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  • Obama Wants a Race War

    by Founder on April 10, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    This guy wants a race war – it is so obvious.

    This is the only way he thinks he can win re-election.

    Obama cannot run on his “accomplishments” because he has none – other than the attempted destruction of the American economy.

    This loser is clearly a Muslim fraud. He was NOT born in America and everyone knows it – but for some reason the MSM is ignoring these facts.

    Joe Arpaio has clearly proved that his birth certificate is a fraud, and that all of Obama’s records have been destroyed – yet the pathetic MSM is involved in this massive coverup.

    Obama is a spineless, racist coward. He is afraid of the American people and hides behind his power in the US government. He is a weak racist who has never done a days work in his life – yet actual Americans will vote for this person? How can this be?

    I believe Obama will lose in a tremendous landslide as the true American TAX PAYERS will rise up and vote this scum out of office.

    The MSM tries to get the people of America to believe that the country is FOR Obama when in reality, it is a very small percentage of the population that is for this man and will actually vote for him.

    So who will vote for Obama again? The union thugs. The pathetic racist Black Panthers. The government leeches who don’t want to work. The uneducated fools who believe what he is telling them. And all the blacks who vote for Obama just because he is black.

    Why do you think Obama is siding with this Trayvon thug? He said “if he had a son, it would look like Trayvon”! Yeah, he is probably right – gold teeth, baggie pants, pot smoker, thief, burglar, thug, hoodie wearing, violent loser looking for trouble. Should the guy who shot and killed him be charged? Probably yes, but we cannot know this until we know ALL of the facts – too bad the media doesn’t wait to judge as well.

    Obama is desperately trying to divide this country by race and class – it is the story line of his heroes Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright and Francis Piven – all of them LOSERS that hate America.

    Obama has no other chance – the ONLY way he can get re-elected is to rely on racism and the stupidity of the voters.

    He must rely on the fact that the voters are too busy watching American Idol, the Biggest Loser and all the other crap that is being shown on the MSM.

    Obama allows the fraud to go on unabated. Look at his racist loser friends/donors like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Spike Lee – they blatantly manipulate the news and videos of the Trayvon incident to spark a race war – and the idiotic media goes right along with it without any regard for the truth.

    Obama seizes o this incident of a black being killed by a half Hispanic half white yet does and says NOTHING when there are thousands of black on black killings going on and the scores of other white killings by blacks – these are all ignored by our racist in chief – very sickening indeed.

    Look at the random interviews of the people on the street – they are all mindless idiots – they know nothing about politics, American history or how our government is run. They are too stupid to care – yet soon they will realize just how stupid they were – by not paying attention to what was happening right in front of their eyes.

    Obama hates America – this is so obvious.

    Where were all the America haters before Obama came along? They were there but were afraid to come out in the open – now that Obama is leading the way towards hate – they are more than happy to come out in the open – but they are in the minority – Obama supporters are NOT in the majority – the MSM only tries to make you think so.

    Obama is a spineless, racist coward.

    Obama uses his power as President to attack religion, the middle class, and now the Supreme Court.

    His pathetic ObamaCare will be declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL and he will use this decision to pit the liberal losers of this country against those who actually work for a living, pay taxes and love this country.

    Obama is an an unconstitutional, weak fraud. If the media actually acted as journalists then Obama would have been impeached long ago and this country would be on its way back to full strength.

    But instead the MSM and all the MSM pundits are up his ass thinking they will benefit in some way from this fraud – but in reality Obama could care less about them and will dispose of them when he is ready.

    Obama is a pathological liar as he lies directly to the American people EVERYDAY!

    Just as he let slip to the Russians the other day – he will have “more flexibility” after his supposed re-election – because at that point he won’t give a shit about what the American people think. He will be able to be the Marxist dictator he has always dreamed of being and will do all he can to wipe out our great Constitution and our great system of Capitalism.

    Obama MUST be defeated and MUST be thrown in jail to rot until he turns to dust – after all he is an atheist – he doesn’t believe in God – just his radical and hateful Allah, right Obummer?

    Will the American people stand for another term of Obama? Will the American people storm the White House and throw this asshole out into the streets? Just how much will the true Americans be able to take?

    Will Obama declare Martial Law before the elections? Will Obama rig the elections? Will Obama have the tanks rolling in the streets before the election? Will the media still support him while all this is going on?

