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  • Obama’s Only Four Years

    by Founder on September 7, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Obama will ask for more time. He will have no more time.

    The American tax payers are not stupid, in fact we are quite educated and intelligent.  “We the People” will not give Obama “more time”.

    He has had enough time. He has had too much time.

    In fact, the man should have been impeached for his complete disregard to the Constitution, the leaking of national security information to other countries and his obvious crusade to destroy anything and everything that made America who she is.

    Obama’s only four years have brought us….

    High Unemployment – over 8.2% for 45 straight weeks now – and this is with manipulation of the numbers! 45 straight weeks – about the same amount of time Obama has been campaigning for his re-election. Obama has done NOTHING to grow jobs in America and in fact has hindered job growth and creation.

    Massive Debt – Obama has added $5 TRILLION to the debt with absolutely nothing to show for it – just payoffs, bribes, entitlements and wasted money. Obama just borrows, taxes, prints and spends – he has no regard for financial accountability and has not had a budget his entire term!  This is insanity – and this cannot be allowed! The American people deserve better than this!

    Racial Division – Obama has racially divided this great country like never before except back to the nasty division and hatred in the South decades ago. Obama has promoted anything and everything black and shunned anything and everything white. Whether it’s the Black Panthers whom he loves , or the Trayvon murder that her stuck his racism into or his love of the “Reverend” Jessie Jackson or for the race baiting Al Sharpton, Obama has proven his racism throughout the past 3 and a half years.

    Obama loves the “black” crowd and he hates the white crowd – it is so obvious he is even quoted as saying “typical white person” in describing someone. Rather than look at all tax payers as Americans – he has divided the population by the color of their skin – which is sickening. Obama has set America back 50+ years with regards to race relations – all in the name of staying in power.

    Is this the leadership you expect from the President of the United States? Do you want a President who is an obvious racist?

    Higher Taxes – Obama will implement $1.6 – $2 TRILLION in new taxes beginning in 2013 – taxes that will punish small business, corporations, banks, insurance companies, high income earners, deter businesses from operating internationally and impose higher death taxes. This is another way sick way Obama wants to REDISTRIBUTE the wealth of this nation. He wants YOUR money! 

    Small Business Reluctance to Hire and Grow – We do not know what the tax rates will be. We do not know the impact of his Health Care plan on small business. Why grow the business if Obama is going to take away your money? Where is the incentive when your government needs to over tax you because of their ineptness in handling the finances?

    Main Stream Media Treasonous! – The media has been complicit to Obama’s crimes against America. They are only reporting what the White House tells them to report. The losers in the media should be thrown in jail. While they all proudly support what Obama is proposing – they are too stupid to realize that they too will be subject to his Marxist policies. This is an outrage to America and to the hard working tax payers of America. Stations like NBC, MSNBC, CBS , CNN  and ABC should be jailed for their part in the destruction of our great country.

    Outsourcing of Jobs7 out of every 10 cars made by GM are now made in China! Is the media reporting this? No they are not! Obama complains about Romney and Bain – but right in front of us his favorite auto company which he gave $50 Billion to is outsourcing the entire business to China! Wake up people! Obama is destroying the American economy!

    The Entitlement Mentality – Obama is offering “free money” if you want to come to America, or if you just don’t want to work. Obama offers all kinds of “free” goodies. He is enslaving entire inner city black communities in the chains of government handouts. This creates the “entitlement mentality” to where they don’t want to work for anything – they just want the government to step in and support them. Very sad indeed.

    Higher Energy Prices – Like Obama said “energy prices will necessarily sky rocket” with his “cap and trade” plan. This is what he has in store for America if he wins again – he just doesn’t have the balls to actually come out and say it. Get ready for higher energy prices people – even for you if you are a lib who supports these moronic policies.

    Government Control of Health Care – ObamaCare is not designed to create better and more affordable health care – all it is, is a method to REDISTRIBUTE the wealth of this great nation. This is what Obama wants – he does not like the middle class and was taught not to since he was a small child growing up. He wants to “spread the wealth” – in other words, the prick wants to steal MY and your money!

    A President Who Issues “Executive Orders” – only to go around Congress – Obama the dictator. He cannot work with Congress or the House because what he wants has nothing to do with America and who America is!  He has issued 150+ executive orders! Some of course worse than others. But my question is “why do they have to become law without the vote of Congress”?

    Congress makes the laws! This is in our great Constitution! Not some dope smoking college professor who hates our country! Wake up people!

    Blatant Pandering to Special Interest Groups – he desperately wants votes – this is all he thinks about. So he obviously and without fear panders to every group out there. The gays, the unions, the atheists, Latinos, illegals, women, blacks and the poor. Yet notice how they divide everybody up into voting groups? It is sickening – rather than govern for the people – by the people and by what is best for the people – they merely govern and bribe as they choose focused only on how to get re-elected and stay in power.

    Manufacturing Decline – where is the manufacturing in this country? Obama has destroyed the manufacturing industry. He doesn’t want it to exist – remember they are “corporations”! Obama has brain washed his legions of USEFUL IDIOTS to hate corporations. And we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world – 39.26%! So why would any corporation want to base itself here, when there are huge savings to be had in other countries? Obama hates business.

    Lack of Ambition – this is what is produced with the “entitlement mentality”. Why should these uneducated millions work when the government handouts they can get approach $30,000? They can make more money by taking advantage of government handouts than they can if they get a job! Plus they have all the free time they need! It’s sickening and it is enslaving these people into mediocrity – never to excel and fulfill their god given potentials.

    Elitism in the White House – The Obama’s act like a King and Queen, spending MILLIONS in tax payer dollars on their lavish vacations, expensive clothing and a complete abuse of the tax payer with their flaunting elitism. They need to realize that THEY work for us! “WE the People” are their employers – they are our employees. They work for us. They are accountable to us. They are public servants – to serve the public.

    The Obama’s need to be brought down a few notches and reminded of this – hopefully the November election will find them out of work.

    Weakening of Our Military – Obama has been cutting military spending, ridding our military of the true war warriors and replacing them with liberal pencil pushers who are puppets to Obama’s wishes.  In addition, Obama will push hard to destroy all of our nuclear weapons and completely disarm us – while the rest of the world keeps theirs and builds more. It is insanity and surely worthy of impeachment. In 2013 he will cut $500 Billion from oue military budget! This accounts for 42% of all the budget cuts he is making. Obama is against the military and is putting our entire country at risk everyday.

    Weakening View of America’s Strength Around the World – who fears America anymore? The entire world knows America has a weak and inexperienced leader. And they know Obama for who he is – and that is an incompetent Indonesian citizen who has somehow infiltrated the American government and bullied his way to the White House with dreams of bringing America down! The world leaders have ZERO respect for Obama. This is another reason why this man MUST be defeated in November so America can head herself back in the right direction.

    These are some of the atrocities this mad man has leveled upon America. I ask that you join me in the fight against Obama.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make yourself heard.

    Join us to help vote Obama out of office in November.

    Please tell all your friends and family, call them if they are in different states and implore that they vote AGAINST Obama and help restore this country to the great America WE know.

    Join the 80,000+ Constitution and America lovers who are members.

    Call your Congressman and Representative and let them know where you stand. WE must win this election to restore America. Vote Mitt Romney for President – it is our only way out!

    God bless America and our future.

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