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  • Obama Destroys American Dream

    by Founder on January 29, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    This is the crux of Obama’s platform. He doesn’t want you to DREAM of riches or entrepreneurial success! No!

    Obama wants you to dream of helping others ie. giving them some of your money.

    Obama wants you to dream of being a “community organizer” – like he supposedly was. Someone who produces nothing yet someone who takes from society. This was and is Obama.

    This man has destroyed the American dream simply because he didn’t like it. He was against it. He felt it was racist and discriminatory. So he is doing all he can to destroy it. Be damned with you and your 401k.

    Notice Obama is so against those – who are against the government? Yet that is exactly the person he IS and WAS.

    Obama is AGAINST the American government, the Constitution and the American way of life. It is so obvious.

    All of his policies are against Capitalism and prosperity.

    All of his policies are against entrepreneurs and their plight to start and run a successful business – no matter how he tries to spin it with his big smile.

    Obama is all about TAXES and spending – he knows nothing else.

    He tries to take it from those that make it – and he gives it away in the form of government programs which they have some how labeled “entitlements”. Imagine these people have been brain washed into believing that they are actually “entitled” to this money?

    THIS is sick and the mind set that will destroy the American dream. It is pervasive in America right now and many do not even know that the American dream even exists – thanks to big government.

    So waht is the American dream?

    The American dream is a dream of success. Whether in the form of a nice home, or success in raising a family, or in success for a business you have started – financial success, prosperity, liberty and freedom? They are all successes associated with the American dream.

    The American dream is a dream of starting with nothing and building up to where you have everything you want – all by being smart and working for it. And at the same time providing jobs for others to fulfill THEIR dreams.

    THIS is the dream. Innovation, ambition, knowledge, risk taking. Success AND failure are all part of it. But this is what the pathetic narcissist Obama, doesn’t understand.

    He doesn’t want anyone to fail – he wants to bail you out – except of course if you are a hard working, America tax payer who loves the country and all we stand for! Then you are on your own!

    Obama is VERY small in thinking even though he thinks he sees the big picture. His thinking is tiny in comparison to an entrepreneur who has an idea and turns that idea into reality – all the while while providing for his own existence – NOT relying on the government and employing others enabling them to fulfill their own dreams.

    THIS is what America is all about – THIS is the American dream.

    Gee why such dislike for Obama in this country today? Maybe because he is STEALING our dream? He is STEALING your future and your kid’s future! Wouldn’t you have dislike for a person who does this? Just as if he comes into your home, right in front of you and steals your possessions? THIS is a person you would NOT like.

    This is exactly what Obama is doing.

    Obama is flaunting the law and the Constitution. He is flaunting his birth issue by even, just recently, failing to show up in an Atlanta court when he was subpoena-ed to do so! This guy must go.

    Obama is destroying the American dream the best he can and it is now our duty as America citizens to STOP this man in his tracks. How long are we supposed to sit back and watch what he is doing?

    When is “enough is enough”?

    Just the thought that people talk about the possibility of Obama being re-elected is mind boggling to me. Who, that is FOR America, would ever vote to re-elect this person?

    IF you vote for Obama you are exposing your self as someone who is against Capitalism, liberty, prosperity, entrepreneurs and the America way! What is the matter with you?

    If you don’t like the country – get out! Don’t try to change what we have (or had).

    We need to be more like Australia – who actually guards their borders and requires that new citizens prove that they are able to support them selves before they are able to enter the country! Now THIS is a strong country – with a language, border and culture. America desperately needs this attitude.

    Australia has strong leaders, unlike America, where being politically correct has led to the destruction of our society and culture.

    It is now time. Rather than allow these people to hijack our great country with their trash policies, “We the People” MUST rise up and vote Obama OUT of office!

    This is ridiculous! Where has the intelligence of the American voter gone? Who exactly is voting if there is a possibility of Obama getting re-elected?

    This has been allowed to go too far. People, please stand tall and together as proud American citizens and oust Obama from office by a LANDSLIDE!

    Join us today!

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today.

    Sign in if you are FOR Capitalism, freedom, entrepreneurs, the family unit, a peaceful loving religion and the America way of life.

    Sign in if you are FOR the American dream.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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    UneverKnow January 30, 2012

    The tea party is a bunch of hypocrites that don’t care about human rights or the constitution unless it pertains to them. Just a bunch of xenophobic racist idiots. America knows this and that’s why the Tea party has such a small percentage of support in this country and the occupy movement has the support of 70% of Americans.

    Obama did not destroy us. I’m informed enough to see what the last conservative president did…took the country down as far as he could and earned himself the title of Worst President Ever.
    these actions reflect the sheer ignorance and emotional immaturity of the average racist, right-wing, conservative Christian, GOP voter.

    As for the rest of us, we are not the President, are not held to the same standard or regarded in the same way. So telling us that resorting to violence over someone putting their finger in our face is wrong, is like preaching at a wall. People are products of their respective cultures, environments, and upbringing. I concur with Politico Man though. I too am an African American, and pointing your finger in my face is a sure way to get seriously injured. That and spitting .

    I’m sick of these hateful liar saying that Obama’s whole presidency has been a big mistake.
    Considering who was the last president and who are the current candidate for the GOP.

    Just because he is black dosent make him a screw up u need to think about Bush, Ronald Reagan before u speak bad about Obama. u can always say when the black man is doing somthing wrong but when the white man screws up its just a simple mistake. Obama is getting us out of the mess your president Bush put us in.. And Osama would still here here, but judging from your brain-dead racist rant, you probably think Osama died 10 years ago. You cant see all the good things the man does because you to busy judging him on his skin color and on his faults. Nobody said anything this bad about Bush.


    Franko February 24, 2012

    People wonder what is wrong with America today. Look no further than this hater assclown that is so ignorant and racist he can’t see his own BS.
    I’m sick of these hateful liars that post rants about how everybody is a racist because they don’t suck Obummers dick like Uneverknown shiit does


    Bryan April 14, 2013

    Um – they said the same about Lincoln – he is ruining the country. This is just ludicrous, as most millionaires want the rich to pay more:

    The wealthy pay less now then the did 40-30-20 years ago.

    This article is hysteria and just stupid.


    Jm hill May 2, 2015

    Obama ruined the dream. You would have better luck supports the KKK than that asshole.


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