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  • Time for “We the People”

    by Founder on October 23, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    The Presidential debates are now over.

    Obama has sadly lied his way through each debate, while Romney has attempted to be the “adult” in the room.

    Romney looked Presidential – Obama looked angry, condescending and full of mockery.

    Each debate was watched by upwards of 65+ million people.

    It is now time for “We the People”.

    It is now time for the people to vote.

    America has two choices – Capitalism and American exceptionalism or Communism and a government run Banana Republic – which will the people choose?

    Do you want four more years of high unemployment with Obama?

    Do you want four more years of massive government control under Obama?

    Do you want four more years of declining housing prices?

    Do you want four more years of rising deficits and uncontrolled spending with Obama?

    Do you want four more years of the Muslim world zeroing in on a take over of America and our courts?

    Do you want four more years of college kids graduating to face ZERO jobs available?

    Do you want four more years of Obama pushing people to get on food stamps?

    Do you want four more years of Obama appeasing our enemies and neglecting our allies (Israel)?

    These are the choices voters will make.

    Will the election start on November 6th and finish on November 6th? Or will there be a big problem with counting the votes, dragging out the decision for days or even weeks?

    What will the Obama supporters do if he loses the election? Will they follow through on their unchecked threats to riot in the streets?

    Or will the election go over without a hitch and one wins, one loses?

    Do you think Obama and his America hating wife are going to want to give up their power quietly and with dignity?

    Time will answer all of these questions.

    It is now time for “We the People” to rise up and act.

    Mitt Romney is our only hope to rid the poisonous Obama from Washington forever.

    We must all rise up, throughout the country and get out to vote. Take your family with you. Take your friends with you. Give people a ride to the voting booth.

    Do your part.

    The only way Obama can win is through fraud.

    Based on his abysmal four year record it is not possible for an educated populous to vote this man back in.

    Is it true that Obama has been buying more and more votes throughout his four years by expanding the entitlement rolls?

    Are there enough government workers, union members and entitlement leeches to vote this person back in as President?

    Or are there more hard working, tax paying, true Americans to rise up and grab our America and our future back?

    America was founded and developed through divine guidance, through a belief in God and the principles of “doing the right thing” – this is why I believe Obama will go down in flames.

    “We the People” are sick and tired of his bullshit, lies and deception.

    The true Americans across this country are the silent majority. It is only the media that gives the impression that the Obama supporters are the majority – they are not.

    You shall see in the election that the true Americas will pour out of the woodwork and CRUSH Obama in the election.

    Then all we have to worry about is the certain havoc that Obama will wreck in his lame duck time period – through the many “Executive Orders” that he will release – he will show his sickness in full view during this time.

    In two weeks America will choose a fork in the road – I urge you to vote for Mitt Romney and give your children an actual chance at success in the future.

    Please join me and our 90,000+ members as we get the word out and fight to rid Obama from Washington forever.

    Join us if you believe in Capitalism, American exceptionalism, military strength, entrepreneurs, responsibility, accountability and the belief that America was inspired and created divinely – through God.

    Join us as we take back our country from the terrorist in the White House.

    Join us today!

    God bless America and our brave troops protecting our freedoms.

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