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  • Obama Hates Entrepreneurs

    by Founder on July 18, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Entrepreneurs are the life blood of America.

    America was built by entrepreneurs.

    Now, who said the following?

    “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen”!

    These are the words of a Marxist.

    These are the words of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Stalin, Putin, Lenin, Trotsky, Castro, Chavez and Hitler.

    These are also the words of Barack Hussein Obama, the President of the United States.

    Do educated people need any more evidence that our sitting President is a full blown Marxist?

    Marxists hate entrepreneurs.

    Entrepreneurs represent the opposite of Marxism.

    Entrepreneurs are about freedom, innovation and hard work – Marxism is about government control.

    Marxists cannot be entrepreneurs – they don’t have “it” in them. Marxists can only collect a pay check if it is paid for by the tax payers. They are leeches who want to control others through intimidation.

    A Marxist cannot build a business – they do not know how nor where to begin. This is Obama.

    Obama is a Marxist.

    Obama has sucked off the tax payers his entire life and continues to this day. His “parents” were wealthy Socialist/Marxists – then he went to Occidental College (expensive) then he started sucking off the government in the form of grants and subsidies – then eventually his pay check.

    A Marxist thinks the government is responsible for everything INCLUDING the building of businesses! They feel they should control, be responsible for and own your business – even though it is the hard working ENTREPRENEUR who put his or her blood, sweat and tears into building the business – yet it is Obama the Marxist who wants to take credit for their business.

    This is the sickness that Obama has. He is NOT an American and he hates all that is American. Obama is a poison to the American system that must be purged for our great country to succeed and flourish once again.

    Obama hates Capitalism and entrepreneurs – the very entities that gave him everything he has enjoyed his whole life – yet he is too blinded by his racism and hatred to see it.

    America was built by entrepreneurs. From 1900 to 1990 the amount of innovation and growth was astounding – setting up America as the leader in the world financially and militarily. Yet these are the same two areas Obama is intent on destroying.

    Therefore, it is “We the People” who must destroy the Marxist dream of Obama.

    For Obama to say that entrepreneurs are not responsible for building their own businesses – this shows him to be a true Marxist. Wake up liberals!

    This shows that he hates America. This shows he has absolutely NO CLUE to what America is all about!

    If you are FOR Obama – you are AGAINST America.

    “We the People” must rise up and vote this Marxist terrorist out of office and out of Washington forever. He has caused great damage to our Republic but with the right person in there in November – we can save our great country.

    One more term of Obama and America may be gone for good. It is the election in November 2012 that will decide the fate of America.

    Marxism vs. Capitalism.

    “We the People” cannot let Obama just run over us. We must throw him out of Washington and banish him for good from American politics. Perhaps he can go to Europe and run some small Communist country there and he can do what he wants – but not here!

    “We the People” must storm Washington and throw Obama out on his ass! Along with his America hating wife! They must be voted out!

    Please stand with us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us fight this poison that is Obama.

    Please help us fight against the blatant Marxism that is being pushed by Obama.

    Help us fight against the main stream media – who is clearly complicit in the Marxism being pushed by Obama. They just sit by like lemmings and say whatever the White House wants them to say. Their stupidity is shocking as Obama is using them just as he uses his welfare recipients and food stamp recipients – as pawns in his march to Marxism for all!

    Please join me and the 70,000+ members as we all voice our opinion against this wannabe dictator and vote him OUT in November! Along with the other members of Congress and the House who support his crap.

    Join us if you are FOR capitalism, freedom, smaller government, less regulations, gun owner rights, the family, the Constitution and ACCOUNTABILITY for our elected officials.

    God bless America, our military and our flag.

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    Questionman July 19, 2012

    It Takes a Village to build a business. That seems to be what Barack Obama thinks. Actually, the Republicans are making a little more out of his statement than they really should. He didn’t precisely say, “you didn’t build your business”. What he did say is somewhat intriguing. Here is part of President Obama’s statement which puts his remarks in a fuller context.

    In an important sense, President Obama is right. No great enterprise is ever accomplished by one person working entirely by himself. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, but he hardly built his laboratory all by himself. He did not think up the idea all by himself but he built on the work of others who had worked before him. Albert Einstein did not just write e=mc² on a chalkboard one day. He built on the work that physicists had been doing for the past decade. No one does anything truly by themselves.

    It’s simple to dismiss Obama as a Marxist though, in truth he’s really a state capitalist or a Fascist.

