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  • Who Votes For Obama?

    by Founder on April 29, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Just who is it that would vote for Obama?

    Why would someone vote for Obama?

    I think the answer lies in the difference between TRUE Americans and those that are NOT true Americans.

    A TRUE American is someone who is a hard working tax payer or who has lost their job, HATES being on government assistance and is constantly looking for a job to work – someone who knows the history of our great country – someone who appreciates their freedom and the role our military has played in this.

    A TRUE American can be an entrepreneur. Someone who wants to better them selves and achieve more in their life through innovation and risk – or someone who tries to always do the right thing and works hard for a company to put their kids through school and put food on the table.

    A TRUE American is a kind, respectful person who believes in family values, Capitalism, personal freedom and the ability to pursue their happiness in just about any way they wish.

    As the famous saying states “America is the land of the free and the home of the brave”.

    America is sports, entertainment, a historic Hollywood, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon, New York City, Chicago, LA, Dallas and Miami!

    America is a great and storied country that was built on the principles of the Constitution, personal liberty and Capitalism as a form of economy. THIS is the formula – NOT the crap Obama is trying to shove down our throats!

    Obama wants to drastically change the formula that has worked for the past 222+ years – and will work AGAIN for another 200+ years – as long as the damn government gets OUT OF OUR WAY!

    A true American would NEVER vote for Obama – Obama is AGAINST all that is represented by a TRUE American.

    So who will vote for Obama?

    Those Receiving Entitlements – Hey if you are getting the Obama check, and you are NOT working, and you are loving it – you have no ambitions – why would you vote against Obama? But if you have any type of dreams of “bettering” yourself – then you might want to reconsider your vote – or you’ll get welfare type pay the rest of your life. Is this what you want?

    Illegal Immigrants – This group would love for Obama to get re-elected – because everything points to Obama granting amnesty to all Illegals – either before the election in an effort to buy votes – or after the election – just to SCREW over the tax payers a bit more. Most of these illegal immigrants would go on the government dole – further building Obama’s base of voters.

    Blacks – Obama has done NOTHING for blacks – other than further enslave them into government entitlements and destroying any type of ambition that may have existed specifically among the black youth.

    Will most blacks still vote for Obama and his pretty smile again? Probably a good percentage will – but if you RESEARCH what he is really doing to you – I hope you will vote for someone else who can give you an opportunity to better your self – through Capitalism – unlike the state run Socialism that Obama offers to you and your kids.

    The Youth – You see Obama traveling to the colleges and wooing the college kids with his smile, jokes and promise to help them get out of their Student Loans – another attempt to buy votes – but little do the morons know it is all to only screw them over in the long run – which is what this despot Obama will do – mark my words.

    The Useful Idiots – These people are all over the place. Visit any political blog or forum and you will see a display of stupidity that is shocking to witness – these are the people who will vote for Obama no matter what he says or does – they just HATE the Bush administration so badly that they are brainwashed to believe Obama is the answer. In the words of Michael Savage – “Liberalism is a mental disorder” – no doubt! Obama needs millions of useful idiots and he has them.

    The Unions РObama loves the unions and the unions love Obama. These are public sector unions like teachers, state workers, auto industry and many other unions that campaign and work for the Democrat strategy of entitlements. They try to milk the tax payer of every dime possible as they set up unrealistic and unsustainable pension plans, health plans and bonuses. All TAX PAYER DOLLARS! Sickening! 

    Democrat, Power Hungry Lemmings – These are the other Democrats in the House and Congress who have no clue about what the TRUE America represents. They are Communist, America hating people who are trying their best – along with Obama – to destroy America, the middle class and all that made our country great. These pathetic losers always talk of how bad Capitalism is – yet they enjoy the benefits of Capitalism each and every day as they enrich themselves at the expense of the hard working tax payers.

    Over time all of these people need to be identified and voted OUT of office as soon as possible. TERM LIMITS is a MUST!

    These are the groups that will be voting FOR Obama. They represent millions of people. America is now made up of MILLIONS of people who are unaware of what is really going on. They don’t care. They only care about themselves and what benefits they can get. They are watching American Idol, MTV and Dancing with the Stars. They know nothing of our great history or our great Constitution. They are clueless.

    Millions of these people don’t care about learning the English language or learning the many different American cultures.

    It is very clear that the Democrats and their supporters are trying to push the TRUE America right down the toilet and replace it with a European style Socialist Dictatorship that would be NOTHING like our TRUE America  and EVERYTHING like the failed dictatorships of the past and present.

    This must stop! Obama will NOT rob America from us! I will NOT allow this! He is ONE person and “We the People” are MILLIONS!

    WE must rise up and defeat Obama in a landslide. The MILLIONS of hard working Americans in this country are sick and tired of this government’s bull shit. The corruption and free ride must end now – the American government must be governed FOR the people – in the shadow of the Constitution and with Capitalism as our driving force! Obama must be stopped!

    Please join us in November 2012 and vote Obama OUT of office.

    Join us today as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

    Join us if you believe in Capitalism, the Constitution, our Founding Fathers, the Flag, our great American traditions, our freedoms and our liberties.

    God bless America.

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    GLORIA S. May 14, 2012



    mike m February 11, 2013

    I am still scratching my head over why people will vote a SECOND time for this guy. o.k. first time out he was an unknown against john mccain. i can understand that one but, after we have seen what he is truly about after 4 years…. I don’t get it. 93% of blacks voted for him based on race. and they call whites racist. yeah, right. he is a blatant socialist but, yet, people voted for him, maybe its those chem trails affecting everyone’s brain or HARP….. or maybe this country is just full of dumbed down sheep. I just wish this level of stupidity was not happening in my life time.


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