    The MSM are what we call USEFUL IDIOTS. Obama needs these idiots to perpetuate his plan. These “journalists” are way too stupid to understand who they are supporting. They view it as a fun game – only to hate the true American loving middle class – but one day soon – they will realize they have been making a grave mistake – only then it will be too late – for all of us.

    Please join us here are Americans for the Constitution and help us rid Obama from office.

    Help us rid Washington of the America hating, racist politicians who some how got elected into office as the American people were too trusting and sleeping at the wheel.

    Please help us as we contact Washington daily to show our disapproval at what this spineless, racist fraud is doing.

    Wake up America! Wake up media – you morons! Look at what this fraud is doing to our great country!

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join the 40,000+ other members who stand FOR our great Constitution.

    Join us and make your voice heard today! Now!

    God bless America and the brave soldiers – whom Obama is using as pawns to spread his hate.

    Join us today!

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    Questionman April 2, 2012

    How “Patriots” can’t stand Black people in the White House

    Remind Me again, how I am the racist?

    where I live, the majority is Republican, and very un educated, simple folk. I am a registered as an Independent. I go for the candidate, not the party. I am going to share with you something that many Independents as myself feel. What made most of us vote for Obama last election and probably what will make us do it again is that right wingers are a turn off, your candidates, so far are a joke(don’t get me started with last election, I was ready to cast my vote for Mccain until he chose Palin the genius-gawd-) Republicans are not winning any votes if you keep calling Obama a Marxist (ridiculous), blaming him completely for the economic meltdown he inherited from the previous administration (yes, indeed), and questioning his birth certificate (stupid). Makes u all sound like hicks.

    In fact, …calling center-right Obama an extreme leftist/communist/Marxist is pretty outrageous. Not to mention

    Yes, he is. He was born in Hawai’i to an American citizen. Whether you like that or not, it makes him as American as Mom’s Apple Pie.

    Disagreeing doesn’t make you a racist, calling the president the N-word makes you racist…

    And obviously you have no idea what “socialist”0r “communist” mean. You guys need a dictionary and a new line of attack because neither of those apply even the slightest bit. Isn’t it weird and sad that the exact party that unites Racist, bigots, extremists, homophobic, etc. Any group that hates people who aren’t White or Christian calls Obama the “Great Divider”? Disgusting!

    Obama actually helped out more Americans than Bush, can you give a good reason for impeachment? Presidents are NOT supreme overlords! How is our country more at risk when Obama took out many terrorist leaders and helps overthrow some selfish leaders? Our country has the most powerful military and friends in the world, it would take Russia and China together to even pose a real threat.

    There is no impeachable offense. Besides, if GWB can lie to Congress about wmds to start a war and avoid impeachment as a war criminal Obama at least doesn’t have that kind of blood on his hands. Hell, check this out:

    Everyday I keep saying the truth. That these racist losers hate having black people in the White House and EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. DAY I am proven right!

    “in order to serve the judges own considered estimates of the vital needs of contemporary society when the elected political branches…” fail to meet them. What do the other branches do? Make laws and execute laws. So, if the court is doing something in lieu of the legislature doing it, they are, effectively, “making law.”

    President Obama did not “pre emptively slam” the Supreme Court “as a bunch of ‘unelected group of people’”
    Even by the recent standards of knee jerk pro-conservative bias and trying to rile right wingers, that is a shamefully hyper partisan reading of carefully calibrated remarks.

    He’s hardly the first president of recent times to have said that about the Supreme Court overturning congressional law

    I’m sick of these racist claiming the American People are against Obama, last I checked, The racist right NEVER spoke for America, neither do the democrats.

    As far as the supposed lack of “support of a majority of the American public”–Obama openly ran on a platform of universal health insurance, as did the Democratic Congress. They were elected on that platform and they kept their promise. That is they way the Constitution envisages the will of the people being represented.

    Right before our eyes, American conservatism is becoming something very different from what it once was. Yet this transformation is happening by stealth because moderates are too afraid to acknowledge what all their senses tell them. But I see through it.

    The facts are the Conservative party are racists, bigots, extremist and hateful people.

    Barack Obama doesn’t deserve re-election. Not because he’s the “socialist” that the Republican Tea Party traitors claim that he is, but because he isn’t, he’s a black president in a STILL racist countries. Random comments from the usual cesspool of right-wing racism is the proof. Why don’t you come out, admit your racism (it’s obvious), and stop with the name calling?

