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  • American Revolution II

    by Founder on November 20, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    How much are the American people supposed to take?

    When I say “American people” – I mean the tax paying, hard working “We the People”. Not the people in America who are leeching off the government, refuse to speak English and who refuse to work!

    Those that are leeching and refuse to work have no clue what is going on! They only know that they are waiting for their next “free” check from Obama – this is all they care about.

    How many times can the hard working citizens of this country be stepped on?

    How much abuse can we take?

    American Revolution II.

    How many more of our freedoms will we allow to be taken from us?

    Obama and his wife hate America. They are purposely trying to destroy the middle class and all that is great about our country! How long will we allow this to happen?

    Obama is no where to be found. He is over in Asia or some Communist/Socialist country schmoozing with our enemies – while our country’s economy disintegrates.

    Where is the leadership in this country?

    Harry Reid has stated he will not compromise with the people concerning taxes or spending.

    Obama has continuously lied to the American people about the tragedy in Benghazi.

    Susan Rice lied directly to the American people about the events in Benghazi- why isn’t she in jail?

    Eric Holder does not prosecute blacks at all and has scoffed at his own treasonous actions with regards to Fast and Furious.

    Leon Panetta has lied to the American people about Benghazi.

    Timothy Geithner wants to raise the debt ceiling to infinity – giving the American government unlimited borrowing and spending capabilities!

    Obama is giving unprecedented powers to the UN without any approval from Congress or the people.

    Congress is voting on a bill next week to allow the government the ability to look at anyone’s emails they want – without a warrant or probable cause!

    President Obama has passed a bill – the NDAA – that allows him to arrest and detain American citizens for any length of time that he wants – all at his whim!

    The Congress and Obama want to tax the hard working American tax payers even more than we are taxed now! They want to raise your taxes! Obama wants to raise them by $1.6 TRILLION!

    When are “We the People” going to hold these fools responsible for their reckless actions?

    How much more are the American people to take before we storm Washington and over run this corrupt government?

    Is it too late?

    If the American people storm Washington and demand the ouster of the corrupt politicians, will Obama turn the military on the American people?

    Will Obama declare “Marshall Law” and shut America down to allow the tanks to roll in the streets?

    Is it now impossible for the American people to right our tyrannical government?

    Obama thinks he is a king. He is traveling around the world spending millions of tax payer dollars while the American people struggle to survive. Obama thinks we are all stupid like his supporters! He thinks he has the American people under his control – is he right?

    What happened to the Declaration of Independence and it’s message?

    What happened to our politicians following the word of our great Constitution?

    The Constitution allows the American people to over throw any tyrannical government and to replace it with a new one – one that follows the tenants of the Constitution.

    What is happening here?

    These people in Washington – these politicians – they work for the people! We do NOT work for them! They are paid by our tax dollars – we control them – not the other way around!

    Are we going to let the government leeches on welfare and food stamps control our destiny?

    Are we going to allow the government to open the borders and actively invite illegals into America – just so they can give them freebies? Like welfare, food stamps and Health Care?

    This MUST end! “We the People” must rise up, storm Washington and throw these politicians out of office! We must regain our country again!

    Right now we are losing control of our great country and letting the Marxist Obama control our lives and dictate to us what we must do! Is this the America you want to give to your children?

    These complete imbeciles in Washington cannot balance a budget! They cannot spend our money responsibly! They cannot be trusted to do anything in our favor! Why are we allowing this?

    Why are the members of Congress and the House so spineless?

    Why aren’t our representatives standing up for the tax payers and demanding Obama follow the Constitution?

    Why aren’t our representatives demanding the politicians stop being corrupt and stop harming the future of America?

    Is it that all politicians are in on the deal to bankrupt our country?

    How can these people be so stupid? They walk around all day in their fancy suits, spending money like it grows on trees – yet in reality they are mentally ill morons who should hang their heads in shame!

    Unemployment is skyrocketing!

    Manufacturing is vanishing!

    Entitlement spending is in the trillions and growing!

    Housing prices are dropping!

    Inflation is rising!

    Energy costs are rising!

    The dollar is dropping in value everyday they continue to print money!

    Illegal immigrants are flooding the country to collect Obama’s “free stuff”.

    The politicians are more arrogant and rude each day!

    How much more are we to take?

    These politicians need to be in jail – and at the least immediately replaced with those who love the country and will follow the Constitution!

    Who is with me? Who believes that a Revolution must take place?

