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  • Obama Wins 2nd Term

    by Founder on November 7, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    This is a sad day for America.

    This is an essay I did NOT want to write.

    What has happened to the greatness of America that would allow someone like Obama to win a second term?

    Who voted for this guy? 59 million people that’s who.

    But who are these people? What do they do for a living? Do they work?

    Did they grow up in America? You could not have grown up in America, experiencing all her greatness and then vote for this tyrannical Marxist.

    Unfortunately America is slipping away and it appears that there is nothing the true Americans can do about it.

    The more time a tyrannical Socialist is in power – the more people will become dependent on the government for their existence – and the less chance there is to vote this type of leader out.

    Those on welfare voted for Obama – they do not want to work and under Obama they will not have to – but what kind of life is this for them?

    Those on food stamps voted for Obama – they depend on Obama for their food – they do not want to work – and they feel if they keep voting for an asshole like Obama they will never have to work again.

    Obama is enslaving the 59 million people who voted for him.

    These people have no ambition.

    These people do not know the history of America.

    These people do not appreciate all those who have come before them – fighting for our freedom and our economic growth.

    The “leaders” of today do not care about you or the American dream. They only care about retaining their power – and they will do anything they have to do to do this.

    They will lie, cheat and steal – just as Obama has done during his first term.

    Obama is a sick person. He is sick with a hatred of America and a thirst for power and control.

    In a perfect world – of the Founding Fathers – the people who pay the taxes would now rise up and storm Washington – completely over throwing this tyrannical government and replacing them with those who would follow the Constitution.

    Throwing Obama out in the streets where he belongs.

    The media also needs to be held accountable for their bias and blatant disregard for the truth. I urge you to not watch ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or MSNBC and let their ratings go down into the toilet right beside their principles and morals.

    I call for an immediate BOYCOTT of any and all advertisers on these Communist channels. Let’s put these people out of the business of destroying our great country!

    The media did whatever Obama wanted them to. They said whatever Obama wanted them to say. Sad sheeple – the flock following their leader – right off the cliff.

    In a perfect world – of the Founding Fathers – these people in the media would be eliminated from their positions and would be replaced by those who could actually be partisan and objective.

    The  media was an arm of the Obama campaign and greatly influenced the brain dead people who watch them.

    The ironic part about all of this – is that the people who actually supported Obama (the libs) – the media who actually supported and built up Obama – it is these people who will suffer at the hands of Obama’s policies.

    It is not just the America lovers who will suffer – all will suffer. The media and Obama’s supporters think they are immune to his sick policies – but they too will be dragged down by his sickness.

    Obama has used all of these people. These people are Americans and Obama hates America – you do the math.

    Let’s face it – half of America or more is just plain stupid. The dumbing down of America is almost complete.

    What other explanation can there be?

    Obama is the worst President in our history – yet he is elected for as second term?

    The people that voted for him simply do not understand what Obama wants to do. They are too dumb and too busy watching NBC, ABC and CBS and the brainless shows that are offered.

    The people that voted for him do not want a better life – they are very happy with doing nothing, achieving nothing and being nothing.

    Obama has one plan for America – and that is to completely redistribute the wealth of this country. He wants to take the money from to those that have it – and give it to those that do not have much – this is his sick Socialist plan.

    This type of plan has never worked before and it will not work now. All it will do – and has done is keep these sick tyrants in power.

    If  you work, if you make money, if you pay taxes – Obama is coming after you. He wants a society where every one is financially the same – except for him and the other political leaders, of course.

    Obama is simply a stupid college professor who never got good grades in school. And his wife is an Americas hater to the extreme. Yet the media and 59 million people support and praise them. How sick is this?

    Obama got to where he is today by bullying people, suing people and lying his way to the top. He is NOTHING special – he is very far from special. He is a thug who needs to be treated like a thug – not fawned over like the media does with him.

    We now have a second term President who is a radical Muslim, in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood – and a person who is intent on destroying the middle class and all the wealth held by WHITE PEOPLE.

    That’s right white people. Just read his autobiography or his wife’s college papers – these two people hate white people and want desperate REVENGE on the white race – as he thinks it was the white race who was in power way too long – yes, Obama wants revenge.

    Now it is us, “WE the People” who must some how make it though the next four years.

    The mask is going to come off Obama in a big way. He does not need to concern himself with getting re-elected again. He now could care less.

    You will see a Marxist style of governing.

    You will see more of as police state.

    You will see Obama attempting to go around Congress and the House.

    You will see Obama appeasing our traditional enemies and kissing up to the tyrannical leaders of the world.

    You will see Obama pushing Radical Islam to expand more throughout the world and into America.

    You will see his ObamaCare being implemented and the higher taxes that go with it.

    You will see sides to Obama you have never seen before. Get ready America – it is going to be a tough battle over the next four years.

    Congress and the House must grow some balls to fight this terrorist and fight him hard.

    Unfortunately we must see political grid lock over the next four years to save what ever remnants of America that we can – and hope that we can actually elect someone who loves America – rather than hates everything we stand for.

    Congress and the House need to push very hard on the Benghazi issue – pushing for impeachment and justice for the American people.

    The fight is just beginning people. We fought for the last four years – we must now fight again – only this time harder.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution. Join us in the fight against everything that Obama represents.

    We can not just lay down and die – we must fight!

    We are Patriots – we fight for our freedom.

    We must push back against Obama and his America hating wife. We must push them for four years and then right out of office.

    Go bless America and please join us in this fight.

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