    Republicans could use Barack Obama’s election as the first black president as evidence of racism’s demise, except that they can’t acknowledge that he’s an American. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, who enjoyed a moment in the sun as the Republican frontrunner, even calls Obama the “food-stamp president” and recently accused the Commander-in-Chief of exhibiting “Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior.”

    I was right. The racist right can’t stand black people in the White House. Black people make them sick.They also hate Obama because he hates America and is destroying it which is code for ‘I’m angry that black man is in the White House and now I’m going to make up some reasons why so I won’t sound racist’. Yep, that’s right…

    President Obama isn’t a Muslim. If you are looking for a religious definition, think of him instead as a Jew because his deeds matter more than his rhetoric.


    1776blues April 10, 2012

    Rich leftist and rich homosexual Jews poured millions into his 2008 campaign. A Chicago paper called Obama America’s first Jewish President. And make no mistake no matter what you hear about Jews complaining he is not supporting them enough, these same donors and supporters will back him again. We must not forget the whites who voted for him because they did not want to be called a racist.

    Not only should we follow the money we should also follow who stands to gain. The three largest religions with two being put pitted against each other with the goal to destroy each other.

    He was put into office by the powers that be for a couple main reasons, which are; to divide the nation and to stifle dissent. In the end only one group will remain supreme, the rest of us, white, black, brown, yellow, etc…. will be dead or slaves. Oh wait, were are already economical slaves.

    Trivia time; The NAACP was established in 1909 and the first black president of the NAACP was installed in 1979. Prior to that Jews held the position.

    @Quewstionman – What 3-5 Judges have deemed forced healthcare constitutional? What right racist do you speak of? Are all people on the right white? Do whites only dislike Obama’s Arab and black part. Why don’t black dislike him for being mostly white? Are there blacks on the right? Again, he was put into office to achieve exactly what you are spewing. The moment anyone criticizes his policies people like you call names.

    Last but not least, our presidents and congress are puppets who do not serve the people, they serve the money changers. People who demand others to pay for their benefits are socialist and or communists. The Insurance companies, big pharma, and major hospitals are making more money, which was the goal when they wrote Obama care. Just like Cheney’s meeting with the energy companies behind closed doors, Obama did the same with the health care industry. Prices have gone up already yet this doesn’t take effect until 2014 that is if it survives the Supreme court ruling. Judging from the question and answers I’ve heard, the law will be struck down.


    Ten Megaton April 11, 2012

    I’d argue with you, but I am growing tired of you morons. I will deal with your kind when the SHTF.


    Quewstionman April 4, 2012

    Why do the racist right think they are experts on American History? They aren’t just because they rant about the Constitution, doesn’t mean they understand the laws obviously. Like take “Obamacare” for example. The racist right have forgotten that at least 3-5 judges have deemed it Constitutional, but not a peep from history-challenged losers like Sean Insanity.

    What makes they think that because he is not the president you want, he is failing. Haven’t they ever heard that one mans meat is another mans poison. With the hate the cons have for him, don’t they think that they would be biased as hell? Lies have to have creditably to be believed, a concept that a con finds completely incomprehensible. The cons with their continuous he’s a failure s–t are really starting to sound stupid. Their problem is that Obama fails to be a white con, and that is a failure only in their deluded mind.

    Yet they have REFUSED to hear any of these eligibilty cases. It would only take four for the case to be heard. Why because in their mind there is NO CONTROVERSY. Their definition of a natural born citizen is anyone born in the United States is a NBC period regardless of the citizenship of the parents unless the parent are foreign diplomats. You can all beleive what you want but unless the US Supreme Courts changes its position you are just spitting into the wind.

    You can all howl at the moon all you want the U.S. Supreme Court will never rule the president ineligible and NO STATE IN THE US WILL TAKE HIM OFF THE 2012 BALLOT. If you want him out you will have to vote for Romney and possibly Sen. Rubio.

    so tell me again, how does reducing taxes, balance the budget? Cause then revenue is even less for the government. Ryans plan adds even more to the deficit than obama… Ryan adds 3 trillion.

    Obama does not meet the rigid definition of ‘communist’ that you are using. Communist carries a negative connotation in America since the red scare.
    No, he’s not a true communist, Then, if by chance, Romney gets elected, they’ll see in 3 years how his policies are virtually the same as Obama’s, because Romney is at heart a moderate and so is Obama (all these fools who call him an extreme liberal, socialist, Marxist, etc. are shills for the extreme right- the Socialist Party of America has plenty to say about how Obama is definitely not a Socialist- they’re as unhappy with him as the Ex-Conservs are).

