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  • Joe Biden the Clown

    by Founder on October 12, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    What an embarrassment – both to the United States and to the Democrat Party.

    This person is the Vice President of the United States?

    Last night Joe Biden and Paul Ryan faced off in a nationally televised “debate” on the issues facing the American people. Yet, even though the issues we all face are very serious, Biden thought they were funny, in fact very funny.

    The fact that the liberals thought that Biden did a good job perhaps says more about the liberals than it does about Joe Biden.

    Biden acted like a child while Ryan acted like the mature adult that he is.

    Throughout the debate Biden was on display with a myriad of facial expressions and body language that over shadowed any answers he may have given.

    Who could listen to anything this buffoon was saying while he was laughing and smirking his way though the debate.

    Biden displayed his arrogance for all to see. He was an embarrassment to the hard working tax payers of this country.

    Biden’s performance was demeaning and disrespectful not only to the American people but to his opponent, Ryan.

    Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times – 82 times!

    What an asshole – that is the only word for this guy.

    Raddatz interrupted Ryan 31 times!

    This shows what happens to a person when they are in “public service” for their entire life – leeching off the tax payers and never having a real job in his life.

    Now who else has the same resume? That’s right the Commie Obama – a life long government leech who has never held a real job.

    It didn’t matter what topic was asked by the biased moderator – Biden smirked and laughed.

    Even though Ryan was acting the adult role – just about every answer Ryan proffered, Biden was over there smirking, shaking his head, rolling his eyes or simply laughing at Ryan.

    This person is paid a salary by the tax payers? talk about a waste of tax payer dollars!

    The American people deserve better than Biden, much better.

    The American people deserve two adults in the White House who actually love America and are sincerely concerned with the problems we all face.

    Biden’s performance was a slap in the face to all the hard working tax payers in America.

    Biden has no clue. he is living in the bubble that is Washington DC. he doesn’t have a care in the world as everything he needs is paid for by the tax payers.

    If this isn’t the best argument for term limits, I don’t know what is.

    No politician should be able to leech off the American people for their entire life – and on top of it, then act as arrogantly as Biden did – right in the tax payers faces.

    No matter what the topic – Benghazi? Biden laughed and said America had never been asked for more security. A complete lie.

    American officials had been asked to provide more security for the Embassy – but twice or more – declined the request!

    The economy? Biden laughed. Is the economic condition of America funny to you? The tax payer? well it apparently is funny to Biden.

    Is the fact that ObamaCare is a financial disaster funny to you? Biden thinks it’s funny.

    And to top all of this off you have the moderator, Raddatz, who was clearly on the side of the moronic libs – so in effect it was two against one – Biden and Raddatz against the adult in the room, Ryan.

    The “debate” was a joke – maybe that’s why Biden was laughing.

    Biden didn’t take it seriously. And Obama didn’t take his debate seriously either.

    Since Obama did such a horrendous job in the first Presidential debate, Biden felt as if he needed to attack Ryan at ever chance – and attempt to make Ryan look the fool.

    Only problem is the exact opposite happened.

    Biden looked the fool. Biden looked like a clown.

    As serious as the event was, to those who love this great country – it was almost unwatchable.

    Biden laughing at every response of Ryan, and just seeing how stupid and immature Biden was acting made the “debate” very hard to watch.

    This event was a great argument as to why we desperately need a change in Washington.

    Biden needs to go. Obama needs to go. All of Obama’s appointees need to go.

    The Presidential election will not be decided by the Vice Presidential debate and there will be no “bump” for Obama – if anything the Romney lead will grow.

    Obama is done. Biden is done. I know it, you know it, the media knows it and this is why the liberals are in major desperation mode.

    The next nail in Obama’s coffin will be the next Presidential debate.

    All of the polls put out by the main stream media are lie and distorted to favor Obama. Do not believe them.

    Romney/Ryan have a huge lead and the only tactic Obama will be using between now and the election is to try and defame Romney and Ryan. They have nothing else and they know it.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us vote these losers out of Washington forever.

    Join me and the 90,000+ others who are members and make your voice heard.

    help us take back our country from these buffoons and help us restore the Constitution as a way of governing our great nation.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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    Skans October 12, 2012

    Joe Biden looked like an evil clown from one of those bad Halloween movies in that debate. I suppose in a more sobering and surreal way Biden resembles Pennywise the Clown. Pennywise is a grotesque creature of Stephen King’s imagination that bullies, frightens, cajoles, tortures and murders children, feeding on their souls. Watching Joe Biden jeer, smirk and smile, just like Pennywise smiles (we all float down here…come have a balloon and you can float too, in the sewer), was down right creepy. This is our second in command? The real Joe “Pennywise” Biden? The President appears to be doped up on whatever Michael Jackson overdosed on, and Joe Pennywise Biden pops out of a tin box to hand out free balloons to all who will take them. Joe Biden is one sick demented SOB. Now, that’s scary!


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