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  • Obama’s Debate Disaster

    by Founder on October 5, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    “Disaster” is the word for it.

    President Barack Hussein Obama was completely embarrassed by Mitt Romney in the first Presidential debate held October 3, 2012.

    Obama was exposed for the complete moron that he is. He looked bewildered, lost, high and stupefied as Romney exposed him as being, literally, an idiot.

    Obama was without his teleprompter. He was without his prepared speech. He was without the help of the main stream media and he was without any answers.

    You see, Obama has no answers. He never has.

    I predicted, many times, that Obama would get crushed in the debates because he has nothing to say.

    As we all know, Obama cannot tell the truth about how he wants to run this country. All he can do is lie about what he thinks the American people want to hear. And Obama is a great liar, he does it every day – he is a pathological liar.

    The problem is that – what the American people want to hear is exactly what Romney has to say and what Romney said!

    Romney doesn’t have to lie. He is a conservative – and the American tax payer wants a conservative in office – NOT a Marxist.

    Romney performed with honesty and leadership. Obama was detached and at a loss for what to say and just how to say it.

    Romney completely embarrassed Obama and exposed him as the Marxist, America hating A-hole that he is.

    Because of this debate debacle for Obama you can now expect the Obama administration to begin a cut throat attack on Romney, as this is the only tactic they know.

    The Obama team will now begin to tell new lies about the economy, the unemployment figures and Romney’s character.

    You aint seen nothing yet! Obama will begin to pull out all the stops and play real dirty! Chicago style dirty!

    Obama cannot say that he wants to destroy the American economy, or that he wants to destroy the middle class, or that he wants to destroy the dollar, or that he wants complete government control over every aspect of your life. He simply cannot say these things – as the world and the American tax payers watch.

    Obama’s only choice in these debates is to lie, just as he has done the past four years. Lying at every turn, every day and to every question.

    This is just the beginning folks. The Romney camp has just started.

    Just like the Obama camp is pledging to be more prepared for the next debate – so will the Romney team be prepared to put their foot down even harder on Obama’s scrawny Marxist neck as they tighten the noose to guarantee the end of Obama’s political career.

    In the debate, Obama lied over and over again, and Romney would call him out on it – it was classic! This is how each debate will run. Romney will crush Obama in each of the three debates, one down two to go.

    The only people surprised at the debate outcome are Obama’s clueless supporters and the equally clueless main stream media.

    It is the American tax payers, not only against Obama and his policies, but also against the main stream media.

    Obama has again called on the main stream media to step up the attacks and lies on Romney in order to help him win this election again. And the MSM is so stupid, they actually do what the Marxist says!

    The problem is, that the liberals, the Marxists – they have no ideas. They have no platform. They are against America and all she stands for. But they cannot say any of this in front of the 70+ million who were watching and who will watch the remaining debates.

    Obama is done. He is an embarrassment to our country. He should have been in jail and/or impeached years ago.

    It was truly a pleasure to watch Obama reduced to the babbling fool we all know he is.

    The only people rooting for Obama in the debates are either stupid, uneducated or simply hate our great country. And this group of people folks – is a small, very small minority.

    This is why Obama will get crushed in the election. It doesn’t matter what the polls say, or how this fool does in the upcoming debates – he is done.

    Obama will lose in a landslide come November 6 and there is nothing he can do to stop this.

    However, this isn’t saying he won’t pull out all the stops to win.

    Obama may launch an air strike on Libya before the elections. He will manipulate the unemployment figures down as low as he can before the election. He will lie about the status of the economy before the election. In short, he will do anything he can to win the election again.

    This is how the liberals think. They only think about power and retaining power. They are NOT thinking about the betterment of America and the well being of the tax payers – they are only concerned with retaining their power and reducing the power of the people.

    The only way Obama can “win” re-election is through massive voter fraud or possibly declaring martial law – but even these tactics may not work as the American people will rise up, storm Washington and literally throw this A-hole Marxist out into the streets, along with his America hating, angry wife – forever to be banned from politics and forever scorned as individuals of this country.

    Notice I said “individuals of this country”, I did not say “citizen”. I do not believe he is an American citizen and I do not believe he was born in America.

    Obama is a fraud. The greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people and the main stream media is just as guilty.

    It was obvious that Romney crushed Obama in the debate and he will do the same in the next two debates.

    Obama has no where to turn. Heis trapped. He cannot speak of what he wants to do and unfortunately for him, he now has a four year track record that is an abysmal failure and a complete disaster.

    All Romney has to do is keep repeating Obama’s record, immediately refute Obama’s many lies and simply speak of his Conservative ideas/plans. This is the recipe to repeatedly expose Obama for the slimy poison that he is.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us as we continue the daily fight to rid Obama from Washington forever.

    Join me and our 80,000+ other members as we contact Washington everyday in our effort to eradicate the poisonous terrorist that is Obama.

    God bless America, our troops, our flag, Capitalism, innovation, entrepreneurs and the American tax payer.