    By any reasonable and intelligent measure, his predecessor (George Bush) who took us to war with failed intelligence, destroyed the economy and sanctioned torture was MUCH more divisive. Not Obama.

    Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim! He IS a Christian. A REAL Christian follows the Ten Commandments. One should rule is “Love Thy neighbor” and Obama has followed that rule to a T.

    The idea that Barack Obama hates America is partly because he’s a Democrat, and partly because he’s black, and because the patriotism of African-Americans has long been doubted by some on the right. And it’s still is, when in fact it;s the other way around!

    what is wrong with America is that a These haters would call the commander in chief a “domestic enemy” on a social network site. Is that Patritoic? to call the commander in chief a domestic enemy? No. it is out of line and insubordinate.These people are really sick, it’s gotten worse. Seek help.

    The right-wing’s hate mongering of President Obama’s religion, race and political philosophy has grown to a fever pitch, and is now evidenced in a series of racist righty website such as this (Not MY website).

    NO AMERICAN GROUP has slammed the President of the United States with as many lies and traitorous hate propaganda as the Rightwing Republicans before President Obama came to office.

    Before anyone cries “Bush” Leftwing attacked Bush so its ok for Frightwingers to attack Obama – let me remind them that the Leftwing attacked Bush with FACTS opposed to the Frightwingers who are attacking President Obama with madeup, traitorous hate propaganda that has divided this country.

    They have proven me right, again. They are NOT Patriots, They are Racists that hates having black people in the White House. That is a fact!


    george wells April 10, 2012

    You are not making any sense.
    In white countries only:
    Is massive immigration not happening?
    Is integration not forced?
    Is tolerance not forced?
    Is not assimilation happening? Increasingly higher rate?
    Is not the end result the extinction of the white race?

    How is this not white genocide?

    Racism has nothing to do with this, only anti-racism. So much anti-racism, so little racism.

    I would say no racism, but then anti-racists have never defined racism well enough to really know what they mean when they use the word racist.


    Bill April 10, 2012

    The Potus ( Joker Tut ) will get his just rewards, and who knows, he just might choke on a chicken bone which I pray for.


    Nam Marine April 10, 2012

    GOOD ! It was bound to happen eventually anyway!
    They are 13% of the population, shouldn’t take too long to extinguish the threat!


    Nam Marine April 10, 2012

    Sorry Mr. Ross, but this Country is due to lose! We as a Nation, have kicked God under the bus and there will be retribution for our sins! Amerika, and England will be brought down. Try reading “Revelation”.


    Yoda April 10, 2012

    Kudos Americans for the Constitution. Excellent expose.

    Our great leader President Obama has facilitated the Muslim Brotherhood control of Libya and Egypt.

    The MB is on-a-roll throughout North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

    The Arab Spring has sprung and a communist revolution is coming to a neighborhood near you.

    With the communist revolution comes a race war and Burka’s R US stores in a Sharia mall near you too.

    Right on Americans For the Constitution. – WRITE ON!


    P.S.: “May you live in interesting times.” Ancient Chinese curse.


    Jean Rabel April 10, 2012

    Great article, but I’m sorry to inform you that he will get re-elected again. Reason being because it’s all prophecy everything have to take its course. Yes, we know the guy is a fraud. If for a minute you think this is not part of a bigger picture for the destruction of human life; than your are mistaken him for a saint. At the end of the day, the American people gets f*cked and Republicans and Democrats go drink together. WAKE UP AMERICA YOU’VE BEEN PUNKED…


    Robert April 11, 2012

    Obama is God’s “Revenge Of The Unborn” upon mass-murdering America. There is NO political solution to our predicament. Only a national acknowledgment of our terrible sin in the eyes of God and a deep repentance with prayer and fasting. The odds of that happening? Zilch.


    wisefool April 10, 2012

    He does have a chance, a very good one. In fact I personally believe he will go for a second term. This however ISN’T because of popular vote. I’m with you on the idea that if it was by popular vote, he’d be lucky to get even 10%. I literally know ONE individual that has something good to day about Obummer, and he’s a died in the wool demoncrat ex-union guy, just as you said. I really hate to admit it, but our votes DO NOT COUNT. The wealthy of the world scratch each others backs, and no way is anyone who actually had our interest and America’s interest in mind EVER make it into a power role at this point. The scum is too intertwined. It has to be killed at the root. No man can undo this evil.


