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  • Thank You Veterans 2012

    by Founder on November 11, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    The real Americans in this country thank all the veterans for their time served and for protecting our country from the evils of this world. While the Obama administration spits on our Veterans – real Americans salute and thank our veterans.

    Yet while true Americans thank and praise our veterans, it is the Obama administration and Barack Hussein Obama who spits on our great veterans everyday.

    What did our veterans fight for? What did they protect the American people against?

    They fought for our Constitution and they protected America against “tyranny” – yes the same type of government that the terrorist Obama is trying to shove down our throats – our brave soldiers fought and died for! How sick is this?

    Obama hates the Constitution and he hates what our military stands for.

    Let us never forget that Hussein Obama killed four brave Americans in Benghazi – when he saw that they were being attacked – and told our defenders to “stand down” – and NOT to protect these American representatives.

    Obama Hussein has this American blood on his hands and should be rightly impeached for this treasonous act. Never forget that this occurred.

    Obama wants s you to forget this with his diversionary tactics – but the true Americans will always remember this cowardly action – Obama should hang for this act of treason against America.

    Obama merely “uses” our great military as a pawn. He sickly uses the military to spread his terror and to spread the strength of our military thin.

    Just like any good Communist knowsHussein Obama spreads our military out throughout the world – thus weakening America. Hey, if our military is spread out throughout the world and we combine that with cuts in the military – we have a weakened America and a weakened military – right Obama, you freak?

    We just had a Presidential election, right? How did  the military vote go?

    Oh yea, the plane that was carrying all the military ballots overseas – “crashed”, right Hussein? The plane mysteriously crashed! Yea right!

    I wonder why?

    You see, 80% of the military was voting against Hussein Obama! That’s right, is it any wonder that the ballots didn’t reach these brave soldiers?

    Leon Panetta, where are the ballots? Why did they not reach our soldiers? You, my friend are a sick asshole – Court Marshall is the only justice for you.

    Imagine the military did not get to cast a vote in the Presidential election? This is sick, and a another reason Obama Hussein should be impeached.

    Thank you to our veterans.

    Thank you for your brave action in the fight against tyranny.

    Thank you to all the soldiers who lost their life and fought bravely – fighting for our Constitution.

    Screw you to Congress who sends our brave citizens into war!

    Screw you Hussein Obama for sending our brave citizens into war! You should be rotting in jail – instead or robbing our Treasury for your pleasures!

    Perhaps when Congress sends our brave citizens into war – the first responders should be the children of the members of Congress! Yes, I like this idea!

    The first responders should be Hussein Obama’s children. How about that Obama?  Let’s have your kids be on the front line as you indiscriminately send out brave citizens into battle. Would you still do it then?

    Let’s face it Hussein – you are scum. Your wife hates America and all white people and you despise the Constitution. Why don’t you have the balls to come out and say it? The both of you.

    Instead you are a coward. You couldn’t stand being on the front lines and you certainly don’t have the balls to send your children out to the front lines – nor Congress members children. You are a coward. A Pussy. A Pansy.

    You, Hussein Obama are a pathetic excuse for a human being. Some day, the good lord will judge you.

    You are being judged on this earth, but it doesn’t matter here  – there are too many scum balls just like you to allow this to happen and to actually condone your actions (like the media and all those that surround you).

    You must give it time.

    Long after your second term and when you are gray and dying – the good lord will take your life and administer the punishment you deserve.

    Remember, this country was divinely inspired – yes Hussein, by God himself. You, as an atheist can disregard God for now – you and your America hating wife – but one day – the day of reckoning – you will feel the wrath – the wrath of God.

    You, Hussein Obama will be punished. Enjoy your earthly fun while you can. But your time will come. I am sure of this.

    God bless our brave veterans.

    Hussein Obama despises you – but the American people owe everything to you.

    The illegal immigrants don’t think of you or care about you.

    The college students don’t think of you or care about you.

    The liberals don’t think of you or care about you.

    The welfare recipients and food stamp recipients and SSI recipients don’t care about you – they don’t think of you – they don’t even know you exist.

    But “We the People” know you are there and were always there for us.

    Hussein Obama doesn’t want the govt. leeches to think about you. He wants the govt. leeches to only think about him.

    Hussein Obama doesn’t want you to learn American history – he only wants you to hate those that work, pay taxes and those that “produce” in this society.

    Obama the terrorist is only concerned with his wife, his kids and him staying in power – that is the sickness and poison that is Obama.

    God bless our veterans and everything they have done for us.

    Our veterans have given us freedom and our liberties.

    Our veterans have provided us with free speech.

    Our veterans have allowed us all to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that our country is protected.

    Yet it is only within the past four years and for the next four years – that our sleep has been interrupted.

    The true Americans cannot sleep peacefully at night – because there is a terrorist in the White House – and his name is Hussein Obama. We have a Muslim in the White House and he is intent on destroying all that is great about America. You must realize this.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us celebrate our great Veterans.

    Join us as we battle against the Socialist scum that is Obama and his wife.

    Join us as we count down the days until Obama is out of Washington forever.

    1492 days. Then Obama is gone out of our lives forever – unless he is impeached before then – but this will require our Congress to grow a spine and a set of balls – highly unlikely.

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us fight Obama and all that he stands for.

    God bless America and thank you to our brave military – both at war and those who have fought for our freedoms.

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