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  • USA, USA, USA!

    by Founder on March 7, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    That’s right USA! The United States of America.

    This is the country we are in.

    This is the country we love.

    This is the country we support.

    Yet the liberals are trying to destroy our culture, our pride and our patriotic feeling towards our great country.

    Yesterday in Texas, two basketball teams were playing each other in the San Antonio area. After the game one of the teams started chanting “USA, USA, USA”!

    And the other team, apparently made up of mostly if not all Hispanics, got “offended” by this “racist” attack!

    Tell me you are kidding. Tell me this did not happen in my great country.

    What is happening people? What are we allowing these liberals to do to us? This is pathetic!

    What should have happened is the other team should have joined in for the chant – “USA, USA, USA”!

    Not to be offended by it – but to embrace it for what it is! You are living in the greatest country in the world! You come to America – you are to embrace the American culture – NOT push it away!

    If you don’t like the American culture – then get the heck out! You are not welcome here. America welcomes those that can learn English, learn our way of life and love the country they are living in! Not try to destroy it!

    If you don’t like it here, go to where you do like it! Do not attempt to change our America.

    America welcomes immigrants from all over the world – LEGAL immigrants = people who come here to love this country, learn the language, get a job and pursue the American dream.

    We do NOT welcome illegal immigrants who leech off the tax payers every day.

    We do not welcome those that hate America and want to change it.

    I ask you, what other country in the world would NOT allow chants of their own country name? The answer is NO OTHER COUNTRY.

    The one thing other countries have that America does not – us a “culture”. America’s culture is being destroyed by the sick liberals and all the losers who get “offended” at whatever is said to them.

    It is very sad.

    The young and even those up to their 50′s have very little self esteem. This is the problem. They let “words” by others effect how they think about them selves. This is very weak and shows very little, if any, concept of “self”.

    Everyone gets a trophy now, right?  No matter if they win or not. All a bunch of sissies – not letting the real winners shine because of their efforts but instead stifling the real winners so that everyone can be the same. Just what Obama wants.

    And because of this overly protective attitude and the babying of kids and everyone – now everyone is way overly sensitive to anything and everything. They have lost their self.

    All of America should get up and chant “USA, USA, USA”! All of us together. But this will unfortunately not happen.

    We have a President who is a divider of people – through race, income, religion and social beliefs. Obama is a disease to the American culture – he is a poison to our future.

    This story in Texas is a microcosm of all that is happening in our society today.

    America is losing it’s Patriotism – but only because “We the People” are getting more and more diluted – by those that hate America, by illegal immigrants pouring into this country, who could care less about our country, and by politicians in power who have a true agenda AGAINST our great country.

    All of this is severely diluting our great Patriotism.

    This is still America and no one, yes NO ONE should ever be ashamed to chant “USA”. And to call the chant racist is a sick liberal ploy. This is all they have – they are pathetic scum and, in my perfect world, they would all be thrown in jail for treason.

    They can sit right next to Obama.

    Please join us here as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Join us in support of the “USA” chant and join us in support of our great Constitution.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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