    kenrossisgenius April 10, 2012

    You truly are the most horrific spewer of false propaganda I have ever come across. This site claims it is for America, for its Constitution… well I see nothing to support that cause. All I see on this site is Obama trashing. It is fine to speak your opinions and I respect your opinion no matter who crazy and full of lies I may believe it is. But the fact that you claim you are for American tradition, and claim this is how America should be ran kind of pisses me off. This is not a “for the constitution” website, lets be honest here, this is an Obama trashing website, designed to pick apart every little thing that Obama does and trashing him to make him appear as the worst president ever. He may not be that great of a president, but he sure as hell is not trying to create a racial war?? I have no idea where you are getting these accusations. You did not give one piece of valid information of how he is wanting a war… other than its obvious and the only way he can win the election. Wait a minute… how do you win an election by creating a war. I’m sorry, I hate to make this accusation, but based on your lack of information and evidence, and all your key points in you article seem to be complete hate messages, Obama isn’t creating a divide, you are. You are creating the divide with your wild and unproven accusations. I’m sorry your extremely poor writing skills probably got you laid off of your journalism job at some newspaper, but its no reason to go about accusing our president of such horrible things. I guarantee if Obama was white AND republican, you would be in love with the man. But your republican head is so far up your ass you can’t even see the light of day. The best government is the perfect blend of Right and Left. Now most of you probably will accuse me of being Liberal, and I will admit I am somewhat more on the Left than Right, but that was not always so. Still I would never vote Democrat only because i’m Democrat. I vote for the best candidate, and right now, base on TRUE facts I believe Obama is the better candidate right now. I want you to go home and read how crazy you sound in all of your posts. Honestly they are so far Right sided I nearly vomited reading this article. Please if you were to write a more thought through, not written through hatred, and based and PROVEN facts, I would gladly read your posts and respect your opinion without calling you out like I am right now. But honestly, get it together man, stop this spamming hatred of Obama, he isn’t creating the rift, you are.


    stevesmitty79 April 11, 2012

    You’re blind and stupid. Tell me ONE campaign promise Obama has fulfilled and I’ll give you ten he did NOT. He’s covered up his tracks, not allowing anyone by executive order to have access to his credentials, professional or educational. He said his administration would be transparent by allowing Americans access to legislation for a period of time before being voted on. NEVER happened. He said he would make GMO labeling required so people would not what they were buying and eating. NEVER happened. He said he would bring home the troops from Iraq on a certain date. NEVER happened. In fact, he not only delayed that, but he sent them to Afganistan afterward. YOU sir, need to get YOUR head out of Obama’s ass.


    American for the Constitition April 10, 2012



    Linda April 10, 2012

    Could not have said it any better!!! I always believed he was born in Kenya and also is a “muslim.”He is Satan’s little helper trying to weaken this country to no return back. If he makes it in 4 more, folks we are destroyed. He plans on riots in his next term and I believe he will have people arrested that defend themselves and they will have no rights once they are arrested. Most of them will never be heard or seen again, because he plans to have them sent away to an unknown place. As prices continue going up and people are just so short circuited there will be riots and social unrest like America has never seen. This will be his agenda if he makes it in 4 more. This man is very “demonic!” WAKE UP AMERICA!


    ron martin April 10, 2012

    You are correct on all points except one…Obama will win and there will be no 45th president. He will get 97% of the blacks, 80% of the Hispanics, 78% of the Jews, 51% of Catholics, 75% of the Asians, 30% of the white guilters and 100% 0f the Muslims. Fraud will add another 3-5%. Normalcy bias prevents most good Americans from facing reality but doubt it not. It’s Over.


    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White April 10, 2012

    No one says that a Black country needs multiCULTuralism.
    No one says that an Asian country needs multiCULTuralism.
    Yet in ALL & ONLY White countries, anti-Whites posing as “anti-racists” demand those countries stop being White and become “multicultural”. This is genocide – the targeted destruction of a group.
    MultiCULTuralism is a codeword for White genocide and anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.


    dtayls April 10, 2012

    Race war would fit right in to the plan to declare martial law and run a dictatorial government. I’m looking into the forest and I think I see that tree.


    george wells April 10, 2012

    Anti-Whites are flooding every White country with non-Whites, which will cause White Genocide by violence and interbreeding as surely as the Spanish pouring into Mexico interbred that land’s native peoples out of existence.
    Anti-Whites don’t demand that African countries be flooded with non-Africans.
    Anti-Whites don’t demand that Asian countries be flooded with non-Asians.
    Anti-Whites say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.