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    Questionman October 6, 2012

    The Rantings of a Hateful Racist, Bigoted lying hypocritical Lunatic

    Having a black man as President of the United States turns people insane, and you are the living proof!
    Just because Obama cares for the lower and middle class doesn’t mean he’s evil, you dumb minded cancervative. Yes I Cancervative as in Cancer to America. You people call me a hater. Up yours. I am a hater, a hater of hate. I hate haters! that’s you racists all over. Tell me, Klansman., What’s so Patriotic about saying how a President of the United hates America?
    You’d have to be an asshole to defend John Sununu’s statement calling our first Black President ‘lazy,’ as anything more than pure racism in its ugliest form.
    It might help to consider other clues. This racist (John Sununu) wasn’t your average Joe Blow racist shootin’ the shit in some parking lot in Nashua. Mr. Sununu is no dumb ass racist. He is a smart bitchy racist…just like Romney.
    Romney and Sununu planned HOW to call Obama ‘lazy’ and on which day and on which national TV station. They knew they would be accused of being racist. That is why they did it. They knew you would get that tingling feeling on the back of your neck when you got inspired enough to defend them. And they know how important the tingles are in your decision making process.

    To the average network news viewer, unaware of the odious worldview and extreme treachery of which this party is capable, all of this will appear preposterous – as preposterous as Obama being a dedicated Marxist and Islamist sympathizer who wishes to punish America for its centuries of living off the backs of “the workers” and the little brown people of the world.

    It’s obvious you are full of hate. And if people can say what they feel. So will I!

    Get this through your thick head, Klansman.

    Obama is NOT a Marxist!

    he is a Christian, Not a Muslim. No, he saved America from a certain depression. People seem to think he is magic and can instantaneously fix the economy. Positive growth for each month for nearly 3 years. That is pretty damn impressive. Obama does NOT hate AMerica. You hate having black people in the white house. If he did, he wouldn’t live in America. He has committed no crime. No, he is the POTUS lawfully enacting an Executive Order. Don’t cry about what a President can or cannot do until you actually know the law.

    Obama is NOT a fraud. ANyone who calls him that is a hard-core racist!

    Either you willfully ignores the abuse of power by Republican presidents, making his opinions little more than lazy, dishonest, GOP propaganda, or Leininger is well aware of recent history, but tacitly approves of the sexual torture of children, as long as it serves the interests of the Republican Party.

    I like how the history-challenegd racists bitch and moan whenenever Obama is compared to your Cancervative god, Ray-gun!

    Not the Reagan fantasized by the Tea Party today but the real Reagan that negotiated with the left instead of holding them hostage, was liberal on social platforms, and used religion only as a tool in the Cold War. Raised taxes 11 times, etc.

    You people want to tank the country just to get Obama out. You are so full of hate.

    So when the unemployment rate goes up everything is legit but when it goes down its fraud? And yes I do realize the drastic number drop, but you are accusing the expert economists at the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be criminals? These conspiracies from both sides get more absurd from week to week.

    Let’s face it, President Obama’s performance was not his “A” game last Wednesday. Does that give people like Chris Matthew, Ed Schultz, etc., the right to ridicule our President as if he hasn’t been prosecuted by racists teabagging Republican party the last four years? Romney won One round and you dingbats acted like he won the whole freaking thing, which he won’t!

    Your a flat-out liar trying to deceive and scare people into following your ideology. You come up with a conclusion first and then look for anything to use that will support it. When you call anyone a liar, you need to prove it. Listless performance? Obama wasn’t performing, Romney was. President Obama realized he was dealing with a shapeshifting liar. You can’t debate a liar who is all over the place and contradicts his own policies, so why bother even trying? I though president Obama handled himself honorably, measured and very presidential. Romney descended into the gutter calling the president a childish liar and “cheated”, by lying, according to the rules of civic debate. What was very revealing is all the pundits and journalists who are outraged that president Obama did not voice their words the way they wanted, even on MSNBC. President Obama just let Romney weave his own noose for later. A perfect example of that was NOT brought up was Romney’s lie ( like the 47%). It frustrated Romney so much he ran over to FOX so he could finally get out his prepared response Obama thwarted. ( He totally made a hypocrite out of himself on Hannity saying he was wrong,ha,ha,). Only in America does a liar win a debate.

    They know Obama is not a Muslim, socialist, communist, Marxist, radical. They just don’t care.

    The party that creates and spews racist lies about the President Birth certificate, his idealogy, his religion, his personal life, his loyalty, etc. No other President had ANY of those this questioned, but then again, none of those Presidents were black!

    You love playing holier than thou. God you are pathetic. Character Assassination is the racist right has left! Well it is apparent you have not been following politcs long or have you served in the military President Obama whom some people have forgotton the respect that is due to him for holding that title is one of our best. Republicans hate him more than they love America they wanted him to fail and have worked togetheras a party to do that what our we showing our children on how to get along this is 2012 why are we still showing polical racism. Not only managing to demean Obama’s records but try to erase the legacy of Geroge W. Bush from history!

    Racists and bigots like you make this country look bad. I call you what you are, you resort to Character Assassination because you can’t rebute your hateful BS!

    I’m right, you’re wrong. End of Story. Next Time Grow the f up and Shut the f up!


    Sullivan October 10, 2012

    The Audacity Of A Dope. He is the worst I had him pegged 4 years ago as a communist puppet and a phoney jerk, I thought he it was outrageous to say the least. That he was suddenly on every channel giving a speech on racism, seemed more then a little odd, this was right out of the communist hand book, but much more obvious. I never heard of this guy and suddenly he is on every TV Channel lecturing the Nation. the media is so corrupt bought and paid for by the Communist Democrats and there network. They hate America and they have destroyed this country. So they pump up this Gay Muslim Idiot who reads off a teleprompter I still can’t believe anyone ever voted for him. The Liberals problem is since they don’t believe in a real God they believe in everything else, well their paper mache joke felt to pieces in front of the whole country. Obama is Hitler without a Brain or Economic Plan.


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