were solving the world’s problems. Obama is a sick dictator who MUST be ousted from office.

    So what do the American people do when the leader in the White House – despises the Constitution?

    What do we do when the leader in the White House is purposely going against the Constitution?

    At what point do the REAL American citizens (the ones who love the country) stand up and say “enough is enough”?

    At what point do the American people storm the frikken Whiter House and throw Obama out on his ass? When is it necessary to PHYSICALLY get this done?

    Will the people just allow Obama and those like him to simply roll all over them? Push them around? Control their lives? When do the people of this country stand up – utilize our great Constitution – and tell Obama to “get lost”?

    Obama is just cruising along – on the backs of the Unions throughout the country – THESE are his workers – and THESE are his votes. These union workers are VERY aggressive and will do just about anything to keep their bloated contracts – even though the states have no more money.

    And then there are the REAL Americans who love the country. The ones who UNDERSTAND about a thing called “budgets”. They understand that you cannot spend more than you take in. Duh! Yet it is these union people want all the money they can get regardless of budgets – they say “SCREW the tax payers – they WILL pay for us”!

    It is now time for “We the People” to stand up and band together in massive numbers – and set this country straight. This is a CONSERVATIVE country with a huge block of people actively trying to make it a Marxist/Socialist country – and what are WE going to do about it? That is the question.

    Is the Constitution also lost from the Supreme Court? This will be the true test of whether the country is completely lost or not.

    ObamaCare is being tested in the Supreme Court this year and IF they come out and say that it IS Constitutional – the individual mandate – then we are done. But IF they come back and say that the INDIVIDUAL MANDATE is NOT Constitutional – then America has a chance.

    Obama has tried to tilt the Supreme Court with his very liberal appointment of Sotomayer. But I still have confidence that our Supreme Court – the top law in the land – will STILL stick to the Constitution and rightfully declare ObamCare UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Which is what it is.

    So time will tell. This is a most important year for America and the direction this country will take.

    Will America go the way of tossing out the Constitution, rationing health care and complete Federal government control? Or will the country REPEAL the trashy ObamaCare and head down the road to liberty, Capitalism and personal freedom? THIS is the choice in the 2012 election.

    Who will you vote for?

    Will you vote AGAINST America and her future by casting a vote for Obama?

    Or will you vote for whom ever gets the Republican nomination? Whether it be Paul, Santorum, Romney or Gingrich? THIS is the right move! We MUST get Obama OUT of office!

    Any of these four would be FAR better than the America Obama wants. Please spread this information to your family and friends – we MUST rise up and oust Obama from office!

    We owe it to our children and the thousands who have gone to war for our freedoms. These are the people Obama spits on everyday – as he is ONLY concerned with himself and his Marxist philosophy.

    Please join us today and voice your opinion AGAINST Obama and all that he does.

    Sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today.

    Join our 30,000+ members who stand AGAINST Obama and his philosophies.

    God bless America.

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    Adrian Dyer February 6, 2012

    What shrill fearmongering!

    As if there are only two choices … puh-leez. Who are you trying to fool, exactly? I get the part about “Barack Obama” being an evil dictator, but a panic vote for anyone except him is sheer insanity.

    If the GOP or any party ran Mickey Mouse (w/ Miley Cyrus as VP), who’d buy THAT? Yeah, we’d see the transparency of the puppet show, but no more than that. And a vote for Gingrich is no better.

    There is exactly one mainstream front-runner candidate in the 2012 POTUS race who respects the rule of law (and isn’t that what this article was supposedly about?).

    His supporters will accept no substitute. If his party fails to nominate him (and/or if the vote rigging works seamlessly), then the people have another option besides throwing away their vote by “writing-in” another name or by simply abstaining.

    R E V O L U T I O N

    Have the American people grown so scared of the R-word? Really? And if so, then what is so wrong with Obama? What makes one puppet dictator better than another? What does Ken Ross really fear?

    What if there is no electoral solution to tyranny?



    Knight March 8, 2012

    Umm. Are you all idiots? Have you read the constitution? Obama knows it to the letter and routinely sticks to it. The idea that sideshow freaks like Paul can possibly respond to the 310 million US citizens who don’t agree with them is frightening. The rest of us would rather have a controversial POTUS than the village idiot and the handful of people stupid enough to hold their head under water with him.


    DrRockzo(The RocknRoll Clown) February 6, 2012

    Wow, how could you be so right on the money with the first part of your commentary, and so wrong with the second? Obama is a disgrace, a buffoon, and above all else, a failure, however, Santorum, Gingrich and/or Romney are ALL THE SAME AS OBAMA, PERIOD. Only a complete imbecile does not know this by now, and only a morally corrupt piece of human waste still advocates one “party” over the other. Both Party’s are controlled by the CFR, and the blogger KNOWS this! Only with RON PAUL is there even a CHANCE to bring this once proud and strong Nation back to Constitutionality…What gives the blogger who wrote this any hint of a notion that Santorum, Romney or Gingrich give a damn about the Constitution??? Or, that they would actually do anything differently than Obama


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