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  • If You Support Obama……

    by Founder on August 28, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    You are one of his many USEFUL IDIOTS – and there are unfortunately MILLIONS of these complete morons throughout the country.

    To be a “useful idiot”, I would think, they did NOT grow up in this great country and most probably do not even pay taxes, hence their hatred for America and the American way.

    So, If you are for Obama…….

    You are FOR Marxism – this is the type of government Obama wants. He was brought up by a Communist mother and father and was mentored by other Communists, introduced to him by his parents. Obama wants TOTAL government control over every aspect of your life – apparently his stupid supporters want this?

    You are AGAINST Capitalism – Obama is against Capitalism. Remember the quote, “If you have a business, you didn’t build that, someone else made that happen” – this is the quote of a full fledged Marxist.

    You are FOR Corruption – Obama is all corruption all the time. He picks and chooses what laws he wants to follow, what laws he wants to enforce and who he wants to enforce them against. This is what a Dictator wants to do.

    You are AGAINST Accountability – Obama has ZERO accountability. No matter what he does or says NO ONE seems to hold him accountable. If someone tries to – he just brushes it off and sweeps it under the rug. Easy to do when the main stream media is in love with the guy.

    You are FOR Racism – Obama is the king of Racism. He hates white people and the middle class. All he does is FOR blacks, the Black Panthers and AGAINST the white male. Remember his famous quote “typical white person”. Obama is clearly a racist who hates whites.

    You are FOR Class Warfare РObama is constantly pitting the wealthy against those with little or no money. He is trying to  make it out that those with money are the bad people and should be taxed at a higher rate. He is always saying how bad the wealthy are and that they got there by stealing from the blacks and the poor.

    You are AGAINST the Constitution – Obama has said that the Constitution is a document of “negative liberties” – it says what the government cannot do – not what the government “should do for you”. He hates the Constitution and the white males who wrote it.

    You are AGAINST the Military- Obama spits on the military every day! The type of government he is trying to shove down our throats is the very same type of government our great military fought AGAINST in WWII – making all the hundreds of thousands who have died trying to protect our country, our freedoms, our flag and our Constitution – all for NOTHING!

    You are Uneducated РObama wants you to be dumb. He is counting on you to be stupid. He loves the fact the the black race is being dumbed down and weakened by poor public education and their complete  reliance on the government Рfor their every need. Obama wants the blacks in chains Рgovernment chains. Obama wants the entire black race to vote for him Рso he gives them money and takes away any possible ambition that may have existed.

    You are FOR Illegal Immigrants – Obama needs these votes. He cannot get votes from educated tax payers – so he shoots for the dumb illegals who will simply vote for him because he gives them free stuff. More “useful idiots”.

    You are FOR Entitlements – This is how Obama gets his votes. He wants to REDISTRIBUTE the wealth in this country – taking it away from those that have it – and give it to those that don’t – all in the name of “entitlements”. In reality this word is deceiving because, why is it that these people are “entitled” to anything? In America we work for what we have – real Americans don’t feel “entitled” – non Americans and government leeches do feel “entitled”.

    You are FOR Open Borders – Obama is for open borders. He wants the borders open so illegals can storm into this country – get on the government dole and then, vote for him. This will also destroy the American “culture” what little of it that is left.

    You are FOR Financial Doom – The libs are so stupid, they have no clue what they are supporting. The libs are horrible at math and common sense. Because anyone with common sense and who is able to perform simple mathematics can tell that America is bankrupt! And if this continues it will run the American economy right off the financial cliff! The government cannot keep printing money and borrowing money to give away to the poor without, at some point, PRODUCING something! If Obama is re-elected – you can count on it – financial doom is right around the corner!

    If you support Obama – you support all of these things. You should be ashamed of yourself as an America – if you are an American.

    America would never have achieved greatness ie., automobiles, television, electricity, our great cities, radio, airplanes, mass production, Mt. Rushmore, the Hoover Dam, computers, the stock market, sports, home purchases – “the America dream” – if people like Obama had been in charge since 1900.

    America achieved her greatness through freedom, innovation, lack of government regulation, ambition, education and the knowledge that if you worked hard and worked smart you could better your financial situation and make for a better life and future for your children – and they, in turn, would be able to do the same.

    Please vote AGAINST the poison that is Obama.

    Vote FOR America.

    God bless America and our brave military.

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