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  • Impeachment of Obama

    by Founder on March 14, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Based on all the corruption, lies and deception by Obama – and his blatant disregard for our great Constitution – I firmly believe this anti-American loser should be impeached and impeached NOW!

    Rep. Walter B Jones Jr. of North Carolina has introduced a bill into Congress to do just that – Impeach Obama.

    Thank god we have some common sense representatives in Congress as well as those who actually love America and protect our Constitution.

    Because of Obama’s use of military force without the authorization of Congress – this President should be impeached – and the sooner the better for our great country.

    Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution states that Congress, and Congress alone, has the power to declare war – not some wannabe dictator.

    Obama sent our troops into Lybya WITHOUT Congressional approval – one of his many acts of Treason – and this is clearly grounds for his impeachment.

    This bill is also in response to comments from the pathetic anti-American Leon Panetta – who stated he does NOT need Congressional approval to declare war – he claims he only needs the approval of NATO and the United Nations! What?

    The approval of non American entities? This guy is delusional and clearly insane.

    That’s right Leon Panetta should be thrown in jail for this statement – yet no one in the media seems to even care – they are too busy talking about abortion and the loser Fluke that the White House has unleashed upon the American people.

    These actions clearly violate the Constitution and are therefore impeachable offenses.

    Obama and Panetta should share a dark dingy cell together and then – rot in hell – for their willful destruction of the American dream and our great Constitution.

    With all the anti-American actions Obama takes and his blatant disregard for both the American people and our great Constitution – I believe he will clearly lose in a LANDSLIDE against whoever is running against him.

    It is vital that “We the People” stand tall and together against the freak Muslim Obama.

    No one even knows if this freak is an American citizen. No one knows anything about his back ground – he and his people have destroyed any and all paperwork from his past – now why would this be?

    There is clearly a fraud being committed – the greatest fraud ever committed against America and her people. And Obama is doing everything he can to hide this fact.

    Obama and his supporters think they are the elite class. Just last night he went to a NCAA basketball game with the UK Prime Minister – and the bill was $365,000 to the American tax payer! What?

    Yes, while all of America suffers with a terrible economy, high gas prices and plunging mortgage values, Obama and his pathetic wife spend money like it grows on trees.

    Obama thinks the US Treasury is his own personal piggy bank. This elitism must be punished and the people will rise up in November of 2012 and vote this loser out!

    Anybody would be better than Obama – anybody!

    Any person who actually loves America would be a far better representative of the people than the Marxist Obama.

    The Obama regime is governing AGAINST the will of the people at every turn.

    Look at his ridiculous ObamaCare. He claimed it would cost $900 Billion over 10 years and the CBO just came out to say that it will instead cost $1.76 Trillion! Almost double!

    Plus you will not be able to keep your doctor as all private insurance plans will cease to exist because of this government monstrosity.

    Obama is FOR anything AGAINST America. He is FOR illegal immigrants. He is FOR the Muslims. He is AGAINST our allies and he is AGAINST our Constitution.

    Please join us here and join the 30,000+ members who are against all that is Obama.

    Look at the type of people who are FOR Obama. They are angry, anti-American government leeches who don’t want to do shit – all they want to do is suck off the government at the expense of the tax payers.

    Look at the businessmen and women of this country – look at our entrepreneurs – do you think they want Obama again? Hell no!

    Anyone with common sense and who is knowledgeable about our history is AGAINST everything that is Obama.

    Please join us and help us vote Obama out of office. Call your representatives and express your support for the impeachment of this anti-American loser.

    Obama must and should be IMPEACHED NOW!

    Please join us and make your voice heard today!

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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    george October 31, 2013

    Impeach the habitual liar now


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