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  • Romney vs. Obama and CNN

    by Founder on October 17, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    The second Presidential debate is over and again Romney clearly came out on top.

    Yet, today the main stream media will do their best to say that it was Obama who was the victor.

    In reality, what happened was a disaster for Obama.

    Obama came across as very angry, hateful and bitter towards what Romney stands for. It was an ugly display by an ugly person.

    All Obama did the whole debate was lie. This is his only remaining strategy, that and attack Romney for his wealth. It was a sad display by Obama and CNN.

    Yes, Obama was on the attack but there was no way he could erase the debacle that was his first debate disaster.

    And for the third contestant? CNN and Candy Crowley were in a word “disgusting”.

    CNN - the Communist News Network – doing all they can everyday to lie to the American people. Be it Candy Crowley or the demented Soledad Obrien – CNN is complicit to the destruction of America and should pay for their actions.

    Obama was given 9% more talk time. Romney was cut off on many occasions (22 times) and now allowed to rebut what Obama was lying about.

    The icing on the cake was when Candy Crowley actually tried to fact check Romney on the Benghazi scandal – when in fact, Romney was 100% correct in what he was saying.

    This debate was a disaster for Obama and, once again, clearly showed that the main stream media ie. CNN is “in the bag” for the Muslim scheister.

    Even Obama’s America hating wife broke the rules by applauding for Obama after Crowley interjected her trash into the debate – it was a sad site to see – and a clearly very desperate act by the pathetic Obama’s.

    Obama was lying all night.

    He lied about cutting taxes for the middle class and small business.

    He lied about what Romney said on 60 Minutes concerning tax rates.

    He lied about Romney’s view on the Arizona immigration law.

    He lied about how much time he was getting from the debate moderator.

    He lied about Romney’s stance on Planned Parenthood with regards to mammograms.

    He lied about companies being able to ship jobs overseas and getting tax breaks for it.

    He lied about his claim that oil production is up under his administration.

    He lied about Romney’s stance with regards to the auto industry and wanting them to go bankrupt.

    It was just lie after lie and a sickening display by this pathological liar – all backed up and reinforced by Crowley’s moderation of this debate.

    This debate, moderated by CNN, was obviously an attempt by the media to get Obama back on track and get him a boost in the polls.

    When, in reality, it will hurt Obama because the American tax payers are not stupid – they, we, I can see right though this crap – and we can all see Obama for what he is – which is a fraud.

    Obama can change his tactics, he can change his demeanor but the one thing he cannot change is his record over the past four years.

    As long as Romney is given the chance to talk, all he has to do is keep harping on Obama’s abysmal record over the last four years. he did a great job of this last night even though he was debating both Obama and CNN.

    So the crowd was an “independent” bunch of “undecided” voters? Yea sure they were.

    How about the “independent “undecided voter” that asked the question about taxes and tax deductions? She was so concerned about her question she forgot the final tax deduction – she had to pull the preprinted question out of her pocket and say “oh yea, education deduction – this is very important to me because I have 2 daughters in college”.

    Yea sure lady. Where do they get these prideless stools from? It was a pathetic display – and soon, withing three weeks this fraud Obama will be voted out and America can once again right herself – and we can rid the poison of the Obama’s from Washington – forever.

    Obama should be embarrassed.

    Michelle my belle, the America hater, should be embarrassed.

    The main stream media should be embarrassed.

    Crowley should be embarrassed.

    But they all are not. They are empty fools who are clueless to their pathetic actions.

    All I can hope is that after all is said and done that these people be tried in a court of law for their treasonous transgressions and someday rot in jail.

    Romney won the 2nd debate – and Romney will win the election in a landslide.

    A fate the liberals will have a very difficult time handling.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

    Join my 90,000+ members who are against the Obama’s and all they stand for.

    Join us as we fight daily to rid Washington of the Muslim terrorist that is Obama.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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