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  • Obama is America’s Disaster

    by Founder on June 9, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    What is Obama doing? Who is running this country?

    Who is thinking hard to make our situation better? The answer to these questions is “NO ONE”!

    Obama is in “campaign mode” and has been for a year. He is a pathetic leader and has no interest in helping the American situation – only in destroying it.

    There are actually people in this country who support what Obama is doing. This is very hard to believe IF they grew up in Americas – the problem is they did NOT grow up here in this great country.

    America was so well known for letting all races, religions and ethnicity’s free reign to come here – very easy to get in – In fact we have a very lax border security – come right in – that was the American way, right?

    Well look at where it has got this country. A country that no longer has a “culture”.

    We have so many different “groups” who like to stay on their own and lobby for their own interests – that our government has been so splintered that it now cannot even operate properly – for the people.

    There is so much corruption and wasteful spending – as most politicians simply do what is best for them selves – without any regard for “We the People”.

    Is this just “human nature” to want to only do what’s best for your self – given the opportunity to do so?

    Isn’t this what our Founding Fathers tried to prevent as they designed and laid the blue print for our form of government. Yet over the years and especially with the Obama administration – our great Constitution is ignored as they rule in their own way.

    The November 2012 Presidential election will be the biggest election in American history. Because never before has there been an election that decides between Communism and Capitalism. Yet that is exactly what this election is about.

    If Obama wins again then his policies will be implemented INCLUDING his Health Care plan, MUCH higher taxes on the middle class, amnesty for all illegal immigrants and a push towards a one world type of government. Is this what you want for your children?

    Obama is a disaster for America. He is the destroyer of all that was great with America – Capitalism, home values, our dollar, innovation, entrepreneurs, American traditions, our flag, our Constitution – and on and on it goes – IF you vote for Obama you can kiss goodbye the America you remember.

    Our great country would be transformed into a third world, nanny state type of situation with MILLIONS out of work and more than half the country leeching off the government for their existence – NO MOTIVATION or AMBITION to do anything more than go to the mailbox once a month to collect their free money – along with the other free goodies Obama is doling out every month.

    A sad future. A sad existence – yet the very world the sick Obama wants to create.

    IF you vote for Romney – we at least have a chance.

    A communist would be removed from Washington =- along with all of the people he has appointed and put on the tax payer dole.

    A corrupt anti-American fraud would be removed from Washington along with his controlling America hating wife. This would be a great day fro America and a great day in America history.

    The stock market would fly. Housing prices would go up. Unemployment would go down – all because of the “consumer confidence” that would explode SOLELY because Obama the Commie would be removed from Washington – along with his all controlling “Health care” plan.

    Romney is not perfect – no candidate would be – BUT he is a Capitalist, he is for lower taxes, he is for abolishing ObamaCare and allowing the states to do whatever they want (10th Amendment).

    Obama is a great family man – has worked hard to achieve success and is proud to be an American – unlike Obama and anyone he associates with.

    Obama is the American disaster. A vote FOR Obama is a vote AGAINST America and all she represents.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us oust Obama from Washington.

    Join us if you are for the Tea Party and all we represent.

    Join us if you believe in securing our borders, weeding out those who leech off the government and thus the tax payer – and once again gain control of our OUT OF CONTROL government!

    God bless America.

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