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  • Democrats Philosophy Caused Recession

    by Founder on February 12, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Every one should have a house, right? This is America – every one should have a house, that is, according to the Democrats and those that think like them.

    Yet I agree, everyone should have a house – IF – they earn it.

    • IF they qualify credit wise.
    • IF they have the sufficient down payment.
    • IF they have a good job and have shown stability.

    Other wise you do NOT get a house. This is not fairy tale land. This is the real world. Earn it like every one else does!

    Not every one in America is guaranteed a house. But every one in America IS guaranteed the opportunity to better themselves – at least until Obama came along.

    It was the Democrats who had this ridiculous notion that every one should have a house – regardless of their financial standing, credit rating or their ability to pay the loan back. This, in itself, is insanity.

    Look what this philosophy has done to the country – it created a housing bubble that eventually broke and the fall out has been disastrous. And it is the proven pedophile loser Barney Frank who should be in jail for destroying the housing market. Yet he wasn’t punished at all for his corruption.

    It was and is the Democrats philosophy that they want every one to be equal. Every one should have a house. They do not want inequality with regards to income. In their eyes every one should be about the same. Yet THIS, in America, is insanity – it goes against all that is America.

    America is the land of opportunity – the land where one can better them selves IF they work hard, work long and work smart – at least, that is, until Obama came along.

    It is the sick philosophy of the Democrats and the Obama White House that wants to redistribute the wealth or our great country – rather than let those that made it keep it – they want to take it from those that have it and simply give it away to those that don’t.

    THIS pathetic philosophy is what has caused our economic decline and if continued will destroy America for ever.

    Remember the America you grew up in? The land of opportunity, entrepreneurs, innovation and prosperity?

    Well, now under Obama and the sick Democrats, it is now the land of government intervention, government entitlements and government over reach.

    Under Obama, America has sadly slipped into a European style Socialistic country that is on the brink of financial disaster. If you do not see this then I suggest you demand your education money back from where ever you went – because it didn’t work – your education was an abysmal failure – IF you believe in what Obama is doing.

    IF you believe in what Obama is doing – as Rep. Allen West said – “get the hell out of America”! Spread your Socialism some where else, go to Europe – we have Capitalism here – the same economic system that has helped you get every thing you own.

    You have to love these losers like Van Jones getting up and saying Capitalism is bad – all the while they have on a fancy suit, with expensive shoes and a $10,000 watch – they are uneducated hypocrites who shouldn’t be given the time of the day – yet the pathetic media fawns all over these type of losers.

    Any one with common sense can look at America now and see the massive abuse that is going on with regard to entitlements. People of all races are taking advantage of these programs, scamming the government and the tax payers out of hundreds of billions of dollars every year! – and all the Democrats and Obama do is cheer it on.

    THIS is not what America was founded on. Look at all the losers in this country right now sucking off the government for their existence. Look at all the people who come here just for this reason. Yet our sick government does nothing about this abuse – they simply see these “useful idiots” as their base of voters.

    I love how these politicians walk around in their fancy suits and Michelle Obama struts around in her $2000 dresses – they can all go fuck them selves – because I and the American people are sick of it. They are not royalty – they work for us!

    They act like they are so slick but in reality they are the scum of the earth, morons who can’t even make a budget. But they don’t want to – even they cannot keep tract of the money they waste – why put it down in a budget, right? Screw them!

    Our government, right now, is going AGAINST the will of the people and they are congratulating them selves for doing so. This small group of politicians is doing every thing they can to govern AGAINST the will of the people. What do you think about this?

    When is a revolution going to occur where we throw these losers out on their ass and reset this great country? Who will start this revolution? And how shall it happen?

    The liberty tree is in dire need of the blood of freedom – it is our duty to the founding fathers to follow through on our great Constitution – and rid Washington of the America hating Obama, his followers and his wife.

    Obama, is the worst President in history as every day he destroys our great country, spits on the graves of our brave soldiers and ruins any chance of prosperity for the millions of youth growing up in the next generation.

    Obama should be thrown in jail for treason along with hundreds of other Marxist loving freaks in the House and Senate. Who shall lead the way to get this done?

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us fight off this oppressive and tyrannical government. Help us fight for the prosperity of the next generation.

    Help us fight for the Constitution. Obama is trashing it – we must trash him. He MUST be voted out in 2012 or you can kiss this country goodbye.

    Please sign in if you believe in the Constitution, freedom, small government, low taxes, entrepreneurs, innovation, the family unit and getting the government the hell out of our lives!

    Make your voice heard today!

    God bless our troops, America and the American way.

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    questionman February 13, 2012

    Pathetic, really pathetic. What are destroying America are far right wackos who want to transfer wealth to the richest 1%.
    You should examine your positions more carefully and see if they correspond to your ethical and religious standards. Calling Pres. Obama a Socialist or Communist is so far from the truth it is nothing short of an outright lie, and I was taught in Civics and at Sunday school that lying is bad and a sin, and doing so for advantage is even worse.
    On my political blog I’ve taken some heat from people by changing the name of the enemy party to Republicans. I say that simply because they can’t do anything to help the Country out of the mess they created.
    They can’t pass legislation
    They can’t offer solutions
    They can’t do anything but blame the President
    Frankly I, as I feel a lot of people are, sick of this. So really I offer a simple choice for Republican’s: Offer solutions or get out of the way for people who do. It’s that simple. You are DESTROYING our Country. You claim how President Obama is trying to make a communist society but based ON FACTS Republicans want that. They want the rich to stay rich and the hell with everyone else.
    Actually, people like YOU are the real traitors. People like me are patriots. You’re not a patriot; you’re a white trash racist pig.


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