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  • Obama’s Immigration Fix

    by Founder on June 16, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    I have one word for Obama - “Asshole”. And I would gladly tell him this to his face! Gladly! Someone needs to stand up to this pathetic coward!

    This guy has just screwed over the American tax payer – again!

    Obama could care less about the American tax payer. All he wants to do is remain in power so he can further destroy our great country.

    In one fell swoop, Obama has granted amnesty to 800,000 illegal immigrants. While at the same time there are 23 MILLION American citizens out of work!

    He is hoping these illegals will vote for him – this is the only reason he is doing this – plus the fact that he hates the middle class.

    Attention illegal immigrants! Are you a LEGAL citizen? If NOT – get the frik out! Deport them immediately! This is NOT a free loader country! Hold your own or leave!

    Obama is one sick dude. He is a pathetic Socialist and MUST be voted out of office for America to once again attain greatness.

    During his recent press conference in the “Rose Garden” Obama laid out his plan to grant amnesty to the illegals.

    During this same press conference a reporter yelled out “what about the American worker”? Obama then scolded the reporter to NEVER interrupt him and that granting this amnesty was the “right thing to do”.


    No question from journalists?

    What an asshole. This is the only response any true American can have.

    The main stream crap media is all obsessed with this reporter supposedly talking out of turn while Obama was speaking – but they ignore the fact that Obama is side stepping Congress and the American people! In his Fascist way he is saying/demanding that THIS is the way it shall be!

    Obama said he “doesn’t want any argument” – that THIS is his decision! What an asshole!

    Hey Obama you frikken moron - this is a Republic – the people and the people’s Representative’s make the decisions NOT some wannabe loser Dictator!

    Obama should now immediately be impeached! This TREASONOUS action is cause foe IMPEACHMENT!

    Obama is now and again acting AGAINST the best interests of the American people – just like all of his policies – they are all AGAINST the best interests of the American people.

    How much are the people going to take?

    “We the People” should march on Washington – storm the White House and physically remove Obama from office! We should drag this Marxist loser into jail and throw away the key!

    The reporter asked a legitimate question – “What about the American worker”? Yet he got no answer.

    Obama is granting work permits to 800,00 law breakers – ONLY for their vote! Yet, there are 22 MILLION American CITIZENS without jobs!

    This is a sick anti-American move and one that should be the END of Obama – IF, after this move, you are still FOR Obama – then it is clear – you are against America and all she represents.

    Where is Congress? Where are the Republicans representing “We the People”?

    Where are the leaders in politics who will come out and say this loser is an asshole and he should be thrown in jail? Where our the defenders of the Republic?

    Who is speaking up for the American people?

    Are we just going to let this Muslim fraud do whatever he wants to do?

    Are we going to sit back and let him screw us over again and again? Are we going to watch him destroy our great country WITHOUT doing anything?

    Or are there REAL patriots who will stand up to this crap and rid him from Washington? Remember, Obama is a POISON! He is a leech on society and MUST be stopped!

    Wake up people! This guy is NOTHING! He does NOT have the power he is trying to exert!

    The American government is THREE branches – NOT a dictatorship!

    Congress and the House MUST rise up NOW – IMMEDIATELY and stop this loser dictator in his tracks! Obama is trying to destroy our great Republic – what are you going to do about it?

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us vote this loser out of Washington – I don’t care who gets in – as long as they are not a Marxist like this idiot – I will vote them in.

    Romney is NOT a Marxist. He will appoint conservatives to all cabinet positions and rid the Fascist poison Obama from Washington. THIS is precisely why I would vote for him.

    Please join me and the 50,00+ others who have joined – and make your voice heard today!

    Join us if you are against AMNESTY for the illegals!

    Join us if you are FOR a smaller Federal government – lower taxes – fiscal responsibility – term limits – and the ouster of the scum that is Obama!

    God bless America and our great Constitution – and SCREW Obama!

    Join us today!

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