    Arpaio and Birthers in general are a disgusting group of people much along the lines of the KKK and other Conservative Hate groups.. What he spouts is not “truth” or “evidence” just fancy repackage BS of debunked lies and smearing crap! there are only a few politicians who strike me as worthy of diagnosis. Many are extremely narcissistic. For example, people love to point to Newt Gingrich as someone who supposedly has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and that makes a certain amount of sense, since he is given to making statements like “People like me are what stand between us and Auschwitz,” but for my money he’s more just a bloated, self-important asshole than someone with a genuine personality disorder (I might be wrong). For that matter, to the degree that many–most?–Republicans believe that virtually anyone suffering any misfortune has brought it on themselves (their perverse application of “personal responsibility”), lack of empathy is almost a prerequisite for membership in the GOP. Nonetheless, only a few politicians seem demonstrably off. Sorry, GOPers, Obama ain’t one of them. The two politicians that strike me as being odd almost to the point of nuttiness (and I don’t pretend to be able to diagnose exactly what is wrong with them) are Michelle Bachmann and Allen West. As for Democrats, it’s possible that Clinton had something cooking there with his sexual behavior. It went beyond Monica Lewinski, you know.

    Are you claiming Obama is mentally ill? I can’t figure out why she thinks obama is mentally ill. Maybe the racist right should look in the mirror!

    It’s obvious whoi the REAL mentally ill is, The Racist right. As usual, Anyone who calls Barack Obama a fraud is a racist, no doubt about it.
    If you believe Obama is “evil” or “in on it” Show evidence as to why you believe that. they only evidence is because this man doesn’t think or look like you that means he’ evil?

    Disgusting! Anyone who calls Obama “evil” is a mentally ill racist, that’s the truth!

    Obama is no more a “Marxist”
    than I am Godzilla . Savage is engaging in nothing but th emost transparent fear-mongering .
    To compare Obama with Hitler,Stalin, Mao Zedong and Pol Pot is beyond disgusting and idiotic.

    Threathing the President? How low can you racists go?

    I’m sick and tired of you modern KKK scumbags calling this man a fraud! Obama is NOT a fraud. Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is without doubt a stupid klansman like the racist retard!

    We live in a country where racist, bigots and extremists are disgusting put in the same place as our fighting men and women: heroes.

    There is NOTHING heroic about this racist and of course they don;t hide their racism anymore.

    Calling Obama a POS and a fraud seems to the the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

    There is clearly no truth to the claim that President Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent. The belief that Obama is really not an American, and hence cannot be President, is simply racist porn, a fantasy for bigots.

    Birthers like Arpaio inhabit a world with an implicit white supremacist agenda. It is America at its worst, a place where bullies and cowards hide, a place where lunatics find refuge in conspiracy theories of hate, a place where racism finds a home.

    Birthers like Arpaio seek only to demonize and delegitimize President Obama. The quest is not for truth, the quest is for a justification of hate.

    By promoting this patently false claim, Arpaio is simply promoting the racism upon which the Birther conspiracy is built.

    Obama does not hate America, just the rights of property, and the motive of profit.
    Obama doesn’t hate Americans. He just hates racists who lie about him!


    Questionman July 19, 2012

    Anyone who believes he or she is a success completely on their own has no sense of what social organization is. Next time you’re walking and you look down at the sidewalk, or look at the road you’re driving on, get back to me and tell me what square foot you actually built… tell me about any infrastructure you actually built. Building a society takes everyone pulling together, not pulling down institutions that created an atmosphere where people can succeed. We have the greatest country in the world and people just hate it. The right wing is generally just a bunch of anti-American, anti-patriotic jerks masquerading as true American.s To the guy in the article – Mr. Locksmith – you inherited a buiness and you’re self-made? Uh-huh.

    business is a partnership between the owner and his customers, which is only able to survive due to the infrastructure (real or virtual) built and half-ass maintained by local community, state and fed. govt. I do absolutely agree both fed. and state govt. need to relax direct involvement to creating and empowering small business, however, the narcissism in this story and from these comments is far more telling about our nation’s problems than anything obama has to say.

    Shove the “Americans for the Constitution” crap you your hypocritical racist ass. The American Government has been a corruput, broken system for many, many years, but now you care when a black man becomes President?

    Do you know what to run a business? NO. You don’t even the meaning of a Marxist. You stupidly throw that word around like insults, which is ALL you’re good at!


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