    Doug April 11, 2012

    Bring it on. I can’t wait for open season. It is time to clean house in America.


    gerard April 11, 2012

    Obama is the manchurian candidate from kenya who’s only purpose is to destroy this country!


    CJ Daubenspeck April 11, 2012

    Yeah Ron Martin! You said it but guess what in the end?
    GOD wins!
    As well as all those who are with HIM!
    This guy is just a puppet working off the strings the Puppet Master has been pulling on every national leader this country has produced.
    OH it is not over, yet.
    It will actually be the beginning anyway.

    I am looking so forward to it.
    Oh death where is thy sting?
    May the creator GOD bless those who need to hear HIM and change their hearts.
    Father, please tarry until that time.


    Robert Estrada April 11, 2012

    I am bi-racial and I live in Arizona. My “late” Mom was white and YES her family was racist. I remember my Grandfather speaking of how Black Africans were inferior to Whites and that American Blacks accomplished much due to their influx of White blood. My Grandfather was also very anti-Semitic. So much so that I don’t care to say the horrific things he said. Once I would not speak to him for almost a year because of his attitudes. This was quite a predicament for me because not only was I being raised in the “New Society” but my Father is half Mexican and half Apache. His family never expressed any racism and in fact no racial slurs were ever uttered under their roof. To say that I was confused is an understatement. As an adult it has given me a balanced view of these discussions. This is probably one reason that I became an Independent. To most people I look white. However, ever since entering Kindergarten till now my name has been a problem for many Caucasians. From the time a classmate told me that they could not play with me because I was a Mexican, to women hesitating to date me because, “you’re something other than just White”. To deny that White society has been a “scape goat” for racism is to deny the truth. I know, I see it from both sides and I can tell you that my Mom’s family are not the exception but the norm. So although I agree that Obama is really good at playing the “race card”, his GOP opponents have been playing it far longer than our African POTUS. Before I go. I would like to say that most Latinos I know were folks that voted for Bush but will not vote for Romney. How can we support a man that supports policies that treat Mexican American Citizens as second class by having to show additional IDs than our Anglo counterparts? Because we MAY be illegals? The law here in Arizona is unconstitutional…period. It singles out one ethnic group of Americans as suspects. This is just an insult to families like mine. My Dad is a WWII veteran and a Silver Star recipient. We have earned the right to be real Americans. I don’t want to be treated special just the same. That’s all I ever wanted.


    george wells April 11, 2012

    Immigration, tolerance, and especially assimilation are being used against the white race.
    All this immigration and intermarriage is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries.
    Anti-white is called anti-racist, but it leads to the disappearance of one race and only one race, the white race.

    It is white genocide, future with fewer white people in it.


    mart April 19, 2012

    Follow this, liberal – if you can. Egypt’s muslum brotherhood gets in control and starts to put army in Sinai, Assad does same, Israel has to attack Iran before this to avoid going nuclear later, Iran counters closing strait and blowing US grid and hits US city with bio. With lights and communications out, Obama declares martial law and raises his two million man army from the inner cities in 24 hours using bull horns with offer of food, uniforms guns, leadership and vaccine. To replace the post office laid off workers who was to take vaccine to suburbs, Obama’s new army, loyal only to Obama, offers suburbanites food and either mandatory vaccine (Baxter’s contaminated) or quarentine camp (sububia is dead either way). Obama lets the delayed elections to proceed with very few republicans left alive. You liberals from the inner city think this is great until you discover you will become enslaved (for many again) and no more elections in US and in three years no more elections on earth. Thank you stupid liberals.


    george wells April 30, 2012

    Diversity is just a propaganda tool in the arsenal being used to de-construct the white world and turn it third world.
    Anti-whites lie about the danger the white race faces in the 21st century: rapidly growing non-white populations, rapidly declining white populations, plus massive invasion of non-whites into white homelands. Why is this not a formula for disaster? How is this not a worldwide program of white genocide?
    A war against the white race is called WHITE GENOCIDE. It is supported by anti-whites. FORCE and FRAUD are virtues in the success of war. FORCE: massive immigration, integration, tolerance, assimilation; FRAUD: denial of genocide, spinning obvious realities in support of white genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.


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