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  • The “Tea Party” is An Idea

    by Founder on May 30, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Unlike the Occupy Movement, which is spreading violence and hate throughout the country – the “Tea party” on the other hand is an “idea” spreading peace and American values.

    The Tea Party doesn’t need to be violent. The Tea Party just keeps winning primaries all over the country – one after the other, slowly taking our country back from the Socialist losers who are trying to destroy our country.

    The Tea Party represents many ideas. What are they?

    Small Government – The recognition of states rights under the 10th Amendment and getting the Federal government OUT of our lives.

    Lower Taxes – Less taxes for the hard workers in this country and spreading the tax burden over all citizens NOT just the half that are willing to work.

    Personal Freedoms and Liberties“We the People” are very protective of our freedoms and liberties – that have been given to us by our Constitution and protected by our military.

    Support of our Great Constitution – The Tea party 100% supports and defends our great Constitution – unlike Obama and the Occupy Movement who spits on our Constitution everyday.

    Support for American Traditions – Our great American holidays and traditions are supported by the Tea party – as these great traditions represent America, who we are and what we are about.

    Securing of Our Border – Stopping the free flow of illegal immigrants into our country is a top priority of the Tea Party – as it is us who pay the taxes and it is us who are supporting these illegal immigrants – this MUST stop. Obama is FOR the free flow of illegals into this country – he counts on these people to vote for him.

    Capitalism – The Tea Party IS all about Capitalism and we celebrate this time tested form of economy. The Occupy Movement is Socialism and Marxism. The Tea Party is about working hard for your money and being able to better yourself no matter who you are, where you come from and what economic position you have in life – the American dream of bettering oneself – the pursuit of financial independence.

    Entrepreneurs – America was built by entrepreneurs. Hard working innovators who risked all they have to start a business, provide for others, employ others and better their lot in life. America is, was and always will be the land of the entrepreneur. Obama is AGAINST entrepreneurs and is doing all he can to stop them from being successful.

    The Tea party IS America – it represents all that is great about America.

    The Occupy Movement on the other hand, IS Obama and represents all that is divisive about America.

    Obama’s Occupy Movement is not based on any “ideas” other than to cause havoc, commit violence and disrupt the lives of every day, hard working Americans.

    The Occupy Movement is a direct reflection of Obama’s hate for America – it displays his hatred for the American way of life, Capitalism and ourĀ  great Constitution.

    The Occupy Movement is supported by Obama, when in the TRUE America these people should be thrown in jail for their violent acts, violent threats and their deliberate disruption of the American way of life.

    These Occupy losers are misguided and uneducated about what is really going on. They are lost soles in ObamaVille – who believe anything the government tells them and wants them to believe.

    The Occupy Movement is very small – only attempting to look bigger and more powerful by the lame media. The main stream media tries to prop them up to look larger than they are. The media is so stupid – yet how they got this stupid, I am not sure – but they sure are there.

    “We the People” are the Tea Party.

    “We the People” are America.

    The Occupy Movement is Europe NOT America.

    If you are against the Tea Party – you are AGAINST America.

    If you are FOR the Occupy Movement – you are FOR Obama and all of his hatred of America, the middle class, our Constitution and Capitalism.

    The decision will be made in November of this year – in the 2012 Presidential election.

    The direction of America will be decided in November. Capitalism or Marxism?

    If Obama is voted in again – America will continue to decline financially, morally and spiritually – sinking into Marxism.

    IF Obama is voted OUT in November – America will see an IMMEDIATE rise in consumer confidence and an IMMEDIATE improvement in our economy. Capitalism will once again reign supreme.

    Make your choice people. Do you want a dull Communism controlled by the government elites? Or do you want an exciting and vibrant Capitalism that will propel America to further growth, innovation and success?

    The choice is ours. The choice is yours.

    God bless America and our brave troops who are defending theĀ  Constitution – as Obama simultaneously spits on it.

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    caryn June 3, 2012

    Ma’am, fortunately for us, the Tea Party is a thing of the past. Unfortunately for you, the Tea Party turned out to be nothing more than a scam. I suggest a reality check.


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