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  • Ron Paul is the Only Choice

    by Founder on February 19, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Ladies and gentlemen if you want to change the government and rid Washington of the tremendous corruption that exists – then the ONLY real choice for President of the United States in 2012 is Ron Paul.

    None of the choices are perfect candidates – they all have some thing the Democrats can pick on – but we feel Ron Paul is the only choice to get America back to her greatness.

    The current nominee process is a joke – staged by the main stream idiots who will actually try and pick the candidate for you. But it is the people of this country “WE the People” who will decide the next President.

    If Hussein Obama is elected again it is just an indication that the country is filled with more stupid people than not.

    It would show that most of America is either sucking off the government through entitlements, or that most of America is now in a government union that is constantly trying to suck the tax payers dry or it shows that America is too busy glorifying actors and actresses while watching American Idol or Dancing with the Stars. Which is it” Or is it all of them?

    The liberal college indoctrinated youth of today and the millions of TV addicted morons are simply numbing their existence – as the government methodically controls every aspect of their lives without these brain dead “useful idiots” even realizing.

    Yet these are the same “useful idiots” that will defend Obama so fervently with out even knowing that he is screwing them right up the arse – at the very same time. Idiots indeed. Any of you care to comment?

    But there are millions and millions of hard working, tax payers – true America loving legal citizens – who are paying attention to the disaster that is Obama.

    These people know that we have a Marxist, America hating freak in the White House – some one who is bent on destroying our country, our economy and our very way of life – even our American traditions and culture.

    It is “We the People” who can vote in Ron Paul and it is “We the People” who MUST get this done and oust Obama from Washington forever.

    The other contenders?

    Mitt Romney – not much different than Obama. Put in Socialized Health Care in Massachusetts – thus on one of the most important issues – Health Care – he is NOT different than Obama.  Yes, he is a business guy and if he is elected it would stop the Marxism of Obama – but Washington probably would not change much – more business oriented – but still big government.

    Newt Gingrich – I feel is unelectable. He is too smug, thinks he knows every thing, took money from Freddie and Fanny – a real big government guy – which we do no need – we already have one in the White House.

    Rick Santorum – As Ron Paul has pointed out this guy’s voting record is horrendous – voting for all the bills Ron Paul voted against – they are complete opposites. He treats Paul disrespectfully in the debates – constantly shaking his against what Paul is saying. And just recently he rightly challenged Hussein Obama’s faith – then when asked about it on TV he back pedaled – a real pussy move.

    He should have said “you’re damn right I challenged his Christianity – he has none! He has some made up theology in his sick Marxist mind. What about it? If you don’t like what I say – vote for the other guy! Other wise YES I am challenging his faith and Christianity!” Done deal – that is how a real man does it. Screw the media and their pathetic liberalism AND  and political correctness. Say what you mean and mean what you say – then back it up with confidence!

    Santorum needs to grow a set of balls.

    And of course Hussein Obama – already with a proven 3 years of total disaster. He is a pathological liar and corrupt politician.

    Obama is an America hating, Muslim loving – middle class hating, illegal immigrant loving – business hating, entitlement loving – and Constitution hating, Marxist loving LOSER. The guy MUST go.

    Let’s now look at Ron Paul.

    He will return America to a Constitutional government. Ron Paul respects, upholds and protects the Constitution now and at all times throughout his 30+ year career as a Congressman.

    Spending – Cut $1 Trillion in spending the very first year in office. Eliminating 5 departments – Energy, HUD, Commerce, Interior and Education. Returning spending to 2006 levels. And abolishing the pathetic TSA.

    Entitlements - Will continue to honor seniors and veterans. Allows the states to solve their own problems – like the Constitution meant it to be.

    Cutting Government Waste – In addition to eliminating FIVE departments – he will put into effect an immediate 10% reduction in government workers, slash Congressional pay and cut lavish Congressional traveling. Paul’s salary as President will be $39,000.

    Taxes - Lower the corporate rate to 15% which will spur trillions in new investment, abolish the death tax and extend all Bush tax cuts.  Plus end taxes on personal savings – a pathetic current taxation of money already taxed.

    Military - Stop the wars. A non interventionist policy. Protect our borders. Close the hundreds of military bases we have through out the world. Bring our troops home!

    Regulations - fight to repeal ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley, – all disastrous bills filled with thousands of new government regulations – all designed to grow the already massive government – NOT help the tax payer. Also he will cancel most if not ALL of Hussein Obama’s Marxist Executive Orders.

    Monetary Policy  - full audit of the Federal Reserve – the leading entity that is destroying the American dollar and economy – all with no over sight. They are scared to death of Ron Paul – NOT the other candidates.

    America needs a balanced budget and Ron Paul is the only candidate that will give it to us.

    People, you need to wake up. The other candidates are the same old Republican/Democrat bull crap – always negotiating with each other – never seeming to have principles or to be fighting for the tax payers. We are not in the minds of our current leaders – this MUST change.

    Ron Paul is the only choice. “WE the People” are all that is in the mind of Ron Paul.

    Please join us here as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today.

    Join us if you believe in small government, less taxes, more personal freedom, states rights, less government intrusion and a return to the Capitalism, innovation and entrepreneurship that has made American great.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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    Questionman February 19, 2012

    Can you see into the future? NO! So shut the hell up, you ignorant ass. No one is voting for the party of crazy racists, bigots, extremist idiots! Why don’t you go make excuses for why is President Obama’s approval ratings are high?

    A Marxist? Jesus. You’re as big an idiot as the culture war freaks.

    Remember, you can’t culture war without ‘cult’.

    What is the factual basis for suggesting that President Obama is a Marxist? I know that the conservative talking heads frequently repeat that mantra, but I have yet to hear anyone substantiate that claim with real information. Ironically, I’ve never mentioned to anyone that I am friends with ACTUAL Marxists, and they KNOW for a fact Obama’s not a Marxist.

    Bottom Line…Anyone who calls Obama a Marxist is a racist. Because Marxist is a substitute of the other word…

    Ron Paul is a hate filled racist that has no place in US politics.

    Ron Paul voted AGAINST the MLK Holiday.

    Ron Paul voted AGAINST awarding Rosa Parks the Congressional Medal of Freedom.

    Ron Paul said he would have voted AGAINST the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    Paul has a 30 year history of pandering to the KKK and White Power Movement.

    You can make all the LAME excuses for White Supremacist Ron Paul you want. His actions speak louder than words

    -FACT: Ron Paul’s presidential campaign issued a flyer that boasted about the candidate’s efforts to introduce legislation that would remove challenges to the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act from the federal court system.

    -FACT: Ron Paul’s Iowa state director is Mike Heath, a long-term Christian-right activist who formerly served as the board chairman of an SPLC-certified anti-gay hate group known as “Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.”

    -FACT: Ron Paul has a long history of racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic comments.

    -FACT: As state above, Ron Paul supports the so-called “states’ rights” approach to marriage, but interestingly, only for LGBT couples.

    -FACT: Ron Paul said, “If I were in Congress in 1996, I would have voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, which used Congress’ constitutional authority to define what official state documents other states have to recognize under the Full Faith and Credit Clause, to ensure that no state would be forced to recognize a same-sex marriage license issued in another state.”

    -FACT: Ron Paul opposes the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would prohibit discrimination against employees on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity by civilian, nonreligious employers.


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