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  • Obama Apologizes Again!

    by Founder on February 24, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Well he’s done it again. Our President has apologized to the Muslims AFTER they kill some of our troops!

    Obama proves over and over again, that he is the scum of the earth and clearly the worst President in American history.

    Instead of the United States apologizing to the radical Muslims – it is the sick radical Muslims who should be apologizing to us! They killed our people! Yet Obama apologizes to them!

    It is clear where Obama stands and it is clear how much he values the Quran.

    You must remember Obama is DEFINITELY NOT a Christian – this is obvious – even though he puts up a front that he is – I just wish he had the balls to come out and say that he is a devout Muslim, what he truly believes  – but, alas, he is afraid.

    Obama’s apology to the radical Muslims is a total outrage and once again shows Obama’s hatred towards America and all the greatness she stands for.

    I don’t care what color this guy is – red, white, blue, orange, green, black or blue – his policies suck and  it is clear he is against America and the tax payers. If you don’t see this you are either blind, ignorant or your head is so far up Obama’s ass you can’t see and comprehend the realities of what is occurring.

    Obama is apologizing for the burning of the Koran by a military personnel – what about when they burn our bibles? Is there an apology from these America hating countries? The answer is “no” there is not – and in my opinion, nor should there be – if this is how they feel than so be it!

    If someone in some other country is burning a bible? – I could care less! People need to get on with their lives. Get a life!

    Stop paying attention to these uneducated neanderthals – let them kill themselves all they want – let them burn all the books they want – we just need to guard our own borders and have the strongest, most capable military in the world – hands down!

    We are paying too much attention to these people – our government should mind its own business.

    I say burn all the Qurans you want – who cares? Screw the radical Muslims – they killed 3000+ of our troops on 9/11 and they would kill more if they could – count on it.

    It is clear Obama is a Muslim. He can’t prove his birth here and he is sympathetic to anything and every thing the Muslims do. It is so obvious – but the liberal Obama loving media all act like robots and just say what the Dictator White House wants them to say.

    “I extend to you and the Afghan people my sincere apologies” – this is what this anti America moron said! It is outrageous!

    He further says “The error was inadvertent, I assure you we will take the appropriate steps to avoid any recurrence,  to include holding  accountable those responsible”. Another total out rage!

    So Obama, are you to also hold accountable those that KILLED two American military personnel? Or are you just worried about who burned their book?

    Can Obama expose himself any more?

    Isn’t this treasonous? Shouldn’t this anti American loser be thrown in jail? The answer is “yes” – but no one has the balls to do it.

    What kind of freaks are these radical Muslims that they would kill – over the burning of a BOOK? The problem is they have no lives.

    All they do is fight, protest, engage in wars and figure out how to kill as many Americans as they can – and what does Obama do? He kisses their ass.

    Very sick – very treasonous and very anti American.

    To paraphrase what Gingrich said recently, “if you are an American enemy – then Obama loves you. If you are an American friend – then Obama will ignore you and make policies against you”.

    It is time people, this November – “We the People” MUST band together and vote Obama out of office for good.

    I see a trick in the Republican pocket – it is possible that if Romney gets the nomination – he may ask Rand Paul to be his VP – if this happens Obama is done!

    “We the People” will then have all the votes for Romney as well as the votes for and wisdom of a Ron Paul. I say THIS is the winning ticket.

    But Obama will no doubt, put up a good fight. He will use all the money he possibly can – both tax payer money and money he raises from the rich people he hates – and he will run the most negative campaign in history – mark my words. He knows no other way.

    Obama certainly cannot boast of his record – because he has been an utter disaster in EVERY aspect of his Presidency. He can’t debate with out his stupid teleprompter – so he is done in the debates – he has no policies other than those of Socialism and Marxism – only problem is – now the people know.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us oust this anti America loser from the White House!

    Join us if you are AGAINST Obama and all his anti American policies.

    Join us if you are sick and tired of his ridiculous apologies – one was too many – and now he has done it several times.

    Join the 40,000+ members who are done with Obama and want to take back our government – once again having a prosperous and thriving America.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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    Quewstionman March 8, 2012

    NO! The only thing you proved is that not only are you a disgusting racist indiviual, you are a disgusting disgrace of a human being!

    Republicans refuse to work with the President out of sheer hatred. It doesn’t matter what President Obama tries to do, Republicans will always oppose him and are willing to destroy the country to get their way. And since President Obama supports everything that has made America great, Republicans will only seek to wipe out all of those things and have admitted as such. That is not true leadership. It’s treason. But according to racists like “Americans For The Constitution” a website run by a fake patriot/real racist scumbag!

    Fox has them so crazy that they believe that Obama WANTS high gas prices. They want people to believe not only that Obama has different views than them, but that he HATES AMERICA. It’s quite disgusting, but those who lay down with dogs end up with fleas. The Republican party is destroying its relationship with women, people of color, and the sane. There are those who fear the demographic changes of America, and need this kind of rhetoric, but most of America is moving on. The GOP will learn this in the Great Obama Landslide of 2012.

    He’s not a communist, nor a marxist, nor a socialist, he’s a liberal. If you don’t like Liberal, no need to go any further. Good enough. However we don’t live in that kind of political world anymore here in the US, our opponents have to be more then wrong…..

    Republicans say he is muslim to gain support and turn Christians against him. He is more of a Christian than they will ever be. In time, you too will see that you are being fooled and I pray that God wil step in and wipe out the fake christians

    Thanks for proving my point! NO the REAL facts are that YOU are a racist, and no matter what crap you pull, THAT is a fact! Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is a racist!

    When you call the Commander-in-Chief a ‘terrorist’ then you have crossed a clear and unambiguous line of military behavior and conduct: namely, such an action constitutes an attack on the military chain of command. As such, it has a direct and negative impact on military readiness.
    You are a pathetic disgrace to American, you war-mongering racist!


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