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  • Communism vs. Capitalism

    by Founder on August 22, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    This is the choice in the November 2012 Presidential election.

    Do you want Obama and Communism? Or do you want Romney/Ryan and Capitalism?

    Do you want an America that is completely controlled by a central government?

    Do you want every aspect of your life controlled by Obama’s government?

    Do you want an America where the government tells you how much money you can make and what kinds of foods you can eat? This is ridiculous!

    Or do you want an America that allows its citizens individual freedom? The freedom to grow financially? To make as much money as you can make?

    Do you want an America that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, ambition and personal growth?

    Do you want an America that focuses on its private sector and not its public sector?

    This is your choice.

    Obama has already shown his hatred for America.

    Obama despises the middle class, white people, Capitalism, the Constitution, honesty and everything else that made America great.

    Obama embraces the Muslims, illegal immigrants, government entitlement programs, America’s foreign enemies, blacks, gays and complete government control over every aspect of your life.

    Is THIS what you want for your future? For your child’s future?

    IF Obama is elected for a second term – the mask will really come off. He will show his love for Marxism/Communism and will not care what the American people think or say. He will try to rule as a dictator.

    Obama has already told Russia that “when” he is elected again, he will have more “flexibility”. This statement means a disaster for America, our security and our financial future.

    This statement alone should be grounds for impeachment.

    Right now, and in the 2008 campaign, Obama said everything the American people wanted to hear – he talked about fairness and jobs and growing the economy – but this was all just rhetoric – he means and meant none of it!

    He says these things only so he will be elected – then his actions always point towards Communism and his hatred for the American way.

    “We the People” must rise up and vote Obama out of office in November 2012 – this must happen for the survival of America!

    “We the People” must vote for Romney/Ryan. This is our only hope.

    It is true that this Romney/Ryan ticket is not perfect – no ticket is. But it represents America, the middle class, smaller government, the American way and an opportunity for all to better their financial situation – not imprisoning half of the population in Obama’s shackles as he entices them with the entitlement lifestyle..

    The Romney/Ryan ticket is a far better alternative than what Obama offers – which is division, class warfare, racism and hatred.

    Romney and Ryan offer a return to Capitalism.

    Romney and Ryan offer a return to the real America and the end to Marxism in our government.

    Romney and Ryan will rid our government of the Commies and Marxists that Obama has filled it with.

    Michelle Obama will be gone.

    Eric Holder will be gone.

    Tim Geithner will be gone.

    Ben Bernanke will be gone.

    Janet Napolitano will be gone.

    Valerie Jarrett will be gone.

    David Axelrod will be gone.

    All of the “Czars” will be gone.

    And most of those Commies/Marxists in Congress will be gone as well!

    The poison and the disease that is Obama will be cleaned out of Washington forever.

    It is a clear choice in November – Capitalism or Communism. Which do you want for your children?

    We must also recognize that the “mainstream media” has been complicit in perpetuating the fraud that has been Obama. These people must be punished in some way.

    Journalism must be restored in America. There can no longer be a connection between the White House and what the media reports/says. Journalists must be non biased and completely objective.

    Perhaps journalists should have to swear an oath to the Constitution, as well!

    This is NOT Russia with its state run media. This is America – land of the free and home of the brave. We must weed out the poison that has infested our airwaves and our media.

    How did America get here? Obama was brought up as a Commie/Marxist – these are the teachings of his father and his mentors – this is just who Obama is. It was a grave mistake to allow this person to be voted in as President of the United States – and it is one mistake that must be righted – by – “We the People”.

    Please join us here as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Join the 70,000+ who have pledged their allegiance to our Constitution, our flag and our American way of life.

    Please tell your friends, your family members and anyone you know who can vote – and tell them to vote AGAINST any Democrat and against Obama.

    God bless America, our flag, our Constitution and our brave military.

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