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  • GOP’s Wrong Agenda

    by Founder on December 13, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    How are we going to get Obama out of office?

    How are we going to get the Democrats out of power?

    How are we going to change the thinking of America’s “voting” population?

    The GOP, the “Republicans” are talking to the wrong people.

    The GOP is represented by many long term Congress members as well as House members. They are what is referred to as “RHINO’s” - Republicans In Name Only – most everyone knows this term.

    These “republicans” – these RINO’s – no longer represent the American people – the true Americans .

    They no longer represent the ones who believe in America and her greatness.  True Americans believe in Capitalism, a SMALL Federal government, lower taxes and freedom from the constraints of a massive and intrusive Federal government.

    Obama got voted in by his “base”. But who is his “base”?

    Obama’s base are those on entitlements. Simple as that.

    The recent election with Romney showcased a Republican party that had no clue as to who they should be talking to. They were talking to the wrong people!

    The Republicans were talking to other Republicans! When they, INSTEAD, should have been speaking to OBAMA’s BASE!

    Talk to the one’s enslaved by Obama’s policies.

    Talk to the one’s forever stuck on welfare and food stamps.

    Talk to the ones that the Dems have stripped of all ambition, innovation and desire.

    Talk to the ones who feel enslaved in chains by their “government dependence” – at low levels of pay.

    The GOP needs to talk to these people. The GOP needs to be talking to Obama’s base.

    There’s no getting around it – these Obama voters exist here – in America – and they aren’t going anywhere. So we need to address all of these people.

    In the mean time, Obama is doing all he can to INCREASE the amount of people on government “assistance”. He needs these people to be there so he can retain his power.They will vote for Obama simply because he gives them free stuff.

    However, if his base actually decided to “better their lives” then a guy like Obama would be screwed!

    The problem is that those on government assistance don’t know – that, as a human being with incredible potential – they are being screwed! They are being enslaved by the government to a life of dependence.

    This is the sickness that is Obama.

    Obama is enslaving these people in poverty for the rest of their lives – while at the same time living the life of a King! He and Michelle are living the life of royalty!

    Do you think this is right? All at the tax payers expense? Over his first term tax payers spent $1.4 billion on the Obama’s!

    The problem is – who are the tax payers?

    Do Obama supporters care about “tax” issues? The answer is “no they do not” – they pay no taxes!

    For the most part Obama supporters PAY NO TAXES! Yet they demand so much from society.

    I say screw them! We need sanity in our government or America is done! We are broke! Bankrupt – and about to collapse! Obama’s voters need to wake up!

    Obama is leading us right over the cliff and into the government’s hands!

    The GOP has their core voters. They have their base. They already have the 50 million or so that are simply voting against a Marxist America under Obama.

    Therefore, instead of speaking the language of a Conservative, hard working true American – you have to speak the language of an Obama supporter – it’s that simple.

    Stop addressing those you have in your back pocket – talk to those who are voting against you.

    “We the People” need to explain the the “entitlement receiving” voters of Obama – those voters who are brainwashed into believing that making $25,000 a year is “good enough”.

    This includes – free money, free housing, free health care, free food, free baby care, free lawyers and all free for them – but the reality is that TANSTAAFLthere aint no such thing as a free lunch. Nothing is free.

    These are the voters we have to convince Рthat there is more to life Рthat they have the potential to make $2.5 million  a week! If they wanted it. The sky is the limit for them Рwhy only make what the government tells you you can make?

    We need to teach them that getting free money – as little as a free $25,000 a year should NOT be good enough – that they have 100 times more potential than that!

    The GOP needs to create/offer programs that will get these people off of government assistance and on to much higher earnings and more freedom in life.

    The GOP needs to talk to these people and ONLY to these people!

    The GOP needs to constantly be promoting their programs to – employ those on entitlements – to offer them a better life.

    They need to show these voters how they can start their own business to better their lives, to show them that they do not have to be dependent on the government for their money and complete existence – that they have more potential than this.

    Rather than have these people think that those with money are bad people – we need to show them HOW to get that money for themselves! By doing it themselves!

    Obama has them in chains – they are being brainwashed into believing they have no potential.

    We need to show them that they don’t need the government to steal it from those that make it and give it to those that are willing to take it.

    We need to show them that they can make so much more on their own and they too can – own the yachts, or live on the water in a million dollar home, or travel the world, or drive a fancy car – this is available to EVERYONE in America – not just rich white people.

    Do you think it is only Obama and his wife who should get to live with this kind of royalty? They spend MILLIONS every month on themselves yet their voters struggle just to survive – if you voted for Obama – do you think this is right? Is it fair to you?

    You can live this luxury life too!

    You have the potential to achieve anything you want in life – do not believe Obama and his “drag you down” policies.

    Do not believe anything this person says. You do NOT have to live off the government and have the government tell you how much money you can have, or what kind of house you can live in , or what kind of food you can east. Screw them!

    You can achieve whatever you want!

    When I grew up you never heard about the government – the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s – it never was an issue – now all we hear is about the frikkin government! They need to stay out of our lives!

    The Federal government should only protect the borders, maintain our roads – and stay out the heck out of our lives! We’ll take care of the rest.

    We need to get rid of Obama, his America hating wife and all those put into our government by Obama. He is a sick DICTATOR wannabe – who is trying to achieve a Dictatorship right here IN AMERICA!

    Wake up people!

    The GOP needs to stop talking to their base and start talking seriously to Obama’s supporters and to his supporters only!

    They need to be our target – our only focus. It is then and only then that we will begin to take back America, empower his base and rid Washington of Obama and his Marxist influence.

    Long live the American Constitution – in America – we must rid America of those who are trying to destroy our country.

    Rise up people – before it is too late.

    Please join us here as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today.

    God bless America and our brave soldiers.

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