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  • America is Now Divided

    by Founder on April 21, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Thank you Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

    For the guy who was supposed to be the great “uniter” and the guy who was going to be “fair to all” – Obama has turned it right around and is going the other way. America is now divided solely because of him, his policies and his actions.

    Obama is a pathological liar – this is the only way he can get done what he wants done. He must lie to appease the tax payers and then behind closed doors he enacts the policies to transform America into a Socialist/Marxist type of nation.

    How has Obama further split America apart?

    Race – Obama needs and wants a race war. He NEEDS the black vote – even though he has done NOTHING for blacks except further encourage them to stay home and live off the government, further expecting anything and everything for free. THIS is a very important voting block for Obama.

    A Race war is his sick method of pitting the blacks against the whites. He does this to get all the “black” votes – he is ALWAYS doing what he must do to stay in power.

    It has been clearly and objectively seen that Obama’s regime is the most racist in history. Their war against the whites is sickening and a sad testimony to what Obama thinks about the black race.

    Income – Obama loves the big money – when it’s his that is. He is attacking the “1%” (of which he is clearly a part of) by demanding they pay more in taxes. Even though the top 1% already pay some 40% of all taxes! It is Obama’s sick way to pit HIS VOTERS against the votes of those who actually work for a living, those making the money and those creating the jobs.

    Look at the Occupy movements – Obama and Holder are cheering those on whether there is violence or not. These people, for the most part, are another voting block to him.

    Obama has a sick ideology of having everyone obtain (or be granted) the same income and wealth! He wants to financially even everybody out – this is REDISTRIBUTION of INCOME.

    Is this what you want? Do you want Obama to take your wealth and your property? That’s precisely where it’s headed my friends – which is why we MUST oust this terrorist from the White House.

    Citizen or NotIllegal immigrants are an important voting base for Obama. He relies on these people. This is why Obama never does anything about securing our borders – he could care less – they will come into the country because they will get on the Obama dole machine and they will blindly vote for the maniac who’s pushing all the buttons – great political plan right? Obama thinks so.

    This is Socialism – and THIS is what Obama is ALL about.

    Democrat or Republican – Obama is all about the political battle. He could care less about the American people – you know, us! The ones that were here BEFORE this freak showed up on the scene – now HE wants to drastically change our country? Who the hell is he? Why is this being allowed? We MUST use our great Constitution to rid this man and his followers from Washington!

    He is playing games with YOUR life – liberal or conservative – he is playing games with your future and your kids future – wake up!

    During the two “bail outs” Obama sent more federal money to Democrat states – favoring them OVER Republican states! This is how sick in ideology he is. Each CITIZEN in this country, in each state is equal and should be treated as such – NO favoritism! Nothing special for whites, nothing special for blacks or Latinos or Asians NOTHING – just a form of government and justice FOR ALL!

    THIS is again the sickness that is the ideology of SOCIALISM – which NEVER works! America has been GREAT for 22+ years with Capitalism – stop messing with our system!

    Conservatives are just aware enough to see that it is a BIG problem. Liberals for whatever reason can’t see what’s happening or they approve of what is happening! In that case they are showing that they disagree with all that made America great.

    For America to work right again, the government MUST get out of our lives, it must be stripped down to its essential functions and nothing else!

    This is ridiculous what is happening to America! How did this guy get away with it? Why wasn’t there a process ready to go to STOP this madman as he blatantly destroys all that made America great. Where were the political representatives who love America with the balls to stop this madman?

    Supporter or non Supporter – Obama wants nothing to do with those that don’t kiss his ass. He doesn’t like to hear “no”. He doesn’t like criticism – he is very weak skinned – just like other dictators throughout time who used to “silence” their detractors.  Is this the country you want libs? Who knows what kind of crap this regime is up to behind the scenes – but if they don’t like you, or your race (white) or what you do – they will come after you – no doubt.

    This administration doesn’t care about the “law” – they laugh at the law – they only care about pushing their agenda – which is the destruction of the middles class through wealth redistribution to the poor, the illegal immigrants and, of course, the very rich. THIS is what Obama wants done. He wants to control YOUR life – lib or conservative – but at least the conservatives KNOW we are being screwed – we are just trying to stop it in its tracks!

    “If I had a son he would look like Travon” – He used this young mans tragic death to further put a wedge in the already strained relations between the blacks and the whites. Even allowing Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the New Black Panthers – to speak of and threaten racist and violent events. These people should all be in jail – but Obama is silently cheering it on from the sidelines.

    “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth” – This is what Obama recently said trying to put a dig at Mitt Romney. When in reality – Obama never earned a job in his life. He floated on “other people’s money” – government and school grants – his whole life – talk about a SILVER SPOON!

    Let’s see, he was a ‘C’ student at Occidental – who “magically” got into Harvard Law School and was even named President of the prestigious school newspaper, hmmmmm. Then he got into Chicago politics and activism where he first was granted a job as a law professor. He then became a Senator and finally President of the United States. Sounds like a great success story right? Any one smell AFFIRMATIVE ACTION any where?

    Obama’s entire life was a free ride provided by Affirmative Action. He rode it all the way to the White House – and he accuses Romney of having it easy? Yea right. Romney made his money in the private sector! Obama would shrivel and hide under a rock some where if he were ever forced to actually be in and live in the private sector – where YES we fend for our selves Obama!

    He would have to actually produce some thing and work for it – he would never last – survival of the fittest and he goes down quickly – no more people to call on that will “cover for him” or “wire him some money” – no Obama, the real world is what America is all about.

    America is people fending for them selves and time after time rising to the occasion – the cream rises to the top right? It used to and can again but not in Obama’s world – in Obama’s world there is no cream.

    It is the opportunity to make more money at any time – unlike Obama’s sick system of “subsistence” wages for all.

    It is the chance to always better one self through hard work, innovation and risk.

    America is the land of entrepreneurs – not a land full of people content with getting a government check once a month right? Or have the scales tipped? This is why we MUST act now!

    We MUST get back the “American Dream“.  Our children must be taught America’s greatness – NOT the Obama way – but the way of our great Constitution and Capitalism.

    Please join us today and make yourself heard.

    Join us if you believe in America’s greatness, Capitalism, small government, justice for all, freedom, our liberties and the family unit.

    Join Americans for the Constitution and join the 50,000+ others here who are AGAINST Obama and all that he stands for.

    Rise up with us in November and vote Obama OUT of Washington for good!

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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