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  • Chick-fil-A My Favorite!

    by Founder on July 31, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    The disgusting left has been exposed again.

    These out of control America haters are once again proving that they believe the 1st Amendment only applies to them.

    Chick-fil-A CEO has come out and stated that he is against gay marriage and FOR the traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

    Yet, it is the unbending, racist, bigoted and controlling left – consisting of the Dems, Progressives and Socialists who are coming out and condemning Chik-fil-A for their stance.

    This once again shows just how pathetic those on the left are – along with the main stream media.

    The media and those on the left are condemning Chic-fil-A ONLY because of the owners stance towards gay marriage! Showing just how sad and pathetic the left is.

    Who the hell do they think they are? This is NOT a Communist state – this is America!

    What percentage of America is gay? Maybe 5%? 8%? At the most!

    Yet these completely out of touch people (the gay community) are portrayed to be a HUGE percentage of the population – when in reality they are a very small minority.

    It is only the media, Hollywood and the politicians who are obsessed with these people – giving the impression that “gays” make up a huge portion of society.

    I have news for the gay community. No one cares! No one gives a flip that you are gay! Get a frikken life! Start a business! Do something productive and stop wasting your time harassing other people!

    Are you telling me that if someone or some entity is NOT for gay marriage – that you cannot handle this? You have to harass them? You have to picket them? Are you people sick?

    Why is it that what YOU believe is OK but what others believe is not? Who the hell are you?

    You represent a very small portion of society yet you believe you can push others around because they do not think as you do?

    Get over yourselves – no one gives a flip.

    I don’t care if you are married – and neither does most of America. We don’t care what you do behind closed doors nor out in the open -no one cares! We are busy living our live and working!

    I am 100% FOR Chick-fil-A! 100%!

    They can believe whatever they want – just like you can! This is America – home of the free – NOT home of the gays who can bully others around! Get a life!

    I love Chick-fil-A chicken – their sandwiches and all their delicious food is great!

    I believe that by the media harassing them and the gays picketing them – this will only INCREASE their business – and further show that your pathetic small portion of the population is bigoted and completely out of touch.

    America is currently being run by a President that is narrow minded and for specific social groups ONLY because this is how he generates his votes – he is FOR the gays, FOR the illegals, FOR “free” Health care for all (paid for by the middle class), and FOR class warfare – this is how this sick poison in the White House operates – this is how a Marxist operates and it permeates to other segments of society as evidenced by this ridiculous Chick-fil-A thing.

    “We the People” need to rise up and vote this Socialist moron out of office – cutting the head off of the sickness that is being spread throughout America.

    This sickness of pitting social group against social group is destroying the American culture – whatever is left of it.

    “We the People” must rise up and take back our kind, accepting and considerate America. The America we grew up in – not the sick, angry America that Obama has created.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us fight to take back our great country.

    Help us as we contact Washington everyday and battle to once again make the Constitution matter.

    Help us as we battle against the mindless main stream media as they become a state run government “mouth piece” for the Marxist Obama administration.

    Please join us and help us vote OUT the poison that is in the White House.

    Band together with us and rise up for November 2012 and vote Obama out!

    God bless America and our Constitution.

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