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  • Stop Obama Now!

    by Founder on July 4, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    I don’t care how it’s done – all I know is this sick tyrant MUST be stopped!

    I have been writing about this terrorist in the White House since he got elected in November of 2008 – yet to no avail.

    All that has happened is that he has grown the government and he has grown his power within the government!

    Who is to stop this person? Who in our government has the balls to stand up and stop Obama in his tracks?

    Is Allen West the only person who has the guts to stand up to Obama?

    Today is Independence Day 2012 – yet “We the People” do NOT feel very “independent”!

    “We the People” rather feel that the Federal government and Obama are breathing down our necks and destroying everything we hold dear.

    Since Obama the Muslim terrorist has been in office EVERYTHING he has done has been AGAINST the will of the people – EVERYTHING!

    And who in Washington is trying to stop this cheap thug? Will it take non politicians to stop this tyrant in his tracks? Who will stand up to this loser?

    Obama is a coward. He is surrounding himself with his own civilian military – made up of hand picked thugs – to protect him from the people. He knows the people hate him  and wish to stop his march towards Marxism – he knows this and he is afraid of the people – and rightly so.

    Obama is purposely destroying the American economy. Yet his band of USEFUL IDIOTS throughout the country – both as citizens and in the media – continue to support him and his Marxist policies.

    “We the People” must stop Obama now!

    There must be a revolution to rid this sick poison from Washington forever – and try him in a court of law for TREASON – throwing him in jail and forever throwing away the key!

    But who shall stand up to do this? And when will this happen?

    The November 2012 elections are coming up very soon, but what America loving person actually thinks these elections are going to go off without a hitch?

    Who believes that this sick tyrant is going to leave the White House quietly?

    Who out there believes that the will of the people will throw Obama and his America hating wife out of the White House forever?

    Or do you believe that Obama is going to somehow – fraudulently stay in the White House?

    Perhaps through tremendous voter fraud? Through the declaration of Martial law in America – shutting down the streets and all commerce?

    Do NOT put it by this mentally deranged freak! Look what he has already done! And you think he is going to leave after he is voted out?

    It is up to “We the People” and our great Constitution.

    Some how Obama got to Chief Justice Roberts and either bribed or black mailed him into voting FOR the UnConstitutional Health Care bill that Obama shoved through Congress and down the throats of the American people.

    This is NOT a Health care bill – it is a bill solely designed to REDISTRIBUTE the wealth of our great country – it is so obvious! Especially since the SCOTUS said it was a “TAX”!

    Wake up people! It has NOTHING to do with Health care!

    Every bill Obama has pushed and forced to pass has been AGAINST the will of the people – the tax payers.

    Think of back to the Revolutionary War – the tyrants were in England trying to force their will on the American citizens – but the people thwarted this pressure and declared themselves INDEPENDENT through war and the Declaration of Independence.

    Now these same loser tyrants are here – in America – in Washington! And they have developed a fortress of military protection so that “We the People” cannot get to them – but the one thing Obama has miscalculated – is the will of the American people.

    The Founding Fathers were smart enough in the Constitution. They wrote the Constitution with a petty dictator in mind. They wrote the Constitution with the possibility that the people would once again run up against tyranny.

    The American people are armed and ready.

    Obama can surround himself with all the America hating black panthers he wants – but it is the will of the American people – 200 million strong that will DESTROY this cheap tyrant and vanquish him from power forever!

    We are not Europe! We are the American people – the people who built the greatest country on earth – a country built on independence, liberty and freedom – and AGAINST anything to do with tyranny!

    Obama must be stopped! 

    The politicians in Washington are pussies, pansies and cowards! They are all about money and greed! They will just sit back and let Obama do what he wants – as long as they get theirs!

    We are the generation who is facing this dictator from within! And we are the generation who will stop him in his tracks!

    Your days are numbered Obama! “We the People” are NOT going to let you further destroy our great country.

    You have spit on us, our Constitution and our military and all future generations for the last time!

    “We the People” will stop you now! Do not underestimate our ability, strength or will!

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us rid this poison from Washington – NOW!

    Join me and the 60,000+ others who have pledged their hatred toward what Obama is doing.

    Join us to save America!

    Join us to stop Obama now!

    God bless America and all those brave souls who have fought and died protecting our Constitution and our freedoms!

    We too must be willing to die for our country – as long as we rid Obama from America – forever!

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    jeffery w June 3, 2014

    I can’t believe someone is as pissed and concerned as I am…I love your honesty about this coward.I feel like I’m the only one who see’s this terrorist for what he is. How come we have not convicted him of treason and now he let 5 of his brothers go free to kill more Americans,lets get together and get him locked up or out of our country


    John Kloch November 22, 2014

    he is not a collard person he is a African born dog. The constitution will kill Obama .We the people in numbers will kill Obama’s and his family. he is a American killer and has to be stopped. Washington is all babies they all should be kicked out of office too. Demarcates have turned into Muslims they are not Americans and should All be take out one way or another which ever works best, it is time to impeach this bastard today and his followers also. The time has come it may take the mafia to do the job even the united states army the have the power. An American Voter we all can do it together. lets take Obama and his kid out of office today.


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