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  • Federal Food Police

    by Founder on February 16, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    If there was ever another reason why to vote AGAINST Obama – here it is.

    In Raeford, North Carolina at West Hoke Elementary school – phone number 1-910-875-2584 – the Federal government has stepped in and told a mother that the lunch she prepared for her daughter was not good enough – that it did not meet the Federal guidelines. You’ve got to be kidding me!

    The lunch the mother prepared was a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, potato chips and apple juice.  A very healthy lunch for a four year old little girl. A good American, tax paying mother.

    But the Federal “inspector” that day determined that it did not meet the pathetic Michelle Obama guide lines – so they made her eat something different. The girl was given chicken nuggets!

    Yes you read that right CHICKEN NUGGETS! Which in them selves represent FAKE meat! This is funny! Chicken nuggets! Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

    THIS is what they thought was better? We have a VERY sick government ladies and gentlemen and it is led by the two top losers Michelle and Barack Obama.

    Do you want the Federal government telling your kids what they can eat?

    Do you want the Federal government inspecting the lunch you prepare for your child?

    Do you want some government freak peering in the lunch box you prepare for your son or daughter?

    THIS is the world we will live in IF the loser Obama gets voted in again.

    Who could vote for this freak? Why would any one vote for Obama? – unless you are AGAINST America and all the greatness she stands for.

    My hope is that the child’s mother sues the heck out of the school system, the loser inspector and the Federal government.

    This has garnered national attention, North Carolina is in an uproar and it should be another feather in the cap to oust Obama from office.

    THIS shows the over reach of the pathetic Obama – what more proof do you need?

    IF Obama is voted in again THIS is just the tip of the ice berg!

    Remember, Obama is still not showing his true self or his true intentions until AFTER the 2012 election. He will let loose with his Marxism AFTER the election – IF re-elected. Mark my words.

    IF this were my child, I would march down to the school and put the fear of death into this government “inspector”. He or she would never again look into my daughters lunch bag – it is none of their business, it is none of the school’s business - it is none of Obama’s business.

    I urge every one to call this liberal school and voice your opinion AGAINST this massive intrusion into the tax payers life. They, in effect, told the little girl her mother didn’t care for her. You see, liberals are sick – and have caused EVERY frikken problem there is in America today – yet it is our fault to let them get away with this crap – it is our fault.

    The “inspector” that day was inspecting ALL the lunch boxes of all the children! What an out rage! I would immediately pull my child out of that school – no matter what I had to do.

    Who does this inspector think they are? They are simply a lowly, pathetic government worker who works for “We the People” – a revolution MUST occur people – is this the type of country you want to live in?

    Guess what? IF the lunch does not meet the Federal guidelines – the school provides an alternative and the mother is fined. Sound familiar to you? Maybe the same concept as ObamaCare?

    Remember, if you don’t have health insurance then the government will provide you an alternative or – fine you? Sound familiar? This is sick! And against the intent of the great Constitution.

    Obama says he is ready for a fight? Well bring it you Marxist loser! ALL tax payers are armed and ready!

    Please join us here as an American for the Constitution and help us vote Obama out of office in 2012.

    Help us as we constantly contact our Representatives in both the House and Senate.

    Join us as we all band together and vote the pathetic loser Obama out of office.

    This guy should rot in jail for his blatant treason.

    Join us if you want the government OUT of our lives.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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    Questionman February 16, 2012

    If Obama is a totalitarian Marxist, you are Hugo Chavez’s kid sister and can pick up dog shit with your teeth while your hands are tied behind your back in your apron strings.

    It’s offical! ANyone whoi calls Obama a liar is a racist! ANd it’s true. You racists are always so quick to brand Obama a liar! Thus proving that you think All black men are liars! Because you aholes destroyed a famous saying and made it about Obama!

    Its true President Obama wasn’t properly vetted….wait, Yes he was!

    But some of the racist right hated what they found, so they resort to create the biggest lies against Obama, which are NOW debunked!

    Hard to believe that the possibility is that Anyone who calls Obama a liar is an hypocritical and/or racist who lies about this man’s religion, his birth certificate, his policies, etc. And who died and made them deciders on what’s truthful and what isn’t.

    They lied about his religion, his birth certificate, his relationship with normal people, his sexuality, etc.

    The list goes on and on, but that’s why websites like Politifact, Factcheck, TruthorFiction, etc. exist…

    What is the factual basis for suggesting that President Obama is a Marxist? I know that the conservative talking heads frequently repeat that mantra, but I have yet to hear anyone substantiate that claim with real information.

    This Republican congress, along with the far right base, is the most hateful, disrespectful, lying group of men and women in this country’s history.

    Obama isn’t out to destroy the country, get your head out of your behind!

    They are destroying this country because they hate Obama and are now playing with women’s health. Every woman and man should be deeply disturbed by what this congress has done and are doing.

    The Republican Party is not a cancer in the body of America, a party of racists and religious bigots. The President doesn’t hate this country; I believe the extremist republicans hate this country because Obama is running this country. The President doesn’t cater to one race of people; he’s in this for all races of people. See, this is just an extreme far right post, which is designed to bate racism and hatred towards the President.

    ◦You know he’s not a Socialist. ◦You know he’s not a Nazi. ◦You know he’s not a Muslim. ◦You know he’s a U.S. citizen. ◦You know there are no death panels. ◦You know the economy crashed under W. ◦You know government isn’t any bigger than it was under W. ◦You know there’s no conspiracy to turn the U.S. communist.

    But you repeat these ridiculous lies anyway, because you can’t say the real reason you hate Obama: YOU CAN’T STAND A BLACK MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE


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