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  • Obama Invites Terrorist

    by Founder on July 11, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    President Barack Hussein Obama has recently invited known terrorist Mohammed Morsi to the White House – need any more proof that Obama is a Muslim?

    Morsi is a known Muslim Brotherhood terrorist and Egypt’s newly elected President. He has openly said he wants to destroy Israel and take over Jerusalem. Yet Obama invites him to the White House for a chat.

    It was our scum Obama who helped him get elected and who helped topple our ally Hosni Mubarak.

    The White House will roll out the red carpet for this scum – all on the tax payer dime – how do you feel about this?

    Obama says he wants a “new partnership” with the Arab nation. This is AGAINST any common sense that may exist and AGAINST the will of the people of America. But Obama couldn’t give a crap about the American people.

    Remember Obama hates America and all that America stands for – this is why he is trying to destroy the US economy and all that is America.

    The media ignores all of this – while it is the people who are in an uproar at this brazen treasonous activity.

    Obama needs to be tried for treason and thrown in jail to rot for the rest of his life.

    This Morsi dude has advocated for the destruction of Egypt’s famed pyramids and over time he may just do this.

    Obama talks a good game about the future of Egypt but – you can take it to the bank – he is again lying through his teeth right to the American people.

    Obama has to lie. He is a pathological liar. He cannot say what he truly thinks. He cannot say who he truly is.

    Who is he? Obama is a Muslim. What does he think? Obama wants to destroy America.

    What Jew would vote for this guy? Why would a Jew vote for Obama?

    Polls show that 2/3 of Jews are still voting for Obama. have they no shame? have they no pride?

    Obama and Morsi hate the Jews and want to destroy the Jews – but there are still Jews who will vote for Obama? That is insanity!

    America needs to wake up! Romney needs to wake up!

    This Presidential election will decide the fate of America. This country cannot take another four years of Obama – America will be destroyed and gone for good if this happens.

    The rhetoric against Obama must get heated, direct and harsh. Stop playing games with this guy. He is not playing games. we need to take the gloves off and wipe this guy out.

    How many more treasonous things does Obama have to do before America wakes up?

    When will the media wake up? They will suffer – just like all of us. Only difference is we know it. The media supports this trash and they too will suffer the consequences of his trash Socialist policies – they are just too stupid too see this.

    Morsi is scum and Obama is scum – so in a bizarre way they are perfect for each other – just NOT here in America!

    “WE the People” MUST rise up and vote AGAINST Obama!

    We must vote Obama out of office!

    The future of America is at stake.

    Tell all your family. Tell all of your friends. Make sure every one is registered to vote. And be sure they vote AGAINST Obama.

    Vote against all Democrats running again in the Senate. We must take control of the Senate to prevent Obama from further running amok on the American Constitution.

    Please join us here as we fight day in and day out to rid the poison that is Obama from Washington.

    Join Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

    God bless America, our military and our flag.

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    Anonymous July 26, 2012

    So how exactly does Obama Hate America??? And hate Jews?? Your little blurb Is filled with generalities, nothing specific. To me he loves America preaching exactly what it stands for, that being a free and equal place so people of all backgrounds orientations and race have a fair and fighting chance! My examples are giving gays and lesbians rights to marry and creating the health care plan so people can afford and not be scared to go to the hospital because of costs! Please tell me I want to know why that is bad!


    kris January 12, 2013

    Anonymous….you are a coward…your name screams it. Let go of that little thread you are holding onto….the one where you fluked up giving him your vote and betraying the USA.

    Isn’t there an agency that takes care of people like obuttliker? Or are they all terrorist too?

    Obuttliker needs to die of a blood clot to his pea brain.


    abdul mohamad jabar karim ali June 4, 2013

    fuck you you american pig dog i will destroy you and all of america with you.



    Victoria Saxton July 10, 2013

    All that is said above about O being a liar is true!!!
    He has the Mus Bro in the White House all the time!!!
    Some people cannot see truth because they don’t have
    any Truth in them! Their ears are sealed and their hearts are cold and perhaps most Socieo-paths….
    No empathy for others and self-centered which leaves no room for the Spirit of God to dwell. So why would they care if America goes down the drain? That’s where they will go to one day unfortunately …. Very sad for the Great History of America and all who suffered for this most Beautiful Country and our Freedom…..


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