    American Revolution II.

    Screw these politicians! Screw Obama and his America hating wife! Screw the Marxist members of Congress! Screw Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Janet Nepolitano, Barbara Boxer, Tim Geithner and Eric Holfder!

    To hell with them all! Wake up people!

    We must rise up and stop this abuse! We must rise up and take our country back! Our country has been hijacked by the assholes in Washington!

    They don’t care about you, your friends or your family. They only care about themselves.

    We must make the people in Washington afraid of “We the People”! We must make them very afraid of us!

    We owe this to the million or so brave soldiers who have died throughout the years protecting our freedoms and fighting for our flag.

    We owe this to all future generations who wish to live in freedom and pursue their dreams!

    We owe this to our Founding Fathers and all those brave soldiers who fought in the first American Revolution as they broke away from the tyrannical government in Great Britain.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

    Join us as we gear up to fight for our freedoms and our property.

    It is us against them – and we out number them by millions – please join us today!

    God bless America.

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    Questionman November 21, 2012

    Election lost ALSO revealed Racist Right don’t know ANYTHING about economics or how it works!

    All you know that if the economy is bad, it’s the Black Man’s fault! That’s ALL you racists know about the economy as the patrons of hate-radio, the head racist Limbaugh taught you!

    I know you hateful losers blame Obama for Hostess Shutdown:

    Proof #1 that the racist right don’t know what the economy works!

    sane people know that

    but they also read past talking points and see that company has been in trouble for past 10 years
    and wall street investors had claws in ti past 8

    the president cannot directly influence the Free Market Economy…That would take an Act of Congress. Obama’s not relevant to this company past or future only that congress now should be pushed asap to get a jobs bill passed to help the 18,000 workers….who have also lost pensions but the CEOs got paid out

    shades of BAIN. If a company is shut down, it’s due to poor management and inactive of Congress, NOT the President!!

    Then that’s what you shall have; the conservative media “shelves” will be amply stocked with more lies about how Obama hates America, about how he ran up the debt all by himself, about how he’s going to destroy the country.

    Guess what racists. Jobless claims DID fall! Makes Sense. After all; It’s the Holiday Season. Aren’t MOST of the Department Stores looking for Seasonal Help ?!! :) And how can most work AFTER Sandy destroyed their homes, so yes. The Hurricane IS to blame, not the black man in office you racists keep pinning EVERY SINGLE bad thing on.

    You racists have President Obama was framed as a Kenyan-born, Communist, sleeper-cell Muslim terrorist with an angry, whitey-hating Black Panther for a wife and YOU WONDER WHY YOU LOST THE ELECTION?!?! Because of crap like this! You expected America to vote for the people who insulted their intelligence for the last four years?

    As a college gradute, and Obama voter, I am extremely offended by your condescending and opinion based articles. Your so called “facts” are twisted from personal opinion, and are so filled with hate, that your points cannot be considered credible. In fact your articles are so caught up in hate, that although you bring up a few valid points, your hatred veers you so greatly off topic that your articles have about 10-25% truth tied to them. I am also a 3.8 GPA finance major at the University of Minnesota. I would like to say that I am not a “stupid” human being and neither is anyone who voted for this man

    Obama is NOT a marxist. He is a capitalist of the highest order. I would know because I am a real Marxist socialist. For proof that he is a capitalist just look at who he has in his cabinet as evidence.

    Like I said, STOP telling people to wake the fuck up and YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!


    jd January 24, 2013

    ” i would know because i am a real marxist socialist”. You sir, have absolutely NO room to be considered for any thought whatsoever. You re opinion is not wanted nor valid. You’re a marxist socialist voting for a man you claim to be capitalist? Haha you contradict yourself so much its quite funny. Ps, no one said it had anything to do with race, thats the card you pull out when you have nothing credible to say against the facts. Get over yourself, and go on a site where people might actually value what you have to say. Seems to me youre the racist one by the way.


    Krish September 12, 2013

    Two of the things to worry about are the herchtlaae law (ObamaCare) amd Medicare. For some strange reason Romney and Ryan get away with their claim to be saving Medicare while changing it drastically. And then they promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare. I think most people kind of like the idea that insurance companies spend premiums on the medical care of the insured. Most people think it is wrong for them to deny insurance or to cap benefits if you get sick so repeal is a big mistake. As to replace, what will it be replaced with and how many years (if ever) will that take.


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