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  • Romney/Ryan vs. Marxism

    by Founder on August 12, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    The battle lines have been drawn – the teams are set.

    It is Barack Hussein Obama the Indonesian citizen and Joe Biden vs. Mitt Romney the Capitalist and Paul Ryan the author of the next budget.

    I say “budget” because we don’t have one right now! Obama never had a budget for his term in office! What a disgrace! How could the House and the Senate allow this to happen?

    Obama had and has no budget because even he does not know how much he is spending. Obama is spending so fast and so haphazardly that even the government can’t keep tract of how much he is spending/wasting!

    The election is about Capitalism and fiscal sanity vs. Obama’s Marxism, huge federal government, massive uncontrollable deficits and total government control over every aspect of your life.

    The election is about the future of America – which is her direction? Marxism or Capitalism?

    *** Government control of your health care and rationing of health care?

    Vs. keeping in tact the current greatest health care system in the world? And simply fixing what is wrong with it NOT letting the government take it over. Which do you choose?

    *** Government setting the “living wage” of all workers, making everyone equal and telling you how much you will make?

    Vs. Capitalism – the chance for anyone to better themselves financially with ingenuity, innovation and good ole’ hard work. Which do you choose?

    *** Government control of the decision making process, Congress and the House would be powerless?

    Vs. a balance of powers in government between the Executive branch, the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch?

    This balance of powers is in the Constitution. THIS is how decisions are to be made – by elected Representatives who speak FOR the people – NOT a situation that allows the decisions to be made by one person! ie. a wannabe Dictator by the good ole‘ American sounding name of Barack Hussein Obama.

    *** Government handouts central?

    This creates low ambition, lazy, non appreciative people, who will always have their hand out for more “free stuff” – without ever instilling in them the desire to actually go out and either start their own business or train to land a great job with someone else – getting off the government dole.

    Problem is, Obama does NOT want these people off the government dole! THIS is how he sickly expects them to vote for him – he enslaves them and then they vote for him. Marxism is filled with these USEFUL IDIOTS and it purposely creates them for it to sustain itself.

    Vs. fend for yourself Capitalism?

    This builds strong, independent people by encouraging and rewarding ambition, desire, innovation and a hard work ethic. The rewards here are far more (financially) than for the one who sits around each month waiting for the next small government check to arrive – which, by the way, creates a person who (with a little prodding from Obama preaching “class warfare”) sits around seething with anger and hate at the ones who make more than they do!

    That’s the difference – make the decision! Marxism vs. Capitalism?

    Romney and Ryan are Capitalism with freedom to financially succeed – Obama/Biden represent a government control, nanny state type of Socialism/Marxism – who’s desire is to make every one the same -same income, same housing, same health care and same dependency on the government – this is the sickness and poison that is Marxism and that is Obama.- Which do you choose?

    It is clear that the TRUE Americans, the hard working tax payers – those that grew up here – we all want Capitalism – yet, it is a different group of people who want Obama and all that he stands for. Who are these people?

    These people are those on the government dole. Welfare, unemployment, Section 8, Food Stamps, EBT cards, free health care, free legal care – over 100 million people currently sucking off the tax payers.

    They are the illegal immigrants who expect a hand out and Amnesty from Obama.

    They are the clueless college students who want their student loans forgiven in exchange for their vote.

    They are the Unions who helped get Obama voted in and who Obama later them gave billions. These are the “public sector” Unions who are doing all they can to suck the tax payers dry – without any care as to the financial ramifications – typical libs.

    They are womenwho believe what Obama tells them – if this is true, these women must be clueless and only thinking of how pretty the Marxist’s smile is. By women “favoring” Obama does not do much for the “appearance” of  women’s overall intelligence.

    I, on the other hand, believe women to very intelligent and bright – therefore I do not believe this supposed polling data that says “women favor Obama”  – I just can’t imagine it to be true – I have more respect for women than to believe in these polls.

    Gays. Obama has recently come out of the closet about his gay “stance”. He says he is basically for anything and everything “gay”. Wooptie doo! Yea! Obama has appeased the gay community! Obama will do or say anything to as long as he can get your vote. This is again the sickness that is Marxism. Gays represent a very small minority but Obama will take any votes he can get.

    Remember, he is a pathological liar and this is an essential skill needed by the leadership in a Marxist society – they must be able to look you in the eye and comfortably lie right to your face.

    Is this what you want for the office of the President of the United States?

    The lines are drawn people. Time to make your choice.

    If you vote Obama – you are voting for Marxism and against America’s, your kid’s and your financial future. Think about it – please!

    If you vote Romney/Ryan you are voting for what made America great. You are voting for Capitalism. You are voting for your financial future and your kid’s financial future. If you want America to be great again – vote AGAINST Obama!

    November 6th, 2012 will decide.

    Please join us as an American for the Constitution and help us fight the fight to rid the poison that is Obama from Washington forever.

    God bless America, our flag, our military and our great Constitution.

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