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  • ObamaCare Constitutional?

    by Founder on June 28, 2012

    in Voice of the People


    How did this happen?

    Illegal immigrants will benefit. Bums will benefit. Who is going to pay for all this? America is already bankrupt! How can these Justices be so stupid?

    This plan is UnConstitutional – it is obvious – yet it was passed.

    We will soon have substandard medical care – just look to what Cuba has!

    The Obama Tax. Get ready for much higher taxes people.

    Justice Roberts passed ObamaCare as a “tax”. Even though Obama claimed it was NOT a tax!

    Obama PROMISED in 2009 that there would be NO tax increases associated with his ObamaCare plan – Obama is a flat out LIAR!

    Get ready for $1.76 TRILLION in NEW taxes!

    He sold this plan to his USEFUL IDIOTS by lying directly to the America tax payer.

    Obama is a scum, low life liar – simple as that!

    The American people need to REVOLT and take this country back from the scum losers in the White House! And this needs to be done now!

    Show me WHERE in the Constitution that the Federal government is allowed to FORCE American citizens to buy something! Show me!

    Chief Justice Roberts is the deciding swing vote? How can this be?

    Justice Roberts has let down the American people and all those who have fought in wars defending our Constitution.

    This is a sad day for America. The President of the United States is a treasonous Marxist and the Supreme Court upholds this?

    “We the People” must use this incident as a WAKE UP CALL!

    This decision must further mobilize us. “We the People” must band together and make sure this Marxist loser is voted out of office in November 2012!

    It is our duty!

    It is our obligation to our children and to the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS who have died at war defending our Constitution.

    Today, June 28, 2012 Obama has once again, spit on the Constitution and spit on the grave stones of our brave military who have died defending our once great country.

    Obama can now FORCE you – through the IRS – to buy his Health Care plan. How could the SCOTUS agree to this? What has happened to our great country?

    How could we let this happen?

    How is it that there are so many people who actually agree with the decision?

    THIS is what America gets by opening its borders to ANYONE – and allowing ANY culture to reign supreme – EXCEPT the America culture!

    We have allowed a poison – a Marxist – a TERRORIST into the White House – and it is the people’s fault.

    The lack of Term Limits – the allowing of blatant corruption – the complicity of the main stream media and the complete IGNORANCE of the voters has allowed all of this to happen.

    What are “We the People” to do?

    It is not over yet. We still have an election in November. We still have the chance to vote out this Terrorist poison and all he has brought with him.

    Do not let this decision get you down! We must use this as a spring board to an uprising – the likes of – that has never been seen here before in America!

    This decision MUST be a blessing in disguise!

    This decision must further awaken “We the People”!

    We must all band together and rise up in the millions to vote Obama out of Washington and to forever rid this anti-American trash from politics and from our country – FOREVER!

    Please join us here as we voice our opinion AGAINST all that is Obama!

    Join us if you are FOR America and all that America stands for.

    Join us if you are FOR Capitalism and AGAINST the crap Socialism that Obama is trying to shove down our throats!

    Join us if you want Obama and his other criminal thugs thrown in jail!

    Obama is ruining our great country! Please people rise up with me and vote this clown out of office!

    God bless our Flag and our military.

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