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  • Obama and Gay Marriage

    by Founder on May 9, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Is any one surprised that Obama has finally come out of the closet and said he is FOR gay marriage?

    Does this surprise anyone?

    It surely doesn’t surprise the libs because this is what they believe as well – they were just waiting for their fearless leader to come out and admit it.

    The conservative/tea party types weren’t surprised because we know how liberal Obama is.

    We know that Obama is FOR anything and everything liberal – he is AGAINST anything concerning America, God, Capitalism, the middle class, innovation, entrepreneurs and American traditions – surely Obama is going to be FOR gay marriage, come on.

    Just listen to Obama now “admit” he is for gay marriage – he sounds like an idiot. He talks about gays like they are everywhere in society and they are everywhere in his administration and everywhere in the military – don’t believe it!

    It is only the media who tries to give this impression that the gay lifestyle is rampant and normal – yes, there are many gays – but NOT to the extent the libs, the Democrats and the media want you to believe.

    Obama does not govern this country for the betterment of America – he picks and chooses who he wants to appeal to and then he forms his sick policies just for that particular group, whether they are black, Latino, gay, illegals, bankers, auto industry whatever – Obama is completely out of touch.

    Obama is pushing Socialism and Marxism for all – as he pushes the middle class, hard working tax payer out of the picture.

    This is his trick. Obama wants America’s voters focused on this gay marriage issue – when the real issues are the abysmal economy, housing declines, unemployment and the out of control entitlement abuse!

    Obama is trying to use misdirection with the American people as he desperately wants you to focus on everything BUT the economy, get it?

    Remember, it’s about the economy, stupid! NOT this moral issue crap!

    Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage is a major mistake with regards to the election. There are way more people against gay marriage (100 million) than there are for gay marriage – as evidenced by the vote today in North Carolina voting down the gay marriage issue.

    The American sentiment is against gay marriage and now even more – against Obama. North Carolina was the 32nd state to vote AGAINST gay marriage.

    Does it surprise anyone that Obama is FOR gay marriage?

    Everything he has done since being in office has been liberal and along the lines of how the Democrats think – and this type of government has been proven over and over again to NOT work.

    What’s really happening? America is and will be a colossal financial failure as Obama kicks it into high gear his outrageous ObamaCare which is about to begin – IF he is re-elected.

    But what does Obama know?

    Does he know he will win in November? Are the elections already rigged? Will “something” happen before the elections? Why else would Obama change his mind (supposedly) within a few days?

    Why is it that Obama would paint himself into the minority position about gay marriage? Why would Obama do this? He is alienating himself from many large groups by doing this.

    America is clearly against gay marriage – anytime it is put up to vote by the people it is handily voted down – so why would Obama vote FOR it?

    The American people are sick of Obama and all the crap he has handed us over the last three years.

    The American people are for the Bill of Rights and our great Constitution – Obama is AGAINST these.

    To Obama the middle class is a threat. The tax payers are a threat. The gun owners and the bible owners are a threat.

    Obama is against America and must be voted out of office in November – there is a poison in Washington and “We the People” must rid our government of this terrorist!

    Obama is doing his best to destroy America – he is doing all he can.

    You can see that Obama is a Socialist. Every one of his policies are Socialist and people are sick of it – they are sick of him.

    If Obama were running for office over in Europe he would be easily labeled a Marxist or Socialist candidate – but the dumb ass media in this country are blind to this fact – they ignore this fact – they are told to not report this fact and, like the lemmings they are, they abide by the White House’s requests.

    America is sick right now – and Obama is the disease.

    The cure is “We the People” – by using our great Constitution to stand up to this wannabe dictator and send him packing!

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

    Join us if you are for the traditional marriage between a man and woman.

    Join us if you are for Capitalism, family, American traditions, gun ownership, freedom, small government and lower taxes.

    Please join the 40,000+ other members and help us vote Obama OUT of Washington!

    God bless America

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    Seth May 11, 2012

    Shut up


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