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  • America is Under Attack!

    by Founder on March 2, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Wake up American people!

    If you were born here, if you grew up here and you love this country – then you must see that our country has been taken over by this thing called Obama.

    There is a terrorist in the White House and he is destroying our great country! What are we going to do about it?

    Whether it is really the world powers who are orchestrating the entire event or not – it is clear that the America has been taken over and is continuing to be taken over by a group that wants TOTAL control and the destruction of the middle class – all that it represents – and all that is America.

    Look at two events that recently happened.

    Andrew Breitbart is dead. How did he die? They say he was walking and collapsed. They could then NOT revive him. Why did he die? The results may be out soon. But can the “published” results be trusted?

    Breitbart was to release damaging videos against Obama on the very day he died! Coincidence or assassination?

    He had the videos and his family may still have the videos – and even Drudge may still have videos – all of Obama in college when he was speaking about what he really believes in.

    These videos, if understood by the general public – the tax payers, and actually shown by the main stream media – would have and may STILL – DESTROY Obama’s presidential bid!

    These videos would have and still may prove inconclusively that Obama HATES America – and that he is for the type of society that muzzles free speech, has total control over every aspect of your life and that eerily resembles Marxism – at it’s worst!

    These videos would have shown Obama in action – telling of his hatred of America.

    Please RELEASE these videos – sink Obama and show America who this guy actually is. I know who he is – but the masses do not! Show these videos now!

    Then we look at another incident that happened today – the press conference of Joe Arpaio – which was an official law enforcement investigation into the birth place of Obama – and whether he was born in America or NOT!

    The 6 month investigation indisputably proved that the “birth certificate” Obama produced and showed to America – in answer to the pressure by Donald Trump – was with out a doubt a FORGERY! A complete fabrication! Therefore – against the Constitution!

    This America hating Muslim is NOT eligible to be President of the United States!

    Where is the media covering these two events?

    Shouldn’t the media be all over this? Our country is attacked and hijacked from within and the media does not care?

    What has happened to this country? Is our America gone forever?

    Breitbart has info that proves Obama is a Marxist pig that hates America and he is now dead at 43 years old. Gee, wonder how this happened, hey Obama? Sure was awful young to die….hmmmmmmmm.

    Then, Mr. Obummer, we have the, now official, proof that you are NOT an American – and that EVERYTHING you have done is null and void – no good!

    Therefore, you MUST be thrown in jail for treason and false representation!

    The true story is starting to unravel for Obama – and those pursuing the truth are REAL Americans. Obama – you have no chance!

    The people of this great country will not allow you to perpetrate this unbelievable fraud against the American people and every true American that has ever lived.

    We must all realize that Obama will do anything he has to to stay in power.  he has no life out side of the government – he would crumble.

    Maybe it is the world powers that are running the show and Obama is a fool puppet – I don’t know for sure – but either way – our great Constitution has been tossed aside and this Obama dude is running the place as a DICTATOR – with no answer to anyone and no regard for the Constitution.

    Yes people, America is under attack – from within.

    Can’t you tell yet? America is under attack. We have a President that has done everything he could to destroy our economy.

    We have a President that loves America’s enemies and hates America’s allies. Yet this guy was voted in as President! We cannot let him have another term.

    Wake up people! Get out to vote! Vote AGAINST Obama!

    Breitbart DIED because of his love for America – so we MUST honor him and continue the fight for our country’s Constitution, greatness, history, economy and future existence – we MUST fight back!

    Please join us as an American for the Constitution and stand against all that is Obama .

    Join us in the fight to rid this FRAUD from office!

    Join us as we desperately fight for our America.

    Join us as we fight for the Constition, our freedoms, our liberties and our future.

    God bless America.

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    Questionman March 8, 2012

    Yes I remember, obviously you don’t! we ought to treat the duly elected President of the United States of America with proper respect. That’s what I teach my children to do. I don’t teach them to be disrespectual racist such as you!

    TEA party Americans believe the last administration was guilty of out of control spending, starting unnecessary wars and creating Welfare Part D without paying for it. Yet we can still show respect for President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney and their lovely wives and beloved families.

    Republicans refuse to work with the President out of sheer hatred. It doesn’t matter what President Obama tries to do, Republicans will always oppose him and are willing to destroy the country to get their way. And since President Obama supports everything that has made America great, Republicans will only seek to wipe out all of those things and have admitted as such. That is not true leadership. It’s treason. But according to racists like “Americans For The Constitution” a website run by a fake patriot/real racist scumbag!

    Fox has them so crazy that they believe that Obama WANTS high gas prices. They want people to believe not only that Obama has different views than them, but that he HATES AMERICA. It’s quite disgusting, but those who lay down with dogs end up with fleas. The Republican party is destroying its relationship with women, people of color, and the sane. There are those who fear the demographic changes of America, and need this kind of rhetoric, but most of America is moving on. The GOP will learn this in the Great Obama Landslide of 2012.

    He’s not a communist, nor a marxist, nor a socialist, he’s a liberal. If you don’t like Liberal, no need to go any further. Good enough. However we don’t live in that kind of political world anymore here in the US, our opponents have to be more then wrong…..

    Republicans say he is muslim to gain support and turn Christians against him. He is more of a Christian than they will ever be. In time, you too will see that you are being fooled and I pray that God wil step in and wipe out the fake christians


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