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  • Obama Wants the Cliff

    by Founder on December 5, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    Don’t kid yourself people.

    Obama wants this country to go over the so calledfiscal cliff“.

    He is so obsessed with taxing the rich – he will actually have all the American people go over the cliff – even though this additional tax would run the current government for only 8 days! It’s a drop in the bucket – but it is a “pay back” for Obama.

    Obama thinks there is a certain amount of money you can make – you have “enough” – then you have to give the rest away to the government – for redistribution – to those who can’t make any money. Isn’t that sweet by the Socialist?

    Obama hates the rich just as any good Marxist would – he hates that they earned their money by building a business – he loathes them for that.

    He must get his way and tax the “rich” higher or it is over the supposed “cliff” we go. And if we do – it is just more blood on Obama’s hands.

    If the proposed plan does not impose a higher tax on the “rich” – Obama will turn it down – even if the proposed plan solves the problem! This is how much of a Marxist this guy is!

    Obama has no interest in solving America’s financial crisis – he only wants to throw gas on the fire.

    Do you think Obama is sitting in the Oval Office late at night crunching the numbers and figuring out ways to reduce our massive debt?

    Do you think Obama is concerned about you? Or the middle class? Or your 401K?

    This is a hard core Marxist – and his only concern is “fundamentally transforming America” into a third world nanny state – run by a Dictator – namely Obama – whether it is him or his America hating wife – this is the America they want.

    If America goes over the cliff – all that will happen is that it gives Obama more power.

    He will ask for further “bailouts” to redistribute more money away from the tax payers and into the hands of the government leeches – you know – the ones who do not want to work and who only want to loaf around and collect their government check – ie. most if not all of Obama’s supporters.

    The RINO’s in Congress and the Democrats in Congress – save a few – have no interest in actually solving America’s financial crisis – their only interest is staying in power – keeping their jobs and keeping the free money train rolling – for themselves, their family and those who helped put them in office.

    If you were stupid enough to vote for Obama this Presidential election – then you shall soon see the real Obama and the wrath of a true Marxist as he does all he can to destroy America and the American dream.

    The “fiscal cliff” will produce higher taxes for everyone – except the majority of Obama supporters – who pay no taxes to begin with.

    You will soon see the effects of the disastrous ObamaCare which will begin to strangle small businesses and allow a new morass of regulations to sweep across America – as the government and the IRS tighten their grip on the American people and further erode our personal freedoms.

    Did you vote for this? I did not.

    Do the people who voted for Obama realize just how stupid that action was? The government leeches? The clueless, indoctrinated college students? The loafers? The illegals? The women? The Hispanics? The blacks? They will soon find out who and what they voted for.

    Obama wants the cliff.

    The “fiscal cliff” will have zero effect on how the politicians live – especially Obama himself and his America hating wife.

    These two and their family are living like they are the King and Queen of England.

    The tax payers spent $1.4 billion on these two from 2008 – 2012. Now for his second term you can count on another billion or two being spent their way – as they live in their richy rich bubble of wasteful spending – oblivious to the needs of the American people.

    They currently have 54 Christmas trees in the White House. How many do you have?

    Their brain dead supporters were revved up against the rich – but who is Obama? Who is his America hating wife? They are mega millionaires. These two live like billionaires – at the expense of the tax payers.

    They didn’t earn their money the hard way - they stole it – they stole all of it – from the government, from the tax payers and from the possibly thousands of law suits they have filed in their lifetime.

    They are leeching off the tax payers just like his supporters only on a more grand and obnoxious scale. But their robotic, brain dead supporters cheer them on – as if they were all deaf, dumb and blind.

    The Obama’s have a vacation planned – a 20 day excursion to Hawaii – at a cost of $4 million to the tax payers.

    How much did your last vacation cost? Did it get paid for by other people’s money? Or did you work hard, scrape together some money and pay for your own vacation?

    While the country has 25 million+ unemployed, while the tax rates are soon to soar, while middle class incomes are dropping and while the Muslim world is trying to take over the Middle East and soon America – the Obama’s will be lounging in Hawaii – basking in the sun at the tax payer expense.

    Obama wants the cliff. He will try to blame it all on “someone else”.

    The economy is Bush’s fault.

    Benghazi was a videos fault.

    Fast and Furious was Holder’s fault.

    Unemployment is big corporation’s fault.

    Never the fault of Obama, right Obama?

    Obama is a Marxist. He hates America and could care less if this country fails. As a matter of fact he probably cares deeply that is does fail – this is his goal and this is how he wants to be seen years from now – the great Commie who brought America to her knees.

    The path that Obama is leading all of us down will never sustain itself. Socialism never works for the people – it only makes the King and Queen bask in more riches.

    Obama will fail. The will of the American people will ensure that Obama fails. he will be brought down. He will not succeed.

    The American military will not turn on the American people as Obama wishes could happen. The military is made up of young men and women whose parents love America.

    Obama will have to come up with his own private military (which he’s working on) to take down the American people – this is why he has been purging the top generals from the military – to rid our forces of true Americans who would never follow his trashy dictatorship.

    Don’t fool yourself people, Obama wants this country to go down.

    But we are not the harmless and unarmed Europeans or Egyptians who we have seen run over by their leaders. We are the American people – who have fought and successfully won major wars – and who are also armed to the teeth – we will be tough to move aside.

    Obama will soon be gone forever – he may try to get his wife involved somehow – maybe the next President – but America will still be here – the will of the true America people will not die.

    My thoughts?

    1. The politicians should be in jail. They should all be thrown out of office, stripped of their stolen wealth and new representatives put in.

    2. Only tax payers should be allowed to vote. Voters should have a stake in the outcome – a financial stake. If you do not pay taxes? (except for those older folks on Social Security – who have earned it) you should not be allowed to vote.

    By allowing loafers, and government leeches to vote – look at who you get for a President? A loser college professor who hates America and loves Socialism – giving out freebies for votes – Obama is the sickest form of person who could possibly hold our highest office.

    3. Congress and the House need term limits – of no more than two years. Rid Washington of these lifelong politicians who are out of touch, living in a bubble and who only care about enriching themselves.

    Get ready for harder financial times – because THIS is what Obama wants.

    Please join us as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard against Obama and his America hating wife.

    Please join us as we count down the days to the next election and the restoration of America’s greatness.

    God bless America.


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    Milos December 9, 2012

    Your article is correct except for one thing….this time “true Americans” will not previal. There are too many indoctrinated, duped voters, whom no nothing of our “non-revisionist” history. And even sadder, many of them are what you could call “true Americans”, but the indoctrination has gone too deep for them to change their support of, what they foolishly believe to be, their “Democratic Party”. You will never convince them he is a Marxist. No, November 6, 2012 could accurately be labeled America’s “Dependence Day”, the day the country effectively voted to relinquish its’ basic freedoms. Yes, the real America has very likely ended on that day.


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