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  • Obama’s 47%

    by Founder on September 19, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Just recently Mitt Romney made the comment that Obama has 47% of the voters locked up because these are the people who are dependent on the government – for welfare, food stamps, Section 8, free Health Care – and a myriad of other entitlements.

    Mitt Romney was 100% correct in this statement – that 47% of the population is now dependent on Obama for all their needs. How many of these people actually want to be in this position? I do not know – but MOST of the 47% want to be there and EXPECT the government to give them handouts.

    This is the America Obama wants – he wants everyone making about the same amount of money, living in the same type of house, eating the same types of food and getting the same type of health care – THIS is the sickness that is Marxism and this is the poison that is Obama.

    Mitt Romney actually wants America to be what she always was – that is a place where anyone has the opportunity to better themselves and provide a better future for their family. An America where Capitalism reigns supreme NOT “redistribution”.

    Obama wants “redistribution of wealth” – where he takes it from one class of society, bundles it together and hands it out to another class of society. This is NOT America and it is NOT the American dream.

    Even though everyone knows Romney is right in his statements – the media is attacking him and the White House is attacking him. The facts are the facts – it has been printed and discussed over and over again – 47% of America is leeching off the government – and it has to stop!

    The left knows Romney is right – but they view what he said as the “unspeakable”. You are not supposed to say these things. The left libs do not like to hear the truth – they like to live a life with their head stuck in the sand – NEVER acknowledging the real trouble America is in and the financial cliff that is fast approaching.

    Obama cannot get the votes of the hard working tax payer. He has proven over and over again that he is AGAINST the American tax payer and holds all his hopes in those who are getting a check from the government.

    Obama cannot tout his Marxist ideology to the American tax payers because they are 100% AGAINST his policies. The ones who are for Obama are those who benefit from his Marxist and Redistribution policies.

    This can be referred to as the “tipping point” of America. Are there now MORE people who collect from the government than there are of those who pay taxes to the government? Is it now just about equal? This is then the tipping point.

    This is why I firmly believe that ONLY tax payers should be allowed to vote. We are the ones with a stake in what is happening – those that pay no taxes and wait for a government check each month – should have ZERO say in what is happening. You want to vote? Get a job, pay taxes and vote – otherwise shut up!

    Yet THESE are the people who are trying to keep Obama in office – these 47%. These people who should have no say – seem to be having all the say. And Obama keeps fueling the “class warfare” flames as much as possible. He is pitting those 47% against the rest of America – this is the sickness and poison that is Obama and his policies.

    But half of America seems to be buying into his crap. Obama lays out this plan and his policies and does so with that big smile and everyone falls for what he says. Is half of America really this stupid? It would be very sad if this were true.

    This is NOT what America is about. If those since 1900 had this “entitlement” attitude – America would not have been built. America would not have achieved her greatness without the OPPOSITE attitude – that of innovation, hard work, smart work and independence – THIS is what Mitt Romney wants for the people – he does not want to enslave them in low wages for the rest of their life – like Obama is trying to do.

    Obama is appealing to the non Americans – those that are lazy – those that are happy with just existing – those happy with making $14,000 a year for the rest of their life – those that have no pride – those that just want to get “free stuff” – theseĀ  are the Obama voters – yet they do NO represent America = now r will they ever.

    Romney was 100% correct and he best stand by what he said – because America needs to hear the truth – not the Obama lies.

    This 47% needs to get OFF of government support – NOT embrace it.

    This 47% needs to get the tools to be independent – to understand that they can be better – that they can do whatever they dream – that America is the land of opportunity – NOT the land of “sit ion your ass and get free stuff”.

    TANSTAAFL – I was taught this at an early age in school – “there aint no such thing as a free lunch”. Do they still teach this in school? I do not know – but they certainly should.

    They need to be taught INDEPENDENCE at an early age – NOT government dependence.

    America is in big trouble and is being attacked from within – by Obama and his poisonous policies.

    This election in 48 days will decide the future of America.

    Choose Obama and you choose Marxism, redistribution and despair.

    Choose Romney and you do NOT get Marxism. You get a man who believes in working hard, being entrepreneurial and growing the economy through Capitalism and personal growth. This is the opposite of what Obama wants – it is your choice.

    I personally believe Obama will lose in a landslide. No matter what the polls say – I do not believe them because they are out out by a liberal and biased media.

    I believe Obama is done. The true Americans will rise up in the millions and vote this bum out of office.

    Please join us here and make YOUR voice heard today.

    Join us as we fight to rid America and Washington of Obama forever.

    Join us as we fight to keep the Constitution relevant.

    God bless America, our flag and our Constitution.

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