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  • Voter Fraud and Obama

    by Founder on November 2, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    This is the only way folks.

    The only way Obama can win the 2012 Presidential election is through voter fraud – there is no other way.

    The American people – who work hard for their money – do NOT want anything to do with Obama and his trash Socialist policies.

    Yet you read about and hear about the “polls” that say that Obama is either in the lead or just behind Romney. How can this be? What has happened to our great country?

    Is it true that there are now more people sucking off the government than there are actually working for a living?

    Will these people be enough to vote Obama in again? Or will Obama also rely on voter fraud? This will be his only way.

    Unemployment is rampant at over 15%+.

    Housing prices have plunged.

    Incomes have plunged for the middle class.

    Class warfare is at a peak with Obama pitting the rich against the poor.

    Racial division is the worst it has ever been with Obama pitting blacks against whites.

    Entrepreneurs are on the defensive with Obama saying “they didn’t build their businesses – someone else made it happen”.

    Food prices have risen sharply under Obama.

    The cost of energy has gone way up under Obama.

    Government regulations are at an all time high.

    Obama has passed over 150 Executive Orders since taking office – bypassing Congress and the people at every turn.

    The world now views America as weak and leaderless.

    Obama left 4 brave Americans to die in Benghazi as they watched it unfold in real time from the White House and the Pentagon.

    The number of Welfare and Food Stamp recipients are at an all time high under Obama and the government actually advertises for more applicants.

    The public education system is at an all time low as the quality of teachers is on a steady decline.

    The Federal deficit has risen over $5 TRILLION since Obama has taken office and our “debt rating” has been down graded twice in 4 years.

    Yet through all of this – it is predicted that Obama will win re-election.

    Is the American public this stupid? Are there really so few who are educated to what is really going on? The unfortunate answers are “yes”.

    Obama voters are completely clueless as to current events. They are simply voting because of the color of his skin, because they are Democrat or because their existence depends on handouts from the government.

    The Founding Fathers warned us this would happen.

    The Constitution would only work if 1. those in power were men and women of virtue and 2. if the populace was educated and aware of what is going on – without these two things our great Republic would slip into TYRANNY – which is what is happening right before our eyes.

    There is no virtue among the political leaders – they are all selfish scum ruling only for themselves and to further enrich themselves financially and with more power.

    The populace is severely dumbed down as they become more and more dependent on the Federal government for their entire existence – from cradle to grave – and THIS is what Obama wants America to be.

    The only way Obama can be elected is through massive voter fraud and the evidence is already beginning to prop up.

    The voting machines are already showing up rigged – coincidentally only in the “swing” states. This will be their tactic – fraud in the states where it really counts.

    If Obama wins again – “We the People” should rise up and cause a massive Revolution tossing Obama out in the streets where he belongs.

    Why do you think the government purchased MILLIONS of rounds of bullets in the past months? They know they are going to commit fraud and they know the people will revolt – but they will be ready.

    Obama has put all of his power into place through his “Executive Orders” – ready to take Americans prisoner and to declare Marshall Law – this is the sickness that is this person and his America hating wife.

    If Obama wins re-election – the Congress needs to immediately begin impeachment hearings with regards to the Benghazi fiasco. But will this really happen?

    Will the main stream media actually cover this occurrence in an investigative way – or will they continue to bend over for the Marxist Obama?

    ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR and public television have all been complicit in hiding Obama ‘s true identity and the happenings in Benghazi.

    There needs to be a revolution – a “V for Vendetta” type of situation that will set these people straight.

    America is full of Patriots – we need to FIGHT for our Liberty – or Obama will steal it from us and every generation to come. We must fight! We cannot let this dirty Marxist steal America from us!Now is the time for “We the People” to stand up and fight!

    We cannot let liberalism/Marxism destroy our great country!

    America was a divinely inspired nation – inspired by God. We must now rely on and depend on God’s intervention and rid Obama from Washington forever.

    Please pray for America. Pray fro America’s future. What is God’s plan for his country?

    Time will tell.

    Please vote FOR Mitt Romney on Tuesday November 6th, 2012 and vote AGAINST the sick poison that is the corrupt Obama.

    God bless America.

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    Kim Hartfiel November 11, 2012

    I hear everyone screaming about this, but is seems no one is doing anything. What can we do to have a recount?!!!
    Thank you.


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