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  • Throw Obama in Jail!

    by Founder on June 20, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Just today Obama has granted “Executive Privilege” to Eric Holder – with regards to releasing documents concerning the corrupt Fast and Furious government gun running program.

    Obama needs to be thrown in jail for his TREASONOUS actions against the United States and her citizens.

    Eric Holder should also be thrown in jail for his involvement in this gun running operation.

    Why would Obama NOT allow the delivery of these pertinent documents even though they were ordered by investigators? Simply because Obama is protecting HIMSELF!

    This program started with Obama because of his disdain of the 2nd Amendment – and he psychotically thought that this gun running program would make Americans against the 2nd Amendment!

    Yet, Obama is so stupid and so NOT American that he predicted wrong. The program made Americans MORE for the 2nd Amendment NOT against it.

    Ladies and gentlemen – these are the President of the United States and the Attorney General of the United States!

    This is clearly the most corrupt administration in American history. The first administration packed with Marxists who hate America who want to destroy our great country.

    What are YOU going to do about it? Are “WE the People” to sit back and watch this happen? Or are we to storm the White House and throw these losers out on their ass and throw them in jail for TREASON?

    Americans are armed and dangerous. This BS must be stopped! Obama is running wild trampling our Constitution at every turn!

    Are we to go down as the generation that just allowed a Marxist to trample our country? Or are we to be the generation that will be known as the ones who stopped a Marxist take over in its tracks?

    It is up to the American people – NOT Obama!

    Who is for this person? The military? No. The middle class? No. The hard working tax payers? No. Then who?

    The answer is that it is the media who is for Obama. Those on government entitlements are for Obama. And of course the uneducated, brain washed losers who are his USEFUL IDIOTS! there are many of these people – I see them every day on blogs, political forums, TV – NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC and  the many left leaning anti-American web sites that spew their crap every day.

    America is in BIG trouble right now. Obama is taking over the country by obtaining massive power at the Federal level. This terrorist MUST be stopped!

    Who shall step up? Who shell put this fraud Muslim in his place? Who shall go down in history as the one who saved America from being destroyed – right from within the White House itself?

    It is time people! It is time for the uprising to rid the Obama poison frown Washington and to physically DEPORT this illegal immigrant from American land forever!

    How long are “We the People” going to take this crap? We are millions strong – they are strong in the thousands in Washington.

    We have the military on OUR side. The military is made up of America loving people – whose parents are America loving people. These are the ones Obama refers to when he says we “cling to our guns and our bibles” – yes Obama THAT is who we are!

    Who is sick of this guy? Who is sick of the corruption in Washington? Who is sick of the middle class being pissed on by Obama?

    Listen people. We must rise up and stamp this guy out. We must show Washington that is is us – “We the People” who are in charge – not some scum politicians who are stealing from the tax p[payers everyday!

    Obama is a public servant! That is all he is! This is all ANY politician is! We pay their salary and we pay for their pathetic vacations!

    “We the People” must gain control once again!

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make YOUR voice heard.

    Join us if you are sick of Washington.

    Join us if you believe Obama should be thrown in jail!

    Join me and the 55,000+ others who have joined – as we all fight together to rid the Obama poison from Washington!

    Join us and fight for our children and their future.

    God bless America and our brave soldiers who are fighting to protect our great Constitution.

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    Roger S November 6, 2013

    You damn right! This Resident Obama should be
    Before a firing squad, No really! He is not for
    America and I know these chicken shit congressmen
    Are not doing anything. This fucking tyrant must
    Be stopped and thrown out on his Ass.


    Lori November 12, 2013

    Obama is the scum of the earth. Like the Bush-men before him, he is an arrogant, evil pawn for the New World Order and they ALL need to answer for the betrayal of this once great Country and the Constitution…Idiots voted him in..TWICE and every day this evil spreads more and more.
    I am 100% in favor of putting the entire Obama regime in jail and make them accountable.


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