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  • Will Our Constitution Survive?

    by Founder on May 22, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    The Obama administration is giving our great Constitution its greatest test.

    At every turn, and since he has been in office, Obama has ignored, trampled on and spit on our great Constitution and yet it seems only a handful of our elected officials – and of course the tax payers, are outraged.

    Will our great Constitution actually survive another Obama term? The answer is “no”, it would not.

    Will it survive and thrive if Obama is voted OUT of office in 2012? The answer is a definitive “yes”!

    As you remember, when he was inaugurated Obama never even took the Presidential oath as all his predecessors have – he, instead, purposely stumbled through it and eventually it had to be done “in private”, away from the cameras – in other words – it was never done.

    Obama has side stepped and stepped on the Constitution in all he has done.

    We know he does not like the Constitution – calling it a document of “negative liberties” – only stating what the Federal government CANNOT do – not outlining – in his sick Socialist mind what he feels the Federal government “should” do for the people.

    This is the typical liberal view – thinking that the Federal government should do MANY things for the people – not just protect them – but rather feed them, house them and provide them free Health Care.

    This is the sickness that is the Democrats/Progressives/Marxists – they believe the government should do all things for all people – no matter what the cost or consequences.

    However THIS is NOT what America was built on and it is NOT what is outlined in our Constitution.

    The Constitution spells out Capitalism – Obama spells out Socialism – there is a big difference – one works (Capitalism) the other does not work and has proven not to work.

    Obama has gone around the Constitution with regards to declaring war and appointing “czars”. He has declared wars at his whim and is appointing radical Marxists to powerful decision making positions – without the approval of Congress and AGAINST the will of the people.

    To Obama – Congress is unnecessary. He wants to make all the decisions himself.

    Obama doesn’t want the people to make decisions – he wants to decide everything FOR the people – after all he believes “We the People” are weak and stupid, right? Thus these elected losers believe the government should make all our decisions for us, ie. Socialism/Marxism.

    The Constitution gives all the decision making capabilities to the states NOT the Federal government.

    The Constitution gives the decision making process at the Federal level to Congress, the House and the Executive branch.

    The Constitution breaks our government into three branches – Congress, the House and the Executive branch – which is the President.

    The Executive branch is only one of three – not the ONLY decision making branch! THIS is where Obama abuses the system – he believes HE and only HE should be making the decisions NOT the representatives of the people.

    If it were up to Obama he would re-write the Constitution and throw out much of what the Founders wrote. Good thing it is NOT up to Obama. It is up to “We the People”.

    Obama underestimates the power of the American people. We are not the Socialist minded Europeans that do whatever their government tells them – we are the American people – who are free, strong, independent and fully capable of determining our own future, our own life and our own finances. We do NOT need a nanny state government telling us what to do.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us rid the poison that is Obama from Washington.

    Join the 50,00+ other members who are against all that Obama is doing and plans on doing.

    Join us and make your voice heard today if you are for our great Constitution, Capitalism, freedom and lack of government interference.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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