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  • Obama’s Fake Job Numbers

    by Founder on February 5, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Our president is a complete joke.

    This loser is going to lie and manipulate the jobs numbers to fit his agenda – not yours. He thinks you are stupid, are you?

    Even though Obama’s economic policies are an absolute failureand he is draining America of her wealth and power at the same time – he is still going to try and convince you that unemployment is going down!

    Obama is suck a frikken joke! Who would believe any numbers that the White House puts out?

    By the time it is election time in November 2012, Obama’s unemployment numbers will be announced as being BELOW 8%! Will you believe this? Do you see the economy improving?

    If you believe these numbers then you are what Obama calls – a “useful idiot”. He NEEDS people like you. The pathetic liberal government NEEDS morons like you in order to continue their rape of our freedoms and liberty. If you believe what Obama is selling – you are helping him destroy our great country.

    According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics – December 2011 we had 132.9 million workers – then in January 2012 – we had 130.4 million workers – do the math people! And at the same time Obama is trying to say unemployment went down!

    America LOST 2.5 million jobs in one month and the idiot is trying to tell me unemployment went down! Yeah right Obama, spin another tale. You don’t seem to care that the American tax payers KNOW you are a liar.

    The White House tries to spin it by saying there is a “seasonal adjustment” which means that they “adjust” the size of the labor force – they figure that 1.2 million stopped looking for work – so they conveniently don’t include them in the statistics anymore. Huh?

    The Federal government is simply not telling the American people the REAL state of the economy.

    So, since they shrink the potential jobs available – then of course their irrelevant unemployment figure will go lower! But the question is, “just how stupid are the American people”? Are YOU going to believe this crap?

    The true unemployment figure right now is disgusting – ranging from 10% – 25% depending on where and to whom (inner city, youth, blacks, Hispanics etc…). And everything the Obama government is doing is further entrenching them into a life of poverty forever – THIS is Socialism and Marxism.

    As a business owner, I see it every day - the economy is shrinking and more people are on government assistance than ever – yet THIS is what Obama and his supporters want. This is how sick and short sighted they are.

    People are struggling, home values continue to shrink, inflation is occurring and all the Federal government is trying to do is destroy Capitalism, innovation and the entrepreneurial dream. Obama must go!

    Not only is Obama shrinking the American work force but the jobs he claims he is creating are predominantly “low wage”, menial labor jobs – just the kind he wants YOU to have. He wants YOU dependent on HIM!

    The reality of the job numbers? There are 2.5 million less jobs out there in January 2012 than there were in December 2011! Hello! Wake up people!

    It is clear that Obama is destroying our great country – and that we need to throw him out of office, now!

    Do NOT believe a thing, the snake oil salesman, Obama tries to tell you. Assume that EVERYTHING he tells to you (the American people) is a lie – and you will be on your way to seeing what is really happening. Do NOT be Obama’s “useful idiot”.

    Remember, there is NO job creation going on EXCEPT in the Federal government.

    Due to Obama’s health care fiasco and the massive bureaucracy it creates – the Federal government is hiring like there is no tomorrow – which there might not be in America if Obama wins another term – he will DESTROY our great economy for sure if given another chance to entrench his sick policies..

    Obama should be tried for Treason and thrown in jail – clearly. Question is “who has the balls to do it”?

    Please ladies and gentlemen of America – rise up with us and vote Obama out of office in November 2012. We must stand together.

    He will do any thing and say any thing to stay in office. He will talk like a conservative but his policies will be Marxist and Progressive.

    He will, perhaps, create a national event to further rip the freedoms from the American people – do NOT put it past this guy.

    My hopes and prayers are that Romney (looks like he will be our nominee) and the American people are victorious by a land slide – exposing how truly much in the minority – the losers on the left are.

    Please join us here as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Join us as some one who says “I know you are a liar Obama – your jobs figures are fake and so are you”! In fact, are you even an American citizen? Show me? You are a complete joke.

    Please join our 30,000+ members who stand behind the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

    Join us for free today!

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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    Questionman February 5, 2012

    You hate being called a racist, but you can’t refute the fact that that’s what you are! A pathetic racist idiot!

    OMG What is wrong with you? How do you live with yourself spewing all that hate and all those lies daily. I am sure you are upset about losing your job posting for Huntsman but we tried to warn you you were doing him more harm than good.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Obama is dealing the only way he can with a Republican wall out to say no and only no. If you have kids and especially teenagers you will understand­: when a teen says no only to say no and spite his parents the more the parent gets tough and tries to push harder or force the teen to comply, give in, understand or compromise­, the more pig headed and obstinate the teen becomes. Obama gave away too much to the Repubs, but he got unemployme­nt benefits extended, he got the first step in healthcare refom passed, etc etc by giving in. If he had pushed back and refused to accept their disgracefu­l “compromis­es” we all would have lost. He is the adult in the room. And hopefully by now the majority of Americans see what the Republican machine has been doing and they care more about destroying Obama than helping the American people or working towards an American recovery and his second term will see more goals attained. And check out the list of Obama achievemen­ts – you may be surprised at all that he has accomplish­ed without shouting his successes from the rooftops.


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