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  • Vote the Muslim Out!

    by Founder on September 13, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Yes, I am talking about Barack Hussein Obama! Is that Muslim enough for you?

    Recently our US Embassy in Cairo was attacked by a vicious mob of Radical Islamists – filled with hatred for America and with blood in their eyes. They killed four Americans including our Ambassador to their country.

    What is Obama’s response?

    He sympathizes with the Islamists.

    And it has recently been learned that the US was WARNED 48 hours in advance of the attack! This is treasonous that Obama would NOT act! This is a total outrage and Obama should face serious punishment, jail or impeachment IMMEDIATELY for selling this country out!

    Obama wants us to curtail our 1st Amendment rights and have us not speak poorly of the Islamists! Is this loser kidding?

    There are millions of very nice, good people who are Muslims but:

    The Radical Islamists are scum and need to eliminated from this planet! Period!

    Rather than strongly condemn the Radical Islamists for their actions – like Mitt Romney did – Obama makes apologies for America and asks that we not talk badly about his people!

    If this isn’t grounds for impeachment, I do not know what is.

    How many more incidents will it take to show that Obama HATES America? And he loves, his people, the Islamists. How much more does it take for the moronic libs who support his trash?

    Obama has even supported the Muslim Brotherhood – enough proof?

    In fact he has today stated that the Islamists are NOT America’s enemy!! Hey Obama, why not have the balls to just come out and say it? Admit you are a Muslim – be proud of your faith – stop trying to hide it – the cat’s out of the bag anyway!

    Obama is clearly a Muslim. The President of the United States is a Muslim. I defy anyone to prove other wise!

    He has a Muslim name. He is an Indonesian citizen and he constantly talks poorly of the Christians and Jews. Most recently refusing to meet with Netanyahu concerning the problems in the Middle East.

    Apparently, Obama is too busy to meet with him – he is too busy campaigning in Las Vegas and arranging for his appearance on the Letterman show! Sickening!

    What more must this Muslim in the White House do to turn the libs off? Is this what the Dems/libs want? They want a Muslim running America?

    The Democrats who support Obama and his policies are sick anti-American slobs who should be jailed for treason. But who is going to do this to them?

    This is why “We the People” must rise up and take our country back from the terrorists in the White House!

    “We the People” must rise up TOGETHER and vote Obama Hussein out of office in November!

    You must realize that America is under attack – both here within our borders and outside our borders. And the main stream media is all for it! The libs are all for it. They are all for Obama and all against America.

    The Radical Islamists have attacked America on American soil – and they have killed more Americans on the anniversary of 9/11. What does our President do? He sides with the Islamists!

    Wake up people! Wake up Democrats and all you useful idiots who are supporting Obama! Wake the “F” up!

    When will you people see Obama for what he is? When will you see that Obama is trying to destroy America from within?

    Will it be when our economy completely collapses?

    Will it be when the tanks are rolling in the streets to quell the civil unrest that Obama’s policies will cause?

    You stupid Democrats/Progressives – the exact same policies you are supporting will soon come back to haunt you! Can’t you see this? Or are you really that stupid?

    At least the true Americans in this country – those that oppose Obama – we see him for the anti-American that he is. At least we know what he is doing – he is destroying our country.

    You liberals have no clue!

    Do you not care about your children? Do you not care that, they too, grow up in a great America? Or would you be happy with an Obama third rate Banana Republic?

    Are you liberals that stupid and that selfish that you do not care about the next generations? You only care about keeping power now? And paying/getting your “entitlements” now? Irregardless of the consequences?

    The dumbing down of America by the liberals – solely so they can get their votes – is what is destroying our great country.

    We must cut the head off of the snake. This is how you destroy a snake – you go right to the source – right to the top. Therefore we MUST vote Obama out of office and rid him and his supporters from Washington forever.

    We must restore the greatness back to America now! Before it is too late! And if Obama gets re-elected it will be too late!

    Obama must lose in a landslide to show who the true Americans are – we are not the slimy libs who hate this country – but we are the millions of hard working tax payers who make this country the greatest country on the planet.

    Vote the Muslim out!

    Please join us here as we fight against anything and everything that is Obama and his America hating wife.

    Join us and make your voice heard today!

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    Questionman September 13, 2012


    The attempt to demonize one of the most intelligent and compassionate people on this earth is lame and desperate in the extreme. Carter was an “eat your vegetables” President in a very difficult period of time who had the unfortunate circumstance of being Commander in Chief when the Desert One fiasco (which led to increased military interoperability in future missions) happened. There is no oil embargo/crisis, yes, the economy sucks, unemployment is not good but it gets better each month, and Osama bin Ladin is STILL dead, and General Motors is very much ALIVE. Neither would be the case if a Republican were sitting in the White House.

    Not only are you racists so desperate to link Obama to Carter, but you are desperately trying to make America forget what Bush has done to the whole world. I highly doubt Romney will be as good given the same situation Obama had and still is going through during his presidential session.

    No, the people like you who are using the deaths of Americans and an international crisis to attack the President who are the traitors. accusing the President of being a traitor. Shame on you….wait…Man I’m stupid. You racist bigots HAVE no shame, no class, no sense of respect!

    He is not a Muslim and he has done nothing that could be considered traitorous. He is just another president like all his predecessors who has done some good and made some mistakes. He is not a Communist nor a Marxist and I am sure he and every one of his predecessors loved America.

    Even if they made horrible mistakes at the time they though they were doing the right thing for the good of the country. Calling anyone names is childish and not contributing anything positive to American politics and there are politicians who do call names and who are childish. He is not the best president or the worst we ever had and he certainly has greater problems that the majority of presidents have had to deal with. History will judge how well he handled them.

    Obama has not been blocked by the Supreme Court for any unconstitutional decisions. It helps little if you think some of his bills are unconstitutional if the Supreme Court does not, as, frankly, nobody gives a damn about your opinion compared to theirs.

    No. As a student of political science, I can tell you that his ideas are remote from Marxism. As a matter of fact, economically (although not socially), he is farther right than Hitler (and no, the Nazis were not Liberals, that is the most retarded assumption whatever moron who thought of it ever made). He has not supported any foreign power against his own country, hence he does not class as an Enemy of the State.

    Communism is a single-party form of Socialism, and he has not shown any sign of abolishing the Republicans.

    No, he is trying his best to fix Ameica. It is hard to turn a recession around, but he has actually cleaned up a lot in some sectors of the economy. Mitt Romney, for example, has made millions from his stocks due to Obama’s cleanup of the stock market.

    his father was an atheist from Kenya (one of the most Christian countries in the world) while his mother was a Christian from Kansas. He himself is a Christian. And No, he has not committed any crimes.

    You losers just can’t admit I’m right, you resort to character Assasination like the racist asshole you are!

    I am right. Anyone who hates Barack Obama do so because he’s black. You can’t stand having black people in the White House, as proving by refereing the First Lady as “Moochelle” thanks to the head racist, limbaguh.

    This is further proof that Americans will chose to stand with their President…as long as he